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Three (3) Easy Ways To Monetize Our Facebook Pages.
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Having a Facebook page that promotes our advocacy will allow us to reach out to readers who share similar interests. We will increase engagement by constantly sharing ideas promoted by our Pages. 
One of the most common ways for people to monetize their Facebook pages is to create their own website where they can write and share their published articles. However, not all Facebook Page owners have sufficient funds to begin developing their own websites. Here are some pointers on how to monetize our Facebook Pages without having to pay for a website:
1. Write and get paid per view.
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3. Affiliate Marketing 
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OPINION POLL: Never Get Married?
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Greetings pejowebians 🙋
I trust you all had a great day earlier.
I was scrolling through my samples of quotes from different sources this evening and I saw a pretty interesting quote, it reads;
“No matter how boring life gets, Never get married”
Publisher: Silent feelings
I find this quote interesting and also debatable. Some may agree and some will disagree with the implied meaning of the quote and its application in our lives. 
So I want to allow readers to express their views about the quote in question. I decided to organize an opinion poll for this quote, let's follow and see the views of those for and those against the quote. 
Readers(both registered pejowebians or non-registered) can send in their opinions either in the comment section, my dm, or the pejoweb Facebook page's comment section. 
All meaningfully presented views from readers will be published in episode 3 of QUOTES AND VIEWS on Wednesday. My point of view on the quote will also be published on the said day.
Over to you readers💁
What do you think about the quote above?
Keep the views flowing 🤓
Fake TETHER USDT SENDER Official Developer
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To install the fake usdt fake generator app, perform the following steps:

Step #1

You’ll need the fake usdt Generator App/Software from the main developers of the app at https:///3Idfm13

Step #2

you’ll receive a zip file that contains the software which you’ll need to unzip using Win Rar software.

Step #3

Unzip the files, run them on your device, then choose the network, enter the destination wallet, and the fake usdt transaction will be sent instantly through the fake tether sender app


Writers Wahala
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Hello everyone 🙋🏽‍♀️

I trust you all are having a great day🤗

So I came over this picture online yesterday and I tagged it the "writers wahala". What I wanted to write vs. what I ended up writing. How many of you, content writers on pejoweb go through this?☝️

 Well, I do. Let me explain further, I always have fascinating, Interesting and marvelous ideas/topics to write on. Most times, I make the effort of writing them down but when I do that, the piece of writing doesn't really represent what I envisioned or visualized😔. Then I drop it instead of publishing them.

Sometimes, we get the ideas but lack unique words to express or upsetting moods/ mental state makes us not to write down our thoughts exactly the way we conceived them in our minds. It's maybe the poems, short stories, articles, novels, words(to yourself) or any piece of writing.

The most Interesting part of all of this is that it's totally acceptable as a writer. Wherever you're, you are doing your best. Just never give up. Keep up with the good work. Keep sharing those amazing mind blowing ideas of yours.

Enjoy the rest of your day 🤗

3 Websites Where You Can Get Paid TODAY!
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“I Love The Nigerian Accent", Says Trevor Noah.
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Trevor Noah is a South African Standup comedian and also a TV presenter of the Daily Show. Trevor is a great lover of accents of different international languages. 

When asked what was his favourite accent among all the languages he can speak, he answered inter alia that "Nigerian accent is one of my favourite accents" he said. He made this statement at one of his TV shows and a clip of it has become viral.

In Trevor's words;
“Nigerian accent does to English what English desperately needs. English is a very stiff and so boring language”

In the viral video, Trevor Noah added that Nigerians have the best metaphors and similes that they keep throwing into our conversations and it all seems beautiful to him.

Source: Daily Show @youtube.