Ways Women Can Keep Their Vagina Clean
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Women always want to ensure that they keep a healthy vagina, but there are ways to do it and things they shouldn't do. One of the things you can do to have a healthy body is to take care of your vagina and vulva. Here are ways women can do this.


1. According to Healthline, women should go for a regular body checkup. Go to the hospital. Tell them you just want to do a checkup to know if you are okay down there. Some things could go wrong that might not have visible symptoms.

Sometimes you might just think that you are stressed or tired. The first thing is to go for a whole-body screening and let them check your body. Don't just go for screening after you are sick or you start seeing signs of infection.

2. Ensure you exercise at least once a week. Eat the right foods and control your weight. Always use protective measures when you are doing one or two things with the opposite gender.


This will help you avoid infections like gonorrhea and many other transmitted infections. However, abstinence is the most important thing.

3. To clean your vagina, the vagina is the organ that connects your other reproductive organs. Don't ever put soap in there.

Don't use antiseptic or antibiotic soap to clean your vagina just because you don't want it to smell. Never insert any unprescribed object into your vagina for whatsoever reason.

Inserting any unprescribed object into your vagina can destroy the healthy bacteria that should be there to keep it healthy. Your vagina has a natural way of cleansing itself.

This is why you occasionally have some discharges there. The color of discharges will let you know when you have an infection or are ovulating.

So if anything is about to go wrong with your vagina, the color and smell will let you know. You can only use mild, unscented soap to clean the external parts of your vagina, which is known as the vulva.


4. Always consider natural lubricants rather than using packaged lubricant oils so that you can avoid the ones that have chemicals.

Those who manufacture it might call it lubricant, but you don't know its chemical composition. There are foods you can eat that can secrete lubricant fluids in your body, such as yogurt and other dietary products.

If you must use a lubricant for any reason beyond your control, you can consider using natural coconut oil. It's safer, so you don't end up having infections.

Reasons Why Women Pee A Lot
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Have you been rushing to the bathroom lately? While you might be thinking that drinking too much coffee must have something to do with it, there are other reasons outside your caffeine intake that could be causing you to urinate frequently. There could be several reasons why you're peeing so frequently, including underlying health problems. Whether this is the case, it's also a good idea to see a doctor to know if the symptoms may be cleared up or mitigated. While certain illnesses are chronic and permanent, they can provide long-term management advice.
"Frequent urination means passing urine more times than usual on a typical day. Every woman goes on her own schedule, but generally, peeing 6-8 times in 24 hours is considered normal for someone who is healthy, and isn't pregnant. If you're going more often than that, you are suffering from frequent urination," explains Dr Rajinder Yadav, Director, Urology Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.
Causes Of Freuqent Urination
Here are the causes of frequent urination, according to Dr Yadav: 
1. Drinking too many fluids your body gets rid of what it is not using, which naturally results in peeing more often.Consuming alcohol, caffeine or other diuretics used to treat hypertension causes frequent urination.
2. Urinary tract infections: Most women have at least one at some point in their lives-happen when bacteria or something else infects parts of their urinary system. Overactive bladder can affect anyone, but it's more ecommon among elderly people and there can be a variety of underlying causes.
3. Interstitial cystitis is another disease, the exact cause isn't known, but the condition affects more women than men. Symptoms may come and go, and their intensity varies from woman to woman.
4. Bladder stones tend to be more common in men, but they affect women too. Besides having to pee often, you may experience burning and abdominal discomfort when you urinate. 
5. Pregnant women generally need to pee more frequently than usual. An expanding uterus puts pressure on the bladder, which in turn causes the bladder to empty more often.

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How To Get A Healthy Vaginal
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Method 1: HOW To Get Rid OF FOWL SMELL

** What You Will Need**

1) Water

2) Salt.


1) Boil the water until it is very hot 

2) Pour the hot water into a bowl or bucket

3) Now sit on top of the bowl or bucket for like 25-30 minutes taking 30-60 seconds break before you continue until you reach that minutes.


Method 2: 

**Thing You Will Need**

1) Water

2) Clove power or seed


1) Add the clove into a pot and add water too.

2) Bring it to boil and they turn off the heat and transfer it into a bowl or bucket.

3) Sit on top of the bowl or bucket for like 20-30 minutes taking 30-60 seconds break.



1) Always clean Or wipe your vaginal with tissue paper after urinating to avoid smelling vaginal.

2) Always change your underwear.

3) Wipe from front to back and not from back to front to avoid introducing bacteria to the vaginal.

4) Choose cotton undies instead of fabric, cause fabric material influence fowl smell.

5) Try to change sanitary pad at least every 6-8 hours

6) Don't wash vaginal with harsh chemical soap, use mild soap or no soap to clean your vaginal. 

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Health Benefits Of Cabbage
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Health Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage is extremely nutritious, and eating cabbage regularly is very beneficial  to health. Cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable. 100 gram of cabbage contains only 25 calories and its water content is as high as 90%.

You can eat raw cabbage, which can absorb the nutrition of the cabbage to the maximum .

Many nutritionists believe that cabbage has strong antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

Cabbage is very high in vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta carotene, and the total and the total vitamin content is three times higher than that of tomatoes.

These vitamins are natural antioxidants that can effectively resist cell aging and delay the speed of cell aging, thereby delaying the body's aging process.

In addition, cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, which can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance metabolism, and eliminate toxins and garbage.

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HIV Positive People Stop Taking The ARVs Because Of This - HIV Cure Have Been Identified
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Living with HIV is one of the difficult thing that our dear brothers and sisters have to endure their whole entire lives. It is one of the scariest thing that threatens their very existence as it is said to have no cure.
As days and years pass by, new generations are born and thus the technology evolve, would HIV remain without a cure for long? The answer to the question is no, because a cure has finally been Identified.
Though the cure is still in clinical trials, if it passes, then it will be officially made available for all the HIV positive patients. This means that our beloved brothers and sisters will soon be free of this demon called HIV.
All those who have HIV positive partners have to keep on with the hope as both their prayers and those who are positive are about to be answered.
Now I believe more that indeed God will never leave us and nor will He forsake us.
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Cure For HIV At Last? Hope Rises As Nigerian Scientist Starts Mosquito Farm, Says It Has Curative Enzymes
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Dr Manyi, a Nigerian scientist has opened a mosquito farm in Benue state, where he hopes to find the cure for HIV/AIDS from mosquito enzymes.
According to scientist, Mosquito does not transmit HIV/AIDS even after biting someone that has the disease, so Dr Manyi wants to find out the reasons.
The doctor said that he strongly believes that there is something in mosquito that can kill HIV/AIDS which makes it impossible for transmission.
According to the doctor, he is interested in analysing and studying the enzymes in mosquitos so as to find out exactly why they are not able to transmit HIV/AIDS even after biting someone that has it.
The doctor believes that if mosquitoes' enzymes can kill HIV/AIDS virus, he may be lucky to find a vaccine for the deathly disease.
Dr Manyi made the statement in an interview with video creator, Lucky Udu.
According to his statement: "I believe the enzymes in mosquito have something to do with the cure for HIV/AIDS. This lab is interested in finding out that which makes mosquitoes not to be a viable means for HIV transmission. We want to know what happens that makes the virus to die so that it is not transmitted to the next person."
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@Sonia Chinyere reacted: "I am proud of my lecturer great zoologist, great Makurdian. More grace Prof."
@Isaac L. Irekpita said: "Good initiative. I thought I was the only one who think this way as why mosquitoes don't transmit HIV, why HIV is only present in semens but not in sperms."
@Evelyn Golden reacted: "Please come to Warri in Delta state we have enough giant mosquitoes here abeg come help us catch."
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