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Every woman is an altar, only altars give blood to stay alive!

During monthly flow; she bleeds 60 times a year....

When deflowered, blood leaves her!

During child bearing, blood leaves her!

You can't come in contact with an altar and remain the same.....

During rituals; they will request, Women private parts or undies๐Ÿ”ฅ

Is it only women that have destines?๐Ÿคท
No! The men do but there's something special about women๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ”ฅ

Women are eternal portals, it's only through women that life comes to the earth realm.....

Buddha was born by a woman!๐Ÿ”ฅ
Mohamed was born by a woman!๐Ÿ”ฅ
Eckakan was born by a woman!๐Ÿ”ฅ
Even Jesus couldn't by pass the protocol!๐Ÿ”ฅ

Adam fell by the hands of a woman!
Samson lost focus on the laps of a woman!
Even Elijah ran at the word of a woman!

Young ladies, I want to open your eyes to what you carry!๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿคญ

Sin came to the world through a woman and God introduced the solution which is Jesus through a woman also!

Have you wondered why God didnโ€™t use a man instead since sin was introduced through a woman? Think about it!

Even the first person to carry the resurrection message of Christ was a woman _ Mary Magdalene

Women are spiritual climates controllers_ When Israel needed a king, Hannah prayed and Samuel the prophet came forth!

Dear ladies, be that God's kind of woman who wakes in the morning and the devil says; oh no! She's up again!๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Brothers don't forget! Every woman is an altar....Hmm๐Ÿ”ฅ

Note; as a man, the fulfillment of your vision depends on the altar of a woman you meet.

- Portifar's wife was an altar that came to ruin Joseph's vision but he fledโ€ฆ

- Delilah came as an altar to destroy Samson, he was carried away by lust & was destroyed.

Your life & vision depends on the kind of altar you meet! Not every hole is a hole, some are Graves!

Sir, Zip up!!
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Dear Sisters, 
Men are also attention seekers just like us. The difference between our Hubby and us is we make our attention seeking more obvious to our partner, but for them? They really don't know how to show it, all thanks to "being a man".
Let me share some things most husbands secretly desire from their wives:
1. Come to the door when your husband comes home. Many wives are too glued to their phones that when husband walks in the door you hardly ever notice his entrance, that is not right aunty. Imagine you coming home after a long day and hubby doesn't even look your way twice, says a lazy welcome, or ask how your day went, there's going to be violence that night. Sadly It's the same way men feel too. 
Aunty, going forward from today, drop your phone and come to the door. Share a hug with him, a kiss or a connection that communicates your care, whatever works for your marriage. A man has been through a lot all day, the first thing he wants to come home to is his peace. But it hurts a man when he walks in and his peace is pressing her phone to pieces, or glued to the TV. 
2.. Get your husband involved in your marriage. Most men are not lazy or disinterested in the happenings in the home, Many women have conditioned them that way. Send him a text to please stop by the store and get you something you need in the house. 
More like; 
"Honey we are out of water, can you stop by for a pack?".
Your husband is not playing romantic with you because you are not pushing him to get involved on the home, so that we can losen up. 
An ideal man won't mind; "babe we are out of sugar, can you please?". 
Yes I know you can send your help to get it, but that's the problem with you wives. Most of you have allowed house help kill your marriage for nothing. Simple things like this that is meant to bond you and your husband you have allowed the maid steal it from you. How will you create memories together when the maid runs everything. 
My apologies to all the women who married a 'Mike Tyson', if you cannot kindly ask your hulk hogan husband to buy you an oridinary pack of maggie from the store without receiving a hot slap then what are you really enjoying in that marriage please? May God be with you because you are missing alot. 
3.. Men want their butt to be smacked too, not just women. Some of you have been married for 99years but you don't know the texture of your husband's backside; Soft or hard? Because you don't smack it. 
Most women treat their husband's body like a shrine, you only go to play with his temple on some specific days, many of you have timetable for touching your own husband. 
Aunty, touch him in passing, men want physical touch too, they won't say it openly. Play with his hair, his chest, jump on him for no reason. This is why many marriages are so boring, because your husband's mind has not been conditioned for foreplay outside the bedroom. Your husband can be at home for a whole day and not anticipate that you will smack his butt or jump on him, so he is not even prepared to receive any vibe from you, let alone give you any. 
4.. Invite him to help around the house. Men want to help, trust me aunty. Intentionally Bring the waterleaf to the sitting room to pluck together, we do this with wisdom ma. Call him to help you move something in the kitchen, when he comes, use one gist to keep him for a while. Ask him to help you check if the Meat is steaming, or if the water has dried up in the rice. 
Men want to help, but the secret is that they don't want to be forced to do it, or get the impression that it is their duty to do it. Use wisdom woman of God. 
5.. Men desire to see you genuinely care about his family, honestly.
 Let us start from the minor things; which of his siblings are you close to? Which do you have their numbers? How little do you know how his siblings are fairing, or even their endeavours? Do you check up once in a while? 
Call his parents to check on them behind his back. Send them alittle something if it is within your capacity, let him learn about it from their testimonies to him. 
Many husbands are too busy to keep up with what's going on in his immediate family, it will be good for him to get to know about some of the things going on in his sister's life from your communication with her.
"Babe did you know that Mariam just got a new job? We spoke today."
That is one definition of peace to any man. 
See, I'm not asking you to do eye service, I'm only encouraging you to push yourself beyond to enjoy harmony in your marriage. 
Extracted from the novel 
Checkout Facts About Our Mothers
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1- When you say, "Mom, 3 bread slice will be enough for me.", she will bring you 4.

2- When you're out, she will call you once in an hour, to check up on you if you are okay.

3- When there are 3 apples and your family has 4 members, mom will say, "I don't like apples".

4- When you go to sleep with no blankets, you will definitely wake up with one๐Ÿคž

5- When you're going away to another city or country, she will pack you a bunch of snacks specially made for you. Then she will tell you, "Don't give all snacks to your friends. Eat it yourself."

6- When coming back home after a long day, the first thing your mom would say, "Come and have dinner".

7- Gonna study at midnight? Don't worry. Mom will make you tea, coffee with whatever snack you want and she will never complain about losing her sleep.

Dedicated to all the lovely mom's out there.
    Long live to you all moms๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
โฃ๏ธlove you mom๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Motherhood In Its Entirety. Please Read
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Motherhood in its entirety
They tell us how to grow a baby. What to eat.
What not to eat. What vitamins to take and what bras to buy. Allll the prenatal yoga moves to do.
But they forget to tell us how to put ourselves back together once that baby is born.
They forget to tell us how we might feel like we’re drifting.
Afloat. Alone. On a life raft with leaky breasts and sore stitches and a tiny little being dependent upon us for survival.
They forget to tell us how weird and wild it feels to have loose organs shifting about inside of us. How there will be so much softness still.
I get it. You don’t want to startle us. You don’t want us to be scared about what’s ahead.
But….a little heads up would be helpful
We’re brave enough for the truth.
And those things you find so scary- loose skin and leaky breasts and big feelings- we might just be bold enough to welcome them.
To see the beauty there.
So here’s the truth mama-
Your pelvic floor will probably need work and attention. You’ll have to put in some effort to regain that muscle strength, no matter how gentle your birth. Your breasts and belly will probably never be the same. Love them anyway. Love than more than before!! Celebrate them! Buy bras that make you feel sexy. Then move on.
Your identity and sense of self will change radically. Buckle up for the ride. You’ve got this. Your partnership and friendships and general relationship with the outside world might feel foreign for awhile. Or forever. Those relationships might crack and break under the weight of new parenthood. Live your truth. Leave the rest behind. In love.
The whole world might feel shaken up.
You’ll probably feel shaky and raw
That’s normal (they just forgot to tell you.)
You’re new here. In this skin. In this role. In this love. You’ll find your way. You’ll find your rhythm. It will all fall into place- with time.
Until then- breathe.
As deeply as you can.
Drink your tea before it gets cold.
If you can.
Rest -
whenever you can.
And love on your new self.
As deeply as you can.
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1. She has a vision for her personal life, she is more than a pretty face or a sexy body

2. She doesn't see other women as a threat

3. She has a healthy view of men because she realises that the opposite gender is her father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, friend 

4. She doesn't use her sexuality to get what she wants but rather as a gift to the husband she chooses for herself. She is faithful 

5. She doesn't have to shout and lose her cool to make a point, as people admire her they naturally listen to her

6. She has good financial management, whether of money she earns or family money with her husband 

7. She is a reader and an observer, she never stops learning and applying the knowledge she learns 

8. She uses her personal experiences to help, mentor, teach and inspire others 

9. She does not let people steal her joy, peace or self-esteem

10. She is selective who she lets into her inner circle 

11. She welcomes correction because she seeks growth. She discerns which advice to listen to

12. She is not afraid to apologize or admit when she is wrong. She is not a know-it-all 

13. She is patient with her growth and is patient with others as they grow

14. She has worked on her healing from the pain of her childhood and past

15. She is not quick to judge, she seeks to understand 

16. She is in control of her emotions; she does not make irritational decisions and is careful not to speak things she will regret 

17. She has no time for gossip, but makes time for constructive conversations

18. She doesn't let other people take control of her destiny, she shapes her future and is not at the mercy of others.

May God give us understanding.

I call you blessed and favoured.
8 Physical Features Of Guys Most Ladies Are Attracted To 
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Below are physical features of men most ladies are attracted to;

# Height: Men who are at least 3-4 inches taller attract women. Though not all women are attracted to taller guys, but in general, most women like or are attracted to taller guys.

# Well built: I donโ€™t really mean muscular but I donโ€™t fancy too lean guys. A tall frame with strong arms ensures a good hug and also provides a nice head rest place for the girl.

# Bright eyes: Having almond shaped hazel eyes would be a treat. but letโ€™s be realistic out here. A guy with bright eyes, whose eyes shine when he talks with enthusiasm can get you charmed for hours.

# Clean-shaven hair: Okay this one varies, some guys can actually sport a nice bearded look but women do prefer clean shaved men.

# Nice hair: A guy with nice hair often get the attention of most ladies. Nice hair which is attracted by women just like men is one of the few male body parts women find attractive. 

# Sharp nose: guys with sharp nose are often attracted by women. Males with sharp nose actually look very handsome.

# Clean nails: This is the part where women actually going out with the guys, they will notice it and unclean nails are a big no for them

# Nice smile: It is said nothing disarms a person like a smile. It is contagious, it can charm you up, make you happy lighten the environment and well if the smile is really attractive it can give butterflies in your stomach.