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Why Africa' Tourism Industry Is Evolving.
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Africa’s tourism industry continues to grow at a rocket rate. The ‘black’ continent’s tourism industry boasts second fastest growing, according to Africa News, a prominent continental news site.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions thereof, many outside Africa yearn to come to the world’s leading Safari tourism destination. One would wonder why so?

The answers are simple. First, no continent comes close to the wealth of African wildlife and signature sunsets. Secondly, the hospitality of Africans employed at the tourism agencies is simply unmatched. Let me tell you this story better through the lens of an African tourism company I Know. It is called Architect tourism SMC, and it has a daughter brand called Visit Africa.

Photo: Bibhash

Visit Africa is an online travel guide tracking unchartered paths in Afro-tourism. It is like that neat Digital Personal Assistant who will organize your safari schedule to the dot; books your flight tickets, makes hotel reservations, and coordinates strings of safari events and activities around Africa. When all is set, he or she shows up to ask you if you are ready to go have a lifetime of Afro-tourism experience.

This sheer diligence and attention to detail is displayed even through the design of the Visit Africa website. When you open it, the pleasant patterns popularly seen on African wear, namely Bitengyi,set a serene African ambiance to your browsing experience, as you scroll through the packages.

Picturesque photos of African wildlife and tourism sites at their natural best. Afro-culture and architecture on delightful display. Greenery and breath-taking aqua-life all arrested in a single page layout. Yet, all those are but mere shadows of the wholesome African tourism experience one can get.

Photo: Bibhash

By 2018, Africa registered a staggering approximately 67 million tourists. This, according to major continental news site, Africa News, was a 7 % leap from the “63 million arrivals” the previous year. A travel guide such as Visit Africa apologizes for why this so.

Though its origin is one Country, Uganda, Visit Africa’s web of networks within almost all African countries speaks of an unsaid Pan-African agenda to make African tourism industry the giant it is on the global map. It is an embodiment the reason why thrill of the African tourism is better lived and loved, than told or read about.

Credit: the standard Digital

Here Are Words You Should Never Search On Google
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Whenever someone tells me not to visit a site, i immediately do it without fear regardless the explicit warnings against visiting such website. You might say i am stubborn lol but that is the truth. I know there are people who will still google these words to find out what they are and even view the images.

Seriously, there are things you shouldn't type into Google's search box. I can't stop you if you try but i won't be responsible for your subsequent discomfort after-which.

I will be listing 18 words you should never search on Google, knowing fully well that some of you are going to Google them. Though some of you might find them not scary or irritating. We are humans and we are all different. With that being said, let's move on.

18 words never to search on Google

1. Clock spider

2. Bedbugs on Mattress

3. Wet koala

4. Tetris Fantic

5. Lazy sundays

6. Blue Waffle

7. Tub Girl

8. Fournier

9. Meatspin

10. Two Girls One cup

11. Cake farts

12. Skeleton in the closet

13. Google pewdiepie

14. Lemon party

15. Mr.Hands

16. Bees covers Man

17. Bosta

18. Mouth larva

Don't be too curious to know them. I know 90% of people reading this will definitely search for this words on Google just to see what happens.

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Cinque Terre
12 Strange Laws In The World
~2.7 mins read

Here is a list of over 12 strange laws around the world. 

1. Did you know that it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore? It became an offense after some rascals used gum to destroy the Mass Rapid transit system and the Singapore Housing and Development board spent so much money trying to clean up the gum. 

2. It is illegal to hike naked in Switzerland. A decade ago, some swiss and German hikers made a hike and after they were caught, the authority made a law to remind the general public of the need for decency. You can be fined if you are found naked in the woods. 

3. It's illegal to run low on gas while you are driving on the German Autobhan.

4. It is an offense to ride a cow drunk in Scotland. it is important to note that you may get a ticket if you ride a cow drunk in Scotland. 

5. You cannot wear a mask in public in Denmark. The danish government is set to prevent anyone from covering their face in public. 

6. It is an offense to fly a kite in Victoria, Australia. The government is against anyone who will fly a kite or play a game in a public space and disturb the peace of another.

7. You cannot feed the pigoens in Venice. This law was made because there are a lot of pigeons in the Saint marks square and Venice and cleaning up after them is expensive. 

8. It is illegal to be shirtless in Barcelona. 

9. It is an offense to wear lacy women underwear in Russia. The government claims that it is for health safety.

10. You cannot build sand castles in Spain.

11. It's illegal to pee in the ocean in Portugal. 

12. It is an offense to take selfies with the Budha in Sri Lanka 

10 Facts About The Human Body You Might Not Know
~0.7 mins read
The human body is amazing, it's home to every memory you make, it gets you to were you are going everyday and it is the only permanent home you will ever know.

In this article, I will be showing you facts about the human body you never knew of:

1. Human body have brand new skeleton every 10 years.

2. Humans are taller in the morning than in the night.

3. Babies do not have kneecaps.

4. Human bones are stronger than steel.

5. Human feet contains a total amount of bone in the body.

6. Human tongue ia the only muscles that do not join two bones.

7. Human are as hairy per square as chimpanzees.

8. Human are the only animals that weep.

9. Humans have more than five sense organs.

10. Human sneeze can travel up to 20 feet. 
Here's A Single Local Government Bigger Than Lagos State And The Largest In West Africa
~2.2 mins read

Local governments are the third tier of government in Nigeria, and indeed they play a major role in our politics and politicking , this is due to the fact they are the grassroots of politics and the miniature school where politicians are built and nutured.

However unlike states , many Nigerians do not know that there is indeed a largest local government area in the country , this is because emphasis is usually placed on states when matters of population and landmass are discussed , this piece is therefore about to show you the local government area which has the largest landmass in Nigeria according to official accounts.

The name of local government is Toro local government, with headquarters in Toro Bauchi state of northeastern Nigeria .


According to the last official census conducted in 2006 , the local government is home to some 350,000 people and the figure might have risen to nearly half a million going by Nigeria's growth from the then 140 million to 200 million at a growth rate of about 43 percent since the census .


This is the main reason behind the notability of this unusual local government, it has a land mass of about 6,932 square kilometers, this land mass is greater than that of six Nigerian States like ; Ekiti , Abia , Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra and Lagos as all of this states have less than 6500 square kilometers in area , thus making it the largest in Nigeria and in West Africa in general.

Despite the fact that Bauchi state is the fourth largest state in Nigeria , this local government alone accounts for more than fourteen percent of the state's total landmass, thus placing the local government at a very advantageous point in the scheme of things in the state , as a result the local government has produced many Notable politicians both within and outside Bauchi state.

What's your thought on this amazing local government in Nigeria, share with others in the comment section and please don't forget to like and share this piece with your loved ones .

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Cinque Terre
Tackling Investment Fraud In Nigeria
~1.9 mins read
Investment fraud globally is on the rise and Nigeria is not spared. In our clime, requesting funds from an investor with a promise of overnight appreciation is the norm. The investor only realises the scam after the business brand promising huge returns vanishes into thin air. Absence of reliable data and evidence to authenticate the amount claimed by victims of these Ponzi schemes in Nigeria as losses to the fraudulent business investment group has been difficult to prove as these fraudsters have never come out publicly to state their side of the story.

The issue is this and people need to be aware of it; fraudsters have their clear targets who are mostly those without clear knowledge of how financial systems operate; taking advantage of their ignorance in promising to triple cash assets within a short period of time.

Take the American Elizabeth Holmes, for instance, the first female self-made billionaire and the founder of Theranos which became Silicon Valley’s golden child at some point, expanding rapidly, and raising over a billion dollars in funding, whose investors are now seeking for their money following its collapse. The company crashed down when it became public knowledge that its technology intended for the medical revolution produced inaccurate test results about cancer and diabetes risking public health safety in the process. Holmes is now under trial for massively embellishing the firm’s performance to financial sponsors as a strategy to gain their investment support.

Like the Nigerian investment scam, Elizabeth Holmes targeted people with little or no experience in the financial sector. Her list of investors includes Henry Kissinger (former United States Secretary of State), Jim Mattis (retired Marine Corps four-star general), George Shultz (former United States Secretary of State), Media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, and William Perry (former United States Secretary of Defense).

People in the middle class desperate to increase their wealth are often the target in Nigeria by Ponzi scheme operators with the clear intention of defrauding them.

To avert investment scams, potential investors need to bother requesting for Security and Exchange Commission operating authorisation which is what legitimises capital market operations, and request for financial statements as audited by a reputable audit company to detect whether monthly/annual revenue is understated or overstated.

Knowing how much a company is worth before committing any investment is also important as it demonstrates a clue of how investment can be recovered back in case of heavy loss or liquidation, according to Harvard Business Online. This can be detected through a thorough examination of a transparent book value method if the company has any, using information from its balance sheet or using a discounted cash flow model.

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