Checkout The Preparation Of Avocado Oil
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How to make Avocado oil

Only ripe pear.

Cut from the middle and remove the avocado seed in the center.

Peel off the avocado skin, put in a bowl smash smoothly or blend it,

After smashing or blending it, pour in a round plate or tray, spread it well on the tray.

Sundry it for 3 days or use oven In a very low heat, 

After drying it, scrape it from the tray and put it in a sieve net and squeeze out all the oil.

After squeezing out the oil, sieve the oil for some times to avoid any dirty particles

How To Prepare Bar Soap
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Hot Process Bar Soap

7 litres of water 
2 cups of sodium sulphate 
2 cups of calcium 
2 cups of soda ash 
3 cups of caustic soda
3 liters of palmkernel oil
2tbsp of sodium silicate 
Perfume as desired
Color of you choice


1 big steel pot
2 turning stick 
3 gas cooker or stove
4 moulds

Measure out the water into a big pot
Add 2 cups of sodium sulphate and mix well

And 2 cups of calcium and stir well 

Add 2 cups of soda ash and mix well 

Add 3 cups of caustic soda and Mix well till particles disappear 

Add 2 tbs of silicate and mix well 
Add 3 liters of oil and stir becomes thick and smooth 

After mixing light the gas or stove and quickly place the pot on the fire on a low heat (not too low) turn with turning stick while cooking 

Add perfume as you are stiring check if the mixture is well cooked by dropping little on ur palm if the mixture dries immediately it means its ready for molding 

Now set your would in a clean ventilated area 

Line your mould with nylon if you are using wooden or aluminium mould befpre you fill it 

Now fill your soap in the would 

Unmould after 24 hours 

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Cinque Terre
**How To Make Liquid Soap In A Simple Way **
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1. Soda ash (1cup)

2. Water (4liters)

3. Sulphuric acid (1cup)

4. Fragrance ( any of your choice)

5. Colour (any of your choice like green, Red etc)

6. Para Bean (preservatives, 2 tablespoon)

7. Thickener (1cup)

**Method Of Preparation**

1. The first thing you have to do is to bring a big bowl and add your water, soda ash, sulphuric acid, your preservative and mix it up together, make sure they are well combined.

2. After you have mix it, you will put your thickener , because it's very watering that is why you have to add your thickener, and then mix it together.

3. Add your colour and fragrance and mix it together,then your liquid soap is ready for use.

Note: when you add your thickener and the mixture is too thick, you can add more water to it

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How Do You Respond To Hard Time? The Story Of Steve JobsOne ...
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How Do You Respond To Hard Time? The Story Of Steve Jobs
One thing is to have a sound perception about failure. Another thing entirely different is to respond in a healthy manner. Successful people respond differently to failure. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College after six months. He built a company from the very scratch. He called it “Apple”. As it were, one is too small number to build a sustainable global company. Jobs invited people to invest in his company. To cut the story short, Steve was sent out of Apple by the men he brought in. It was a severe blow to Jobs.
Just like any other person, Jobs was devastated. It seems to be the end of the world for him. Job knew too well that failures are inevitable, how we respond is optional. So, he responded in a way that made a way. Instead of committing suicide, or constituting nuisance, Jobs set out to start again a new company he called “NEXT”. And life continued.
The interesting part of the story is that; few years later, ‘Apple Computers’ begged to bring Jobs back and bought “NEXT”. Now think of it, if Jobs had committed suicide? What could have happened?
No matter how the eminence of your failure, you have a choice to dust yourself up and try again. Don’t give up.

Share Your First Job Experience
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Some years ago I was a young fresh graduate out from camp and fresh to the labor market years, fresh from university and got employed as a mortgage banker in a local bank in Lagos. On top of my salary, I had commission income, transport and entertainment allowances. It was good right? But not all that glitter is gold.

However six months into it I was disappointed. I realized that rosy picture I painted of work life in the finance sector was born of artlessness. Underneath that suit and immaculate appearance, I was just a saleswoman, advertising one peddling products I could not even convince myself to buy.

I also felt like I was doubling up as a club hostess peddling my services to clients, in this case they were property agents, and bribing them with fine food and alcohol in a bid to get engaged for mortgage advisory services in the event of a successful home sale. This happened on an almost daily basis. I found it absurd I spent 4 years studying accounting that turned out to have little to do with my job.

People at work were miserable. Humiliation was a tactic used to encourage sales performance. Tight date lines sent everyone panicking, which you’ve to deliver. I was told some would sleep with property agents to get business. How true I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised. It was a lot of money if you did well.

It was a bitchy industry. I was not sociable and didn’t try to get along with most of the bankers. Probably one reason why I was the victim of horrible rumor's.

The story went that I accused my mentor, someone I held in high regard, of raping me after I tried to seduce him and got rejected. That was sick. I never did any of those things; never seduced him, never accused him. I then knew why he avoided me for the longest time. Since we had never spent enough time for him to know me enough to know I wouldn’t sink that low, he likely believed them more.

Sexual harassment was common. I think because many of the women were fine with sexual exchanges, the men assumed all of the women wouldn’t mind their advances. Of course not all the men were disrespectful. A few did come to my aid at various times.

I felt that the environment negatively impacted everyone. There was a lot of money to be made and it led to people becoming mercenary, selfish, backstabbing, demeaning, those who were not, were also affected like me.

I felt my mental-wellbeing under constant attacks and it affected my personality. I was distrusting and temperamental. It hurt the interactions with people I was close to. In distress, I seek the solace of short term pleasures, consoling myself with the food and alcohol that was always on offer, but I only felt worse. My self-esteemed dipped. I was not proud of the person I had become. At some point I realized this was not living. No amount of money was worth selling my soul. I left after 2 years into the job.

You see, our work life has a huge influence on other areas of life. If you feel constantly feel shitty at work, this negatively influences your character and colors everything else you do. If you feel good at work, your moods will positively impact other areas of your life. Therefore, choose your work wisely.

However I am really grateful to that experience because I learnt so much about life and how to better identify the right career path for myself in such a short time and at an early stage of my life. It’s all good.

Thank you NL for letting me share my story

How was your first job experience like? Kindly share your story.