Benefits Of Flexibility
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Most people take part in aerobic activity to improve their cardiovascular endurance and burn fat. People weight-train to maintain lean muscle tissue and build strength. Those are the two most important elements of a fitness program, right?

Actually, there are three important elements. Regrettably, flexibility training is often neglected.

Benefits of flexibility training include:

Allows greater freedom of movement and improved posture
Increases physical and mental relaxation
Releases muscle tension and soreness
Reduces the risk of injury
Checkout The Meals You Should Take Inorder To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Skin
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You also need to know certain nutrients that your body needs for healthy, firm, and smooth skin. This will help you eat the right foods. When you nourish your body with essential nutrients, it will show on your face. Here are some of the things you can eat to reduce wrinkles on your face:

1. Include red pepper in your diet. It will be very hot in your mouth, but gradually you will get used to it. Red pepper is usually long and thin. It is rich in antioxidants known as carotenoids, which help prevent skin aging.

It also helps in protecting your face against sunburn. It contains vitamin C, and this helps your body produce enough collagen.

2. You'll need to eat edible nuts such as groundnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, and especially almond nuts. They help in repairing damaged skin tissues.

Edible nuts are usually rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to tone up the membranes of skin cells. This will make your skin secrete its natural oil, which helps prevent dryness. It also helps with fading wrinkles and makes your face glow.

3. Don't forget to eat sweet potatoes. It has some nutrients that can help make the elasticity of your skin return to its original state. This will make you feel and look younger.

4. Avocado is another good fruit you can eat to maintain healthy, smooth skin. It's a good source of healthy fat, vitamins, and potassium, which can help exfoliate dead skin cells on your face.

Checkout How To Get Flat Tummy Without Exercise
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1. Perfect your posture

Perfect your posture
Posture .s a major role in toning your stomach muscles. Try to straighten up, anytime you sit or walk. Do this and your entire figure will look better.

2. Drink up

Drink up
Dehydration makes the body hoard water, consequently leading to a build-up of excess pounds around the midsection of your body. Try to consume lots of water on a daily basis.

3. Have a seat

Have a seat
Regularly visiting the bathroom prevents the occurrence of bloat inducing constipation. Never ignore the urge to go, even if you don’t feel like it, you’d have to train your brain to do it on a daily.

4. Eat mindfully

Eat mindfully
When eating, avoid wolfing down food. Take some time to chew your food properly before swallowing. This will reduce the workload on the body in breaking down food both in the stomach and intestines


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I Ment a Lady, and she Narrated her ordeal to me about what she passed through when her son was over Weight.
Sometimes we don't know what God has done for us when we have Good health.
Her Story Melt my heart.
This is her Story,
Her Son was over Weight, he weighs over 100kg which means his weight when measure in a lay man word is over two bags of Cement combined together. 
This resulted to a very serious health problem for his son as his son could no longer walk as a result of over weight, she and her other son has to Carry this son to the, toilet, bathroom. He could no longer feed himself. 
It get so worse that it resulted to some Complications which affected his kidneys, because his kidneys could no longer performs the function of detoxification, as a result his legs, all his body was swollen.
He was admitted in General Hospital, his beloved mother spent Over 1 month day and night in her quest to save her son's life, what could be compared to the love of a Mother?
She spent over a Millionaire Naira for Medical Bills not to mention other miscellaneous expenses.
She prayed to God all night, for her son's life to be Save.
Doctor on the other hand work tirelessly to save the boy life.
According to the mother who was narrating the Story, the Blood of this boy was extracted and filtered, removing excessive Carbohydrates, Protein and Minerals and Sugar after which was transfuse back to him.
The Good News is the boy Life was eventually Saved.
Now what she passed through at the hospital is what Could have easily be avoided
Parents please watch what your Children eat, pay constant attention to your health and the health of your Children.
A child of 18yrs Weighing over 100kg is Very Alarming.
Miiracurve Can be your Perfect Health Solution in times Like this.


Phyna Bags Endorsement Deal With Fitness Brand
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The BBNaija Season 7 winner took to her Instagram page to announce her new deal. It has been a win after win for the winner as she has been bagging deals since the end of the show.

Phyna Signs new Ambassadorial Deal
Phyna took to her Instagram handle to announce the deal saying: “Attaining and maintaining my body goal has always been my priority ever since. I’m blessed to be partnering with @Spedy_weightloss as their new Brand Ambassador. A brand that aligns with my personal goal to stay fit, and burn body fat safely and conveniently. It’s time to speedily burn fat from this beautiful body to make her even more beautiful 💅🏽👙
Checkout Fruit That Side In Weight Loss
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 Fruits are popular for their role in helping humans achieve weight loss goal. However, not all fruits are rich in fine and low in calories which aid in weight loss.

 In this article, I will be showing you fruits that airs in weight loss:

1. Apples: They are rich in good fibre and not very high in calories. They are equally packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

2. Berries: They are not high in sugar but rich in fiber, antioxidants and polyphenols.

3. Avocados: They are rich in unsaturated fats and boast alot of mineral and vitamins.

4. Oranges: Whole oranges are rich in fibre, beta carotene, vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants.

5. Pineapples: They contain whole deal of water, rich in vitamin C and other minerals.

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