Ouch! Angry Shebeshxt Hits Fan With Glass Bottle Mid-show [watch]
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South African musician Katlego Chauke Shebe, also known as Shebeshxt made history as Podcast & Chill’s first-ever guest to reach a million views in a matter of two days, however, his achievement has prompted an X (formally known as Twitter) user to put him on blast after seeing him in a video deliberately hitting a fan with a glass bottle during one of his gigs.
Vusi Nova Launches His Own Record Label
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Nova is celebrating his decade-long anniversary in the industry in a big way. Nova recently launched his new music record label, Nova Sounds. His launch comes after he parted ways with his with long-time label Muthaland Entertainment.

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Cinque Terre
PSL Top Fan Receives Huge Money From Royal AM
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In the realm of football fandom, Mama Joy has fetched her name as a revered figure, not only in South Africa but globally. Known for her unwavering passion, Mama Joy is on the brink of a significant financial windfall, marking the culmination of her journey as a super fan.

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In the heart of the vibrant city, where neon lights painted the night sky, there existed a hidden gem of entertainment called "Stellar Spectacle." It wasn't just a venue; it was a realm where ordinary evenings transformed into extraordinary adventures.

As the clock struck midnight, a mysterious curtain rose, unveiling a portal to a world beyond imagination. The audience, dressed in anticipation, entered a space adorned with twinkling stars and floating orbs of light. The air buzzed with excitement, for within those walls, the ordinary rules of reality seemed to take a pause.

The entertainment began with acrobats defying gravity, gracefully dancing through the air like celestial beings. Their movements synchronized with ethereal melodies, creating a symphony of awe. Magicians weaved spells that left the audience questioning the very fabric of reality, while illusionists made the impossible appear tangible.

In one corner, there was a whimsical carnival where laughter echoed and games challenged the laws of physics. Fortune-tellers whispered secrets only the stars knew, adding a sprinkle of mystique to the night. The aroma of gourmet delights wafted through the air, as celestial chefs crafted dishes that transcended ordinary tastes.

The highlight of the night was the "Galactic Masquerade," where attendees adorned masks that seemed to hold the stories of a thousand galaxies. Amidst the dance floor bathed in starlight, strangers became cosmic companions, twirling through constellations as if gravity had surrendered to the rhythm of their joy.

As the night drew to a close, a grand finale erupted—an immersive light show that transformed the entire venue into a cosmic kaleidoscope. Stars burst forth, confetti rained down, and for a fleeting moment, everyone became stardust, bound together by the magic of entertainment.

As attendees left Stellar Spectacle, they carried with them not just memories but a sense of wonder that lingered in their hearts. The city, with its hustle and bustle, awaited their return, but for now, they had experienced a night where entertainment transcended boundaries and transported them to a celestial realm of pure delight.
Rema Performs At His 02 Arena "Ravage Uprising" Concert (Video) - Music/Radio
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Nigeria’s Afrobeats superstar Rema unlocked a new and stunning level at his “Ravage Uprising” 02 Arena show in London on November 14, 2023.

Performing in front of the sold-out 20,000 capacity of the iconic arena, Rema opened his act with a dramatic entrance of him clad in a mask and black ensemble, atop a stationary horse, and performing his latest hit, “DND.”

He then progressed into a melodic performance of “Iron Man” with a thrilling spectacle of Indian dance choreographers on either side of him.

Before going on stage, Rema posted a tribute to Burna Boy for bringing him up on that stage in 2021.
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