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Some days I blaze hot, other days, I'm so like ice
They call me fickle, just like the weather
My teacher in high school once likened me to a swinging pendulum 
I see a million faces, tread a thousand trails, and chew on too many thoughts, all at once.
I sit by the fireplace each night, wondering how it feels to be like the sea- alive, free; and wish I could give anything for a moment of normalcy
I say I hate myself, they say they hate me too sometimes
The highs of mania, the lows of depression
My mind has become a tricky constant battleground
I'm called a maniac who's out of control, who gets tossed between two poles all the time
Who's a maniac without the C anyways?
Blue would look best on me
Like a baby's piercing eyes, the deep sea, a new day's clear sky, a stormy ocean
There must be a way to slow down my racing mind, and perhaps bring it to a halt
No one gets to shore from a storm without rowing, or swimming….
It's time to stop dreading the underflow
It's time to float
It's time to live a life well-made
It's time to break free from my mind's turmoil
It's time to stop being someone I despise

Creative Mind Set Is A Good Virtues
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Creative mind set is a Good Virtues

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Cinque Terre
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WHEN WE WERE YOUNG, SKYFALL was the rarest thing our elders ever talked about. We occasionally visit the village to say HELLO to old friends. Memory keeps playing back our old childhood story, making it alive in our hearts. I recall playing my head off, TURNING TABLES upside down, cracking our ONE AND ONLY moulded hearth. But one absurd thing I used to attempt was SET FIRE TO THE RAIN and watch fruitlessly to see it burn. Whenever father caught me, he would give me a touch of the long, old leather belt that hung at the far end of his room. I remember begging him every time to go EASY ON ME, but HE WON'T GO AWAY. 
     RUMOUR HAS IT that our HOMETOWN GLORY is now a facade, and I don't think that SOMEONE LIKE YOU will believe that without seeing for yourself, and join those rumour bearers in CHASING PAVEMENTS at the city.
     I still have MY SAME spark for you, like that of childhood. But how can I MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE when you leave me ROLLING IN THE DEEP and make our story seem like LOVE IN THE DARK? You call me a DAYDREAMER, but DON'T YOU REMEMBER our SWEETEST DEVOTION? Before you SEND MY LOVE TO YOUR NEW LOVER, meet me at RIVER LEA, close to the WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE. Whether you give me a COLD SHOULDER, or a REMEDY, I'LL BE WAITING and ready to TAKE IT ALL.
                                        ©tough decemstar


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300L Student Of Theatre Arts Department IMSU Present A Premiere Of A Stage Drama Titled “City Of Protests”
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Karnidram Repertoire In Conjunction With 300 Level Students Of Theatre Arts Department, Imo State University, Owerri presents a Premiere Of a Stage Drama Titled “City Of Protests”.

The Drama Titled “City Of Protests” Was Written by Dr. Ebiriukwu Anthony, Department Of Theatre Arts, Imo State University.

The Production held at Commassie Arts Theatre of the University on Friday, 16 December, 2022, also Featuring Folk Drama and Dance.

The Sub Dean of the Faculty of humanity, Dr Ernest Gloria, The HOD, Department of Theatre Arts, Dr Chris Nwaru, Dr. Emeka Nwosu, Dr. Uche Oputa, Sir. Cajetan Nwosu, Mrs Glory Anjorin, Sir Chidindu Mgbrmere as Well as Other Members of the Faculty Were Also On Ground To Watch The Stage Drama Performance By The Student of 300L Theatre Art Department, IMSU.