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The woman is the strongest being upon the face of the earth , this is because the strongest man you think is the strongest being upon the face of the earth came out from a woman. 

Without a woman we will all not be here today , womanhood is the center of life and productivity, the strongest Man can not give birth to even a fly given a thousand opportunity. 

A man was made from the dust of the ground but a woman was created from a bone , dust and bone which is stronger? Obviously a born is stronger and this is why the men are always intimidated when it comes to the strength of a woman. God Adorns a woman , God loves the woman creature such that even after eating from the wrong tree the woman was not found naked until the weakness of the Man found expression. 

The best leaders we have in every part of the world today are women, this is proven in Nigeria and diaspora. As feminist we seek to lead , we seek to be in charge , we seek to stop being ordered around as though a woman is a mistake . 

This was how my class mate sounded in a debate back then in the university, and with the above points she claimed feminism was an ideology from God that will never stop . As I speak she is yet to be married till date and most of her friends who think like her who got married are all divorce or seeking divorce. 

This is because you can never become better than how you think, for it is as a man thinks in his heart so is He. 

It is a big error to say that the ideology feminism is from God. Because feminism is a 21st century ideology, from the beginning man came first came before the woman. This means Man is to lead the woman that why God never spoke to eve when He came to the garden but he spoke to Adam . Feminism seeks to shift away from the instructions of God and embrace the Global Civilization also known as political correctness.

God created the woman to be a help meet and the moment you lose focus on your assignment you lose beauty. The beauty of every woman is in her original place of assignment serving as a help meet. 

Remember scriptures says wife's submit to your husband, it is not bad for a woman to lead a country but it bad to think you should be the head of the house and the family. it wrong for the woman to think of equality with the man. 

Please feel free to drop your opinion if feminism is from God.

How To Determine Your Skin Type So You Can Source Right Products For Your Skin Type
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Most people do not know the type of skin they have so they end up using wrong beauty products that ends up giving them negative results(sunburn, pimples,etc) but do not worry, you will find that out today. 


1) Wash your face with a mild and gentle soap to remove dirt and makeup from your face.
2) Dry face with a soft towel without applying any moisturizer or cream for at least an hour.
3) After an hour, get a soft tissue paper and use it to gently wipe your whole face with it.

Continue reading to determine your skin type

1) NORMAL SKIN would not show any sign of oil on the tissue and your face looks neat and healthy.
2) DRY SKIN would show no sign of oil but your face would feel tight and squeezed
3) OILY SKIN would stain the tissue with its oil and your face would look shiny especially on your forehead, nose and cheeks.
4) COMBINATION SKIN - Your skin can be dry or normal in some areas, such as the T- zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Combination skin has poles that look larger than normal, blackheads and shiny skin.
5) SENSITIVE SKIN - A skin that is sensitive possess characteristics of redness, itching, burning and dryness. Sensitive skin can be caused by skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or allergies.
Now you know your skin type, you can now use the right remedy or products for your skin so go for your skin choice beauty products.


5 Tips That Makes You More Beautiful
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1) Posture: Everyone focuses on weight loss. New diets, hours in the gym…it’s a lot of work! What about your posture.

2. Mums The Word

Yep, you go it…talk less. We all know how annoying it is to sit next to that guy on the plane who is constantly on transmit. It’s like he doesn’t even realize how annoying he is.  

3. Hydrated Skin

Your face is THE most important feature on your body. It shows every emotion, it houses your most important physiology, and it’s the road map to your entire being. 

It’s worth taking a little extra time to take care of it.

4. A Good Night’s Sleep

I don’t care what your beauty routine looks like, if you aren’t sleeping well you don’t look good. Rest and rejuvenation may be the most important element in radiating beauty.
Nigerian Woman’s Makeover As An Indian Bride Wins Hearts OnlineThe Video Shared Five Days Ago Show...
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Nigerian woman’s makeover as an Indian bride wins hearts online
The video shared five days ago shows the woman’s makeover. From eyelashes to embroidered yellow lehenga and red bangles, the makeup artist gives her a complete Indian look.
Indian weddings are known around the world for their extravagant and ostentatious celebrations. The bride and groom wearing their traditional attire also grab a lot of eyeballs.

It is usual for Indian brides to wear a lot of ornaments on their big day. An African woman decided to undergo a makeover and dress as an Indian bride for her wedding
Indian weddings are known around the world for their extravagant and ostentatious celebrations. The bride and groom wearing their traditional attire also grab a lot of eyeballs.

It is usual for Indian brides to wear a lot of ornaments on their big day. An African woman decided to undergo a makeover and dress as an Indian bride for her wedding.
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Beauty they say, is in the eyes of its beholder. Without any doubt such a say is very important and is given topmost priority in the current dispensation of our global world.

In this article, I will discuss the differences between Face Yoga and Face Massage, their disadvantages, if they cause any wrinkles and possible alternatives.

You all will agree with me that the fountain of Youth remains elusive for those searching to turn back the clock.

Very unfortunately, time matches on and tends to show up in our looks. However, there are multiple options available on the tips of our fingers that will slow down the effect of time, if not even reverse it few years aback. Interestingly, a couple those methods doesn't involve the use of serums, creams and moisturizers.


These are two very similar methods of relaxing your face, they both have the same aim, restore a youthful look and revitalize the skin. Followers of each method tout it as being an effective and efficient way of turning back the clock; and indeed, there are evidences that face yoga and massage do exactly that.

Although, the methods are similar in purpose, their execution and processes are quite different.


Face Yoga involves exercising the 57 different muscles within the face, scalp and neck. This is achieved through exaggerated facial expressions which works the muscle in the face. Over time, as with the bicep curls and squats, the muscles will strengthen, causing lift on the face and a more youthful appearance.

Sounds great right? But does it really work? There is evidence to support that it does. Research has shown that after 90 minutes training session, a group of women aged 40_65 engaged in facial exercise based on face yoga for the period of 20 weeks total(30 minutes a day for the first eight weeks and 30 minutes every other day for 12 weeks following).

At the end of the study, both women and dermatologist concluded that the exercises indeed made them look younger than their respective ages, especially in the cheek areas. The participants experienced fuller cheeks ( the muscles grew from the exercises). This counteracts dropping skin and gives a more youthful appearance.


Face massage centers mainly around the lymph nodes located on the neck areas and under the ear. it helps drains toxins when these areas becomes blocked. It is believed that, blocked lymph nodes makes the face looks dull and puffy, so draining them through massage will assist in a brighter look.

Similarly, the skin of the face is also manipulated and massaged, which increases blood flow in the face axis. This in turn increases oxygen and nutrients to the skin and  stimulates collagen production. This results in: lifted skin, healthy glow, and release of muscle tension.

However, it is important to note that while face massage appears to be effective, the benefits don't last long without continual follow up massages. You will need to get involved into facial massages as a consistent routine, but they can either done at home or with a professional. A light massage each day is helpful, with a more in-depth home facial weekly or a monthly professional session.


Even though both systems appear to have lots of merits, there are some disadvantages tied to each.

FACE YOGA: It demands a significant time commitment, this may be out of reach to many people. Since it takes a lot of time and consistency in order to see results.

FACE MASSAGE: This of course has draw back as well, it also need to be done continuously to maintain results and if you do facial injections and fillers, you did need to be more careful with adverse reactions. Don't do face massage too soon after taking injection on the face, wait for about two(2) weeks after getting Botox and four(4) weeks after getting fillers.

Note also that, if you use injectables, the face massage may cause them to metabolize faster. Make sure you advise your facialist that you have injectables when you meet with them.

Interestingly, neither of those methods causes wrinkles. it seems somewhat counterintuitive that exaggerated facial expressions or manual skin manipulation wouldn't cause these concerns, but if anything, these methods can help reverse them.

As your facial muscles firm up you will notice fewer line and wrinkles. Face massage should not cause wrinkles on your face either. It should lead to improvement in lower eyelids, cheeks, and smile lines. Whichever method you choose, wrinkles should not be s concern.


 There are several ways to go about face massage and there are other alternatives altogether. 
For Face massage, you can schedule a massage at a spa or you can do them at home yourself. To avoid crowds, there are so many options too. You can use your fingers, a Jade roller or a tool called Gua Sha, a smooth stone made of crystal that you can scrape across your face to help massage the skin.
Of course,if face yoga or massage isn't your thing,  you can use wonderful moisturizers, serums and exfoliators in the market. Though they will not impact the muscles as these two methods will, but you will still have a healthy younger looking skin.
There are also injections that will give your face a firmer look.
Finally, in a world where we continually seek the answer to younger looking skin and a healthy glow, face yoga and massage appears to be two different things but having similar possibilities with comparable benefits and disadvantages too.
Both methods gave very little risks with plenty of rewards. Whether you choose to see a facialist, use an at home tool, or learn a face Yoga workout, chances are good that it will change your face for better.

 I hope you like this post! just so you know, I will receive commissions when you read, like, comment and share the post. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.