How To Avoid Yourself From Future Resentment And Hatred
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I don’t know who needs to hear this , but hey, if they don’t ask for help don’t open yourself up for trouble, future resentment and hatred… 

Now see these 6 reasons why I made the above statement 

1. The first time you give somebody something for free you are creating appreciation 

2. The second time you give somebody something for free you are create anticipation 

3. The third time you are creating Expectations and that’s incoming trouble

4. By the fourth time you give somebody something for free, you are creating entitlement

5. And by the fifth time, you give somebody something for free, you have created dependency 

6. And if by the sixth time you don’t give it to them again, you create resentment and hatred… 

This is not to discourage you from giving… this is me saying , you should 
Know your limit… because takers have no limits 

By the way, it’s like this, if you let people treat you any kinda way , over time it will become a culture … 

Does Money Buy Happiness?
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Money does indeed buy happiness, as it provides various benefits, including better healthcare, more time for family and friends, opportunities for knowledge and travel, peace of mind, improved appearance, satisfaction in providing for loved ones, the ability to help others in need, enhanced comfort, safety, and the opportunity for physical and mental well-being through sports and other activities.

Original author: Celia

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Cinque Terre
Karashmuhia at Lake Naivasha Resort -Kenya
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Am not afraid of the dark...am afraid of the light because it can show what I don't see...


How I Nearly Toasted A Transgender Woman On Facebook
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Let me share with you guys the story of how I nearly toasted a transgender woman on Facebook thinking I was relating with a natural female.
So after my main Facebook account was disabled last year, I bounced between the 2 sub accounts I opened trying to recover as many old friends and followers from my original profile as possible.
One sunny afternoon on one of my now disabled sub accounts, Facebook popped a friend suggestion of this strikingly pretty female with somewhat gothic make-up and hair preference.

It drew my attention.
I love weird and divergent, so naturally I was interested in getting to know this Nigerian lady that had the vibe of a European rock star. Lol.
I sent a request.
Slid into DM and was received warmly.
In no time we started rolling like a house on fire and eventually decided to move our new found friendship to whatsapp.

Then...... I made a brave venture.
I requested we have a voice call for the first time.
She accepted and we conversed for over 30 minutes on WhatsApp voice until she had to go off to attend to work.
I want to stress at this point that the voice on the other end of the line was NOT the voice of a man transitioning into a woman.
It was the voice of a woman fully confident about her femininity!
No sane, heterosexual man would listen to such a voice and not have goosebumps in their intestines over the soothing quality.
The pitch, the tone, the almost mellifluous timbre– nothing about it was in anyway suggestive of a voice that ever had baritone– never mind even being male.
In growing mortification as I type this, I wail to admit that I was on the highway towards FALLING for this lady whose voice exuded the confidence of Cher and the undaunted command of Adichie Chimmamanda.

I couldn't wait for our next WhatsApp conversation.
I was in Lagos. She was in Abuja. Ooh lala.... what was that notorious recitation wise men made about the mountain moving to Mohammed if Mohammed couldn't make it to the mountain?
The very next time we chatted on WhatsApp, we went deeper.
Discussed experiences, perspectives and meandered into the ideologies that formed and informed us.
One thing led to the other before the 'ultimate question' surfaced:
'So Ivan what's your stance on the LGBT movement.'
It was her asking.
I'm an honest and non-political person, and without flinching I told her how the LGBT struggle was the least of my worries as I felt that the world had more pressing primary concerns bordering on quality of life and basic survival of the human species to deal with.

She ventured on inquiring what opinions I had about gays, lesbians and transgenders and I explained that everyone had a right to do what they pleased with their own bodies, and that as far as it didn't affect me directly, encroach on my space and sanity or mislead my own offsprings into adopting a sexuality that was biologically unnatural; that I was of the 'live and let live' school of thought.
The only person they were answerable to was their God and their conscience.
About lesbians, I admitted that as a straight guy, I actually did find the mental and visual concept of lovemaking between 2 of the fairest creatures known to living species fascinating and curiously stimulating.
We proceeded to exchanging pictures and all too soon, everywhere became a feisty festival of bartering nice and sweet compliments between ourselves over how beautiful, charming and handsome we both looked. Lol.
We sha discussed on extensively.
Romance seemed to be in the clouds, watching us and purring 'awww' every minute.

 I can't remember whether it was at the point I suggested us getting to meet or something, but a message from her froze me in my tracks.
She asked something like if I've ever been with a transgender or hope I was aware she was a 'trans woman.'
Naturally, I assumed she was just dishing a 'woke' joke and gave some playful response.
She maintained that she WAS A TRANSGENDER WOMAN.
I paused for 2 minutes.
Just to be sure and to feed the denial in my head, I asked the most foolish question imaginable.
Do you mean you were born a female, but surgically transitioned to a male or you were born a male, but surgically transitioned into a female?
She calmly replied that she was born a MAN but transitioned to a WOMAN a few years ago.
My world froze.
And began crumbling. FAST.
My mouth forgot to close.
She, sensing my astonishment proceeded to send me a series of video interviews she had with BBC pidgin narrating her journey and experience as a trans woman living in Nigeria and dealing with rejection from family.

I was shocked.
Shocked to learn that transgender surgeries and procedures actually happen in Nigeria.
I used to assume that Nigerians who did that travelled abroad to do it.
I was even more shocked to learn that there were transgender communities in major cities like Lagos and Abuja, and they even held events, meetings and embarked on community development projects.
But beyond being shocked, I was thankful for her honesty.
Trust me when I say that the most devastating thing you can do to a straight man is put him in a situation where he gets into any form of sexual entanglement with a human assigned male at birth who later surgically transitioned into a woman.
In our heads, we consider it HOMOSEXUALITY– no matter how you may want to rationalize it going by today's LGBT ideologies.
The famous Scottish James Bond screen legend, Sean Connery almost went violent and sued an entire production crew after he discovered that a particular actress that played a kissing scene with him was trans-woman.

In his words, he found it unforgivable that he was deceived into kissing a fellow man as himself on the screen for entertainment.
Dear Mx Ella David-ette ...... I just remembered our brief interaction on WhatsApp last year today.
Thankyou for being honest.
My experience conversing with you really showed the level of experience, tolerance, love for humanity and empathy I have attained from this life.
Ivan of 4 years ago would have reacted in a manner that would have made you feel like a circus freak.
But Ivan of today understands the diversity of life better.
I am not a subscriber of the LGBT movement.
But the live and let live commission supercedes everything else.
Above all, whatever makes you happy and feel on top of the world when you wake each morning is worth pursuing, I guess.
I do not subscribe to the philosophy behind surgically modifying a human body of a particular gender into another. 

I feel it is unnatural.
But I respect your honesty in informing me before we went further.
I also respect that this is your reality and know that the God that created you in the form and gender of his choosing still loves you!
Do have a fantastic weekend!
      Credits:   ∆Ivan The Machine
BBW Taboo Erotic Story
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I'm a big woman. I'm five-foot-seven and weigh 250 pounds. My breasts are huge! 34F. My ass is even bigger. It takes ten minutes for me to squeeze into my yoga pants. When I wear them they leave little to the imagination. The same thing goes for my sports bra. I couldn't find one that fit me just right so the one that I have is way too tight for me and my big breasts are nearly spilling out from underneath it. I have long dark hair and a cute face. I had always been a fat chick and was surprised when my husband wanted to marry me because I didn't think skinny guys liked "bigger" women. We've been married for nineteen years. I met him when I was 18 years old and he took my virginity. He is the only man that I have ever been with sexually. I know some women like to sleep with as many guys as possible before they say "I do" and get married, but at the time I thought that I was the luckiest fat woman in the world because a cute and slim man was interested in me. I loved him then and I still love him now just as much, if not more. I would never do anything to hurt him, or so I thought.
It all started when I looked in the mirror one day after stepping out of the shower and saw how big I had become. The worst part about a woman getting fatter is that it's not just your stomach that gets bigger, but your breasts and ass do too. I didn't like my breasts and ass getting bigger because when I went out it was embarrassing because there was no way I could hide them and men would stare at me. I wasn't sure if they were staring at me because they love a big ass and big breasts or if they were making fun of me in their mind. I was the most insecure person in the world and I wanted to fix that. As I looked in the mirror at my big naked body I grasped my large breasts in my hands. They were so heavy I could barely lift them. They were too big! I dropped my breasts from my hands as they made a loud "thud" sound as they plopped onto my big belly. My belly was big and wide. I couldn't wear tight dresses because my stomach would stick out and it looked like I was pregnant or something. In fact, I've had people ask me if I was pregnant, that is truly the most insulting thing anyone can say to a woman when you actually are not. Even though we had been married for several years we are yet to start a family. The main reason was that my husband couldn't get me pregnant. He tried to get me pregnant and had probably cum inside of me a thousand times over the years, but I was never close to getting pregnant. After he failed to get me pregnant we both were tested to see what the problem was and it turned out that my husband had weak sperm and is unable to get a woman pregnant. It was upsetting news, to say the least when I heard that. I wanted to get artificially inseminated with another man's sperm, but my husband refused. He just couldn't bear the thought of me being pregnant with another man's offspring inside of me. He said he would rather not have a family than have one thanks to a strange man's sperm that was pumped into me and because I was a good little wife I went along with my husband's decision for me not to get artificially inseminated. It was devastating that I would never be a mother. I loved my husband dearly, but slowly over the years, I began to despise him for not being man enough to get me pregnant. I wasn't going to divorce him or anything because despite the fact that he couldn't get me pregnant there were so many other things that made up for that one fault.
When we got married I was a big woman, but not as big as I had grown. Since we got married I had slowly gained over 100 pounds. I never worked out and I ate what I wanted. As I slowly gained weight, our sex life started to disappear. When we first got married we were doing it multiple times a day and in all holes. Now, we're lucky if we have sex once a month, which sucks because I love sex and need it every day. But I don't think my husband is attracted to me anymore and he thinks my bigger body is disgusting. I don't know this for a fact, but why else would he stop fucking me?
Since we rarely had sex and I had a veracious sexual appetite I was forced to take matters into my own hands, literally and figuratively. We both worked full-time jobs and I never had the house to myself so I had to be sneaky about getting myself off. Usually, I would wait until he fell asleep and then ever so carefully I would sneak into the bathroom and finger my pussy until I came. I felt horrible about fingering myself and having to hide it from my husband, especially because I would have fantasies while my finger was sliding deep into my pussy. I would never, ever, cheat on my husband, but every time I would have one of my fantasies about another man while getting myself off and imagining that my finger was the cock of the man who I was fantasizing about. A lot of the time I would use more than just one finger to fuck my pussy, sometimes I would use several. Especially as of late because the man who had been in my fantasies was my personal trainer at the gym I can tell he has a huge cock because he has a massive bulge and it's hard not to stare at it and not get dripping wet. I never felt guilty for checking out a bulge that wasn't my husband's because I was only looking and not touching. Cheating is only when you purposely place your hands on a man's cock with the intention of getting him hard and making him cum all over your face. I was never going to do that because I was a devoted wife and would never betray my husband.
After making my decision to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight to see if that would make my husband have sex with me more often than just once a month, I headed into the gym for my fifth session with my personal trainer. His name is Ron. He is six-foot-four and is ripped from head to toe. His muscular body was the sexiest thing that I had ever seen. Ron also happened to be my stepbrother, to be honest, we were never that close when we lived at home together but I always thought maybe there was a reason why we never got along like maybe there was always sexual tension between us and we were never wanted to be around each other because we knew we couldn't act on it because of how wrong it would have been. Ron, also had the sexiest bright blue eyes and jet-black hair I wanted to run my fingers through them, but I knew that he wouldn't want a fat woman like me touching him like that since it's obvious he isn't attracted to bigger women because he could have any woman he wanted, so why on earth would he want a fat woman like me? I'm sure he has a skinny girlfriend who's a model. When he put his hands on me my body would quiver. They were so big and strong. They were the kind of hands that you wished were stuffed deep in your holes. Ron was 26 years old and was the complete opposite of my husband. He had thick luxurious hair, my husband had lost his hair and was bald and what hair he did have left was beginning to turn grey. I hate to say this because I love my husband more than anything, but I'm just not attracted to bald men. What I'm attracted to is a man who looks like my personal trainer, but then again what woman wouldn't be attracted to him? He was a walking wet dream for a woman. My husband didn't have any muscles to speak of and he had a big beer belly. To be honest he was gross! I hated seeing him naked so much that I would always close my eyes or look away if he was naked in front of me. I know it sounds weird to say that I love my husband even though I'm grossed out by his looks, but love isn't about the way that someone looks, it's about what's on the inside and my husband was beautiful on the inside, just not on the outside. Ron on the other hand was beautiful on the outside and inside. He's what women call "the total package". Which is a perfect thing to call him since his "package" was totally huge. I was too fat for Ron so whatever type of fantasies I had in my head about him didn't matter at all. But the thing was that he treated me like I was a hot chick instead of a big fat one. He made me feel like a beautiful princess. He was always telling me how good I looked and how I was his favorite client. I didn't believe a word he said because why would an alpha male say those things to a woman who was nowhere near in his league. The only reason I could think of why he treated me so well was that he felt sorry for me because I was fat. On the day of our very first training session, I was frightened when I saw how he was in good shape and how sexy he was. I was afraid he would be grossed out by me and insult me, but instead, he was probably the nicest man I had ever met, besides my husband.
I remember the very first day I trained with Jordan. I wore a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants to hide my big woman curves. I was too embarrassed to show them to a man who was in such good shape and would think that my curves were disgusting. Luckily, Ron made me feel so comfortable that I can wear my tight little sports bra and tight yoga pants that show off every one of my big woman curves. As usual, my stepbrother began to stretch me to get me ready for the grueling workout that he was about to put me through. I lay on my back on the mat on the floor. My stepbrother firmly gripped my right leg just below my knee and began to press it back toward my big stomach. He was pushing my leg back so far I truly thought that any second my tight yoga pants were going to rip and since I wasn't wearing any panties underneath them my stepbrother was going to see my freshly shaved pussy that was completely bald. The fear of my yoga pants ripping quickly vanished as my stepbrother kept forcing my leg back further and further until my knee was nearly touching my breast. He was really stretching me out! As he kept his strong left hand on my leg, his left hand slid to my inner thigh. Feeling his hand so close to my pussy made me instantly wet. He tightly gripped my inner thigh as he helped me hold the stretch. I was just glad that my yoga pants were black because if they were white he would know just how wet he was making me. After he finished stretching my legs he had me turn over onto my stomach. As I waited for him to continue to stretch me out I felt so vulnerable laying on my stomach and him behind me. I felt a bit awkward with my big ass sticking up in the air for him to gawk at, that's if he was into big asses. I wondered what went through his mind as he looked at my ass. I wasn’t sure whether he thought it was disgusting because it was so big or if he thought it was sexy because it was so big. There wasn't another time that I wished I could read someone's mind than at that moment. I just didn't want to gross him out. He grabbed my right foot and pressed it back against my ass. As he held my leg in position to stretch it out against my ass I felt one of his hands on my ass. Just feeling just a part of his hand on my big ass made me even wet. I didn't know how on earth I was now going to exercise for the next hour with a dripping wet pussy, but I didn't have a choice so I was just going to have to do it and make a mess all over the gym equipment.
After my stepbrother was finished stretching me he brought me over to the pull-up bar. I looked at the pull-up bar and laughed to me myself "Does he really think a 250-pound fat woman can do pull-ups? He must have confidence in me." He told me to grab ahold of the bar and pull myself up, but I couldn't even get one inch off of the ground. He saw that I was struggling so he placed his hands on my large waist and hoisted me up so I was able to do a pull-up. I couldn't believe he could live such a heavy woman! But it felt good as he firmly gripped my waist! It was a bit embarrassing not being able to do any pull-ups because I was too fat, but it was worth it to feel his hands grab my body. My stepbrother was so touchy-feely! He wasn't afraid to touch or grab any part of my body. As we went through my workout regimen my pussy just kept getting wetter and wetter. Every time he would put his big strong hands anywhere near my body my pussy would gush. I was so horny that I wanted to pull off my yoga pants right in the middle of the gym and finger myself until I climaxed, which probably would have taken about thirty seconds since I was so turned on by my stepbrother. After I finished with my work out every part of my body was dripping with sweat and my pussy was a complete mess. I was more than ready to hit the showers.
It was Saturday evening, and on the weekends the gym closes early so the place was almost empty. My stepbrother and I began to walk back to the locker rooms and as my stepbrother said "bye" to me he headed into the men's locker room and I was headed into the women's locker room, but then I stopped and looked at my stepbrother's firm round ass in his tight little shorts. I was about to do something that my husband was going to be very mad at me for, that is if he ever found out. Since the gym was almost empty I decided to risk it and walk into the men's locker room to see if I could catch a peak of my stepbrother slipping out of his sweat-soaked shorts and shirt. I slowly opened the door to the locker room and it was completely empty, except for my stepbrother who was pulling off his shirt, as it slowly peeled from his body I was very impressed at how defined his abs were. I wished I could have gone over and slid my tongue all over them, but my husband probably didn't want me doing that, and he also probably didn't want me looking at a half-naked man that wasn't him. I had never seen my stepbrother without his shirt on before and what I saw underneath it made my pussy drip wet. My yoga pants were now going to be a complete mess. His sweat-soaked shirt dropped to the floor of the locker room as he reached down and began to slide his little shorts off. My mouth began to water at the thought of seeing if he was as big as it looked like he was with that big bulge in his shorts. His shorts began to lower and as I began to see his pubic hair I couldn't wait to see how large his manhood was, but just before he slipped his shorts any lower his phone rang. He pulled his shorts back up and reached down to the bench and picked up his cell phone and answered it. "I'll be home in about twenty minutes. I just need to take a shower. I wish you were here so you could join me. But when I get home I'm going to stick my cock so deep in your ass you'll be crying for mercy! See you in a bit, honey. Love you. Bye." He ended the call and put the phone back onto the bench. He reached down again to pull his shorts down, but before he did something began to come over me. I opened the door to the locker room all the way and walked in. My stepbrother saw me and stopped pulling his shorts off. "What are you doing in here? This isn't the women's locker room." He said with a shocked look on his face. "I know that." I said as I walked right up in front of him and dropped to my knees as his sweaty gym shorts were now in my face. I loved the way his sweat smelled. It was the way that a real man smells. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down as they dropped to the floor. His cock popped out from underneath them and I was completely shocked at what I was looking at! My stepbrother's cock was huge! I wanted to stick it in my mouth right then and there! And I was about to do that when my stepbrother stopped me. As I grabbed his cock to shove it in my mouth and make it rock hard he pulled my hands away from it and as I looked up at his face, he looked very angry. "You can't do this! I'm your stepbrother! Besides, I have a girlfriend." He said in a stern voice. I looked over at his phone on the bench and the home page had a wallpaper of a woman, who I assumed was his girlfriend, she was wearing a bikini, and was blonde, thin, and nearly flat-chested. She couldn't have weighed more than ninety pounds. He obviously liked his women thin, very thin. As I looked back at his cock I noticed that it was slowly getting bigger and bigger, I guess when I was gripping it in my chubby hands and pulling it into my mouth I got a little excited. When I saw him getting hard I couldn't resist so I grabbed his cock again and stick it into my mouth to get it fully hard. Before my stepbrother could stop me again I stuffed his big cock into my mouth and began to give him a sloppy blowjob. I don't have a gag reflex so I was able to take him deep in my throat with ease. Within fifteen seconds of being in my mouth my stepbrother's cock was now harder than a piece of driftwood. He was so big that my mouth was being completely stretched out and it hurt, but it was the kind of hurt that turned a woman on. My stepbrother stopped trying to pull his cock from between my lips, instead, he stood there and let me suck his cock while moaning loudly. It sounded like his skinny little girlfriend didn't know how to properly suck a cock as a big woman does. Big women always give the best blowjobs because we're used to stuffing things in our mouths, usually food, but in this case, it was a big juicy cock!
Because I was constantly shoving food down my throat I no longer had a gag reflex, which meant I shove my stepbrother's entire cock down my throat with ease. Unfortunately, my husband's cock wasn't as big as my stepbrother's so he could never reach my throat so my deep-throating skills went unused my whole life since the only cock I ever had in my mouth was my husband's, but now my stepbrother's cock was the second and it was so much bigger than my husband's and it really got me wet. With one big gulp, I swallowed my stepbrother's entire cock down my throat as he let out an audible gasp that echoed through the gym locker room "Ohhh Fuck!" I kept his cock in my throat as it constricted and grasped it as I started to feel his warm pre-cum beginning to drip down my throat out of the tip of his cock. My stepbrother grabbed my thick shoulders and held on for dear life as my throat was tightening around his cock. "Fuck! You're going to make me cum!" He moaned. I wanted so desperately to feel his cock explode in my throat and feel all of that warm cum drizzle down it. But I wanted him to fuck me first and then he could cum, and I wanted him to cum inside of me. I wasn't on birth control and the risk of him impregnating me got me soaking wet. My husband was never able to get me pregnant, but hopefully, my stepbrother could and soon my husband was going to get a big surprise! I pulled my stepbrother's cock from my throat. His facial expression changed from one of ecstasy to one of disappointment. He wanted so badly to cum in my throat, but I was sure that he was going to enjoy cumming in my tight pussy even more. I reached up to my stepbrother to help me up, since I was a big woman it was hard for me to get up from the floor. Luckily, my stepbrother was very strong and with one good pull, I was up on my feet.
Now that I was standing my stepbrother just stood there staring at me with his huge erection poking me in my meaty thigh. It looked like I was going to have to make the next move so I took one look at his sexy lips and pressed mine against them. As soon as he felt my lips on his, he kissed me more passionately than my husband ever did. I couldn't believe what a great kisser my stepbrother was. He didn't just jam his tongue in my mouth like my husband always did, instead, he took the time to taste my lips and as he did his hands slid down my sweaty back to my big ass that he grabbed and gripped with his big strong hands is such a way that he hadn't felt what a real woman's ass felt like in years because I'm sure his skinny little girlfriend doesn't have an ass at all. My stepbrother's hands slipped into the back of my sweat-soaked yoga pants and as I felt them on my bare ass I began to get so turned on that I just couldn't take it any longer and I needed to feel his hard cock inside of me. I reached behind me and grabbed his hands and placed them on the waistband of my yoga pants and had him pull them down as they dropped to my knees. I wasn't wearing any panties and as my soaking wet pussy and juicy big ass were now completely exposed there was now only one thing left to do. Bend over.
I reached down and placed my hands on the bench as my big ass was sticking up in the air. My stepbrother walked up behind me and that's when I felt the tip of his big hard cock begin to spread my pussy lips open. Just feeling the tip of my stepbrother's cock was almost too much to handle because I'm so used to very small things going into my pussy, like my husband's puny penis. My stepbrother had already stretched me out earlier before my workout, but he was about to stretch me out again and this time it was going to be the kind of stretching that can make you cum like crazy. He ever so slowly slid his cock inside of me and it was way too big for my pussy, but because I was dripping wet it slid inside of me with ease. My stepbrother's big strong hands grabbed my ass, thrusting his entire cock inside of me. I let out an audible gasp that echoed through the locker room. "Oh my god! You're so fucking big!” With his cock now stuffed inside my pussy, my legs began to shake uncontrollably. Because the only cock I had ever felt inside of me was my husband's I never knew that having a big cock filling up my pussy would feel so amazing. I wished my husband had a big meaty cock as my stepbrother did, but there were a lot of things about my husband that I wished I could change, but since wishes like making your husband's cock grow I would just have to settle for being a good wife to my husband and a good little whore to my stepbrother. My pussy was being so stretched by my stepbrother's big cock that tears started streaming down my face because it hurt to be stretched out so much, but it was the kind of hurt that most women beg for. My stepbrother began to slide his cock in and out of my pussy ever so slowly and with every stroke he went a little faster and pounded me a little harder. He was making me crazy because he was building up the volcano inside of me that was getting ready to blow. He didn't just start ramming his cock into me as hard and fast as he could just so he could cum like my husband always did, instead he took his time to slowly build to the point where he was going to let loose and conquer my pussy with his huge weapon between his legs. My hands gripped the bench ever so tightly as I held on for dear life as my stepbrother's cock kept sliding in and out of me faster and faster and harder and harder. I couldn't help but scream out in ecstasy as I felt his cock deep inside of me. "Fuck! You're so deep! My husband could never go that deep!" My stepbrother slid his hand up from my big ass and onto my love handles as he gripped them in his hands and began to fuck me as hard as he could. His cock was slamming into me so hard that I was sure at any moment I would lose my grip on the bench and fall to the floor of the locker room. I was being fucked in a way that sent shivers down my spine and pussy juice down my stepbrother's cock. As my stepbrother was fucking me fast and furiously and not holding back one bit I began to cum. My entire body began to convulse as my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I was having an orgasm for the first time in my life.
My husband never made me have an orgasm, probably because he was a selfish lover and only cared about his pleasure, so after he came I would always feel completely unsatisfied. But with my stepbrother, I felt completely satisfied and he wasn't even done fucking me yet. The orgasm ripped through my entire body like a tidal wave. "I'm cumming! Fuck! You're making me cum! Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck me like a big fat whore!" I screamed out. I didn't care if anyone heard my screams of passion coming from the men's locker room because I was only concerned about how good my stepbrother was fucking me. As my pussy creamed all over my stepbrother's cock he began to moan uncontrollably and it seemed that my pussy was beginning to feel a little too good with it being so wet and gripping his cock so tightly. "I'm going to cum!" He moaned as he was about to pull his cock out of me. "Don't pull out! Cum inside of me! Fill me up with your cum!" At just that moment my stepbrother stopped pulling his cock out of me and shoved it back into me deep and his cock exploded. His warm cum shot out of his cock as it filled up my pussy. I wasn't on birth control and we weren't using protection. The only reason that I had never been pregnant before was that my husband wasn't able to get me pregnant, but I hoped that my stepbrother could. I couldn't believe the massive load of cum that my stepbrother was giving me and it was more than enough to give me a little bundle of joy. The only problem was trying to explain to my husband why I was pregnant since he knew that he couldn't get a woman pregnant. It looked as if I was going to have to tell my husband the truth that my stepbrother fucked me and got me pregnant. I just had to hope he would be the understanding husband that he had always been and let his wife give birth to her stepbrother's offspring no matter how wrong it might be.


~3.7 mins read
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Having a smash can be exciting — and totally, strangely nerve-wracking. You invest a portion of your energy contemplating whether that individual really loves you (I mean, they sort of visually connected with you recently) and the other half contemplating whether you had played it adequately cool they watch out for you

They act diversely around you than they do with others.
They appear to move when you're near. ( follow me)
Assuming somebody is intrigued, you'll see that they will not exactly treat you the way that they treat every other person.

"It's school jungle gym stuff," Hussey told INSIDER. "The kid or young lady will act oddly around the individual they like. When we like somebody, it will in general be that our moxy and our mind and our tomfoolery, relaxed nature departs for good — and this new, odd, abnormal bungling individual appears."

You'll likewise see that their energy will go up when they're around you — and abruptly you're far more funny than others give you credit for. Hussey noticed that somebody will giggle more noisily, grin more broadly, and be more commonly excited assuming they're keen on you.

They'll try to be close to you — regardless of whether they're not really conversing with you.
Ladies Couple
They keep things close.
Look out for your crush's vicinity when you go into a room. You could see that they shift areas to be nearer to you.

"You'll find that you become a focal point of gravity for that individual," Hussey said. "They'll figure out how to draw nearer to you, regardless of whether they haven't exactly gotten the boldness to say something."

At the point when you two truly do wind up blending, your crush will struggle with gazing directly toward you.

"Assuming they're recounting a story to a gathering, and you're in that gathering, regularly assuming they like you, you're the individual they won't visually engage with," he noted. "The individual we feel generally anxious with is the individual who we keep away from direct correspondence with."

They believe you're super cool.
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They simply love praising you. AbElena/Shutterstock
"At the point when somebody loves you, you'll observe that they're dazzled by you," Hussey said. "They need to be aware of you and what you're into. They're fit to be dazzled by you since they're developing this heartfelt picture in their mind."

He likewise noticed that it's an incredible sign assuming the individual recalls subtleties from your past discussion — particularly assuming that individual is a man. "Men will generally be very terrible with subtleties, yet when we like somebody out of nowhere, mystically, we recall what somebody told us."

They'll gaze at you.
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They can't remove their eyes from you. Alex Holyoake/Unsplash
No, gazing isn't dreadful all the time. It tends to be sweet — and extremely telling, truth be told.

"At the point when we like somebody, there's that additional second that we gaze at them while they're talking," Hussey said. "You could be looking at something you're truly energetic about, that brings you alive, and at that time you see them light up with you, and lose themselves in what you're not kidding."

You could likewise find somebody gazing at you from across the room and — assuming you're intrigued — Hussey urges you to gaze right back. Multiple times, even.

"Perhaps of the best thing you can do is to just respond with eye to eye connection. Individuals expect they do this more than they really do," he said. "In our work not to be beyond absurd, we're excessively unobtrusive. Everything thing you can manage is associate with your eyes two, three, four times. All you're truly doing is developing that feeling of, yes I'm checking you out. Indeed, I would like to converse with you."

They will attempt to push the discussion along.
They never need to hush up. Unsplash/Stephen Cook
One simple stunt to sort out whether or not somebody is keen on you is to — quietly — leave the discussion for a tad. The manner in which your crush answers can very tell.

"Assuming you stay in the discussion the entire time, you probably won't be aware if [the person] is intrigued or being amiable," Hussey said. "Require a moment to converse with your companions. Check whether they fire up the discussion once more."

Fascination is continuously moving.
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At times overlooking these signs is ideal. Nathan McBride/Unsplash
While it's amusing to play analyst, make an effort not to ruminate a lot on whether somebody loves you. As a matter of fact, attempt to forget about those considerations out and out while you're conversing with your crush. It could benefit you.

"In the event that we simply center around being all that we can be and offering our best person of real value, we really can take individuals who weren't drawn to us five minutes prior and transform them into individuals who abruptly can't forget about us,"