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A man is a taster.
He loves to taste.
Any untasted is a future taste for a man.
You can be the best for him because of the smooth-sweet words he use to you. Remember that you're not the first. That's to say, someone else likely gonna replace you.
A man don't need your love - he wants it. You have no reason to love him because he will never understand it.
What he wants from you is your loyalty. With this, you can have a man's mind on your palm.
Never let a man to know you loves him more than the way he loves you.
Remember that if there's anything you can attract a man with, sex should be 1/1000.
Be straight forward and be different.

Beauty is what you beautifully beautified.

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Never alone, life will give you a thousand reasons to quit, give it a million not to give up. 
Failure isn't when you fail but when you give up trying. 

Any situation you find yourself in, take it in mind that some people have gone through that and overcame why some are currently in it.NEVER ALONE!!

Get to talk it out with family and friends but note some are better left a secret. Be the judge of yourself in some situation since you Know letting it out will bring harm at last. NEVER ALONE!!

Depression waiting at end when you think you are all alone.
When it eat deeps what happens?
The Little Trick Of A Woman
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She said I love you! While someone else is the definition of love in her heart.

She said I can't go a day without thinking about you! While she's always with someone.

She answered your call to fool you! While she always calls someone.

She pecks you! While she kisses someone.

She hug you sideways! While she hugs someone front-wise.

She calls you darling! While she's dialing someone.

She said you're nice! While she's nicing someone.

She said good bye! While she's going to someone.

She said good night! While she's nighting someone.

She said have a sweet dream! While she's giving someone good dreams.W
hen it comes to cheating, women are 10 steps ahead of men.

Anyway, if water is life, then women are the enablers.

Love you so much ladies.

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The Lion
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 In this article, I will be showing you a very interesting poem that you would love to read. The title of the poem is "The Lion" and it is written by Herbert Asquith.

•The Lion walks behind his bars

•His tawny shoulders ebb and flow

•Withswaying flank and lowered mane

•He pads the asphalt, proud and slow

•If he could break his rusted cage

•How many eyes would open wide

•To see him flaming through the gap

•Alion springing in his pride

•But now he walks with silent tread.

•Swinging and turning in his den 

•He yawns and blinks his golden eyes

•Above the prying son of men.

                       _Herbert Asquith

Epitaph Of A Beautiful Soul
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Was Michael Jackson framed?
Well, from the information that I have, I would say yes, he was. But, I believe that there were other parties involved, in fact I know there was, but, it is not easy to talk about publicly, for obvious reasons. Basically, it was about who was going to own American Music which is worth a fortune. See, money is more important to some than a life, it’s disgraceful. Also, I believe that it was planned for some time which is why I once referred to it as ‘slow murder’ a while back. It took 16 years….

I went out partying mom. I went to a party and I remembered what you told me. You asked me not to drink alcohol, mom. That's why I drank a Sprite. I felt proud of myself. I made a healthy choice and your advice was right.

And when the party was finally over, people started driving with no condition. I went to my car with the certainty that I would go home in peace.

I could never imagine what I expected, Mom... something i couldn't expect.

Now I'm lying on the road and I hear a cop say, "The guy who caused this accident was drunk."

Mom, your voice seems so far away... My blood is spilled everywhere and I'm trying my best not to cry. I can hear the doctors saying, "This girl is going to die."

He, like me, had gone out to party, but he decided to drink and drive and now I have to die.

Why do people do this, mom, knowing it's going to ruin lives?.

Pain is cutting me like a hundred sharp knives. Tell my sister don't be scared mama. Tell daddy to be strong. I love you so much I wish you would give me one last kiss. Someone should have told that kid that it's wrong to drink and drive..

Maybe if his parents had told him I would be alive by now.. My breathing is getting weak, mom, and I'm so scared... These are my last moments and I feel so desperate... I wish you could hug me mom while I'm laying here dying.

I wish I could tell you I love you, mom.. i can't feel my body, i can't anymore, mama i love you.. Good bye... "".

These words were written by a Telecinco Informative journalist who witnessed a traffic accident in 1997. The young woman, while she was dying, was saying these words to those there. The journalist started a campaign. If this message reached to you and you ignore it, you may be missing out on the opportunity to raise awareness of more people and make your own life in danger too. And this small gesture can make a big difference.
My Business
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Hmm, a class I see 

A crowd I think 

Walking down this road

Again just with the others.


I smell fire coming

From each angle of

This room right into

 My nose from a distance.


Keep your eyes on the ball

I said to myself getting

An eyeful of the room

I think it is what it is.


I mind my business and that's not

Your business but when you start

Minding your business in my business

That's when it becomes a problem.


Poet: Constance Mmesoma Adione

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