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Find your dream car!

Cars have always been an interesting subject as it has become part of our daily lives, as a matter of fact 80% of people around the world depend on cars to go about their daily business. Due to this reason, it further goes on to bring about the argument about which car is the best in the world, I'd be bluffing if I say one brand is the overall best in the world, but the competition never ends. With new technological advancements from design to engines, finishing not to mention environmental friendly attributes like source of power and manufacturing procedures, every car brands that will be mentioned below truly deserve a spot in the top 20 in the globe, now without further delay let's get down to business.

20.... Chevrolet
This brand is sometimes called Chevy for short!. This brand is highly ranked when it comes to strength and longevity at a very good scale globally. Existing in over 80 counties on the planet with US leading the manufacturing and sales of this car. Ranked 23rd in the 2019 global index customer reports in terms of reliability and safety. It is truly deserving of the 20 spot on this list, truly dependable considering the low budget in it car line up from small cars to big SUVs. 

19.... Honda
This brand is widely loved, it manufacturers never stops beating their chest when it comes to longevity of their cars which is a really good selling point if you ask me, not to mention that the low cost of repairs is also an added advantage. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the brand throughout the years. This car brand can be found in over 100 countries around the world. Honda is one of the top leading car manufacturers in Japan and has greatly impacted the world of cars throughout the world. 

18.... Nissan
Nissan I must say has come a long way, very competitive in the market, it has always managed to squeeze itself into most categories even among it's more popular counterparts over the years. This car brand has done quite well when it comes to fuel management which makes it users talk highly of it's economic sense. Great for travel on different road types and before I forget let me mention that it is also a Japanese brand.

17.... Ford
This is truly a car Americans are proud of, this brand has found it's way to almost all the corners of the earth with state of the art technological features. Ford comes in different shapes and sizes, from mini cars to SUVs and trucks. Most people will say that the car is cheap compared to what it has to offer which is a very good review if you asked me. Indeed this car is truly deserving of this spot. 

16.... Fiat
The fiat car company had a minor relapse in the early 2000, an Italian brand which has been around since early as 1900 and ranked among the oldest car brands in the world. This car brand are mostly concerned with looks and luxury from their designs to their finishing. This brand has high value as it is expensive with high resale value which makes it a classic, customers are mostly impressed by the looks which always is mind blowing.

15.... Jeep
This car brand is truly a classic, the word "Jeep" is used every now and then to refer to SUVs around the world, but it is a car brand all on its own. Jeep is renowned for selling the most unit of SUVs around the world. It has a very simple but yet elegant design and can take on many kinds of roads which makes it very road efficient. If you're a consistent traveler that like adventure then this car brand is really the way to look.

14.... Volkswagen
Regardless of what you may think and the views you've gotten from people about the Volkswagen car brand, it still has respect and cannot be taken off the list of the top 20 car brands in the world. This car company has partnered with other top brands over time to produce most of the stunning cars you see on the road today. It's affordability and cheap service cost makes it a top customer choice.

13.... Volvo
When it comes to interior design and finishing among midrange cars Volvo is definitely a car not to overlook. The company boats of high quality finishing together with unmatched car amenities and safety conciseness that is put into creating each car in it's lineup. For most car users safety and luxury are very good points to look for in a car.

12.... Jaguar
This car brand is owned by Tata group of companies. This brand truly stands out among other car brands when it comes to design and performance above other things. The company has invested so much in research to come up with a safe and road worthy car you can trust to deliver it's purpose. Some of the best models being Jaguar XJL and Jaguar XE which have high resale value.

11.... Audi
Truly a German beauty, this car is know for it's stunning looks and designs among other things such as easy controls while using the car. Audi has a very long vehicle lineup from small cars to very large sized cars, it's hybrid engine makes it worth the price which compliments the performance. This car brands also make racing cars with lightening speed.

10.... Toyota
One of my favorite brand, widely used around the world, Toyota is best known for it strength, durability and high resale value. Toyota was ranked the highest in the Kelly Blue Books rate of resale value, over the last few decades, this car brand is not joking when it comes to high level comfort and safety to it's users and has also recieved numerous awards for it. It was also awarded by the same Kelly Blue Book’s top green vehicles, as it is innovative and also environmental friendly. With no doubt, this brand is one of the best car brand in the world.

9.... Land Rover
Another Tata motors owned brand, land Rover has proven itself time after time that it deserves to be in the list of the top car brands on the world, manufactured in Great Britain, specialised in creating the most finest SUVs out there. Suitable for off road journey as it has been tested on a wide range of terrains. The land Rover is truly a brand you want to keep an eye out for.

8.... Lexus
Whenever you hear "Lexus" expect nothing less in a car, from stunning designs to interior furnishing not to mention speed and durability. Toping most of the cars within it's range no wonder it's a big name when it comes to being a high end value car. If you want something classy with limited budget then luxus is your brand.

7.... Porsche
Porsche is a top leading manufacturer of race cars with amazing speed, it has been around since 1931 which makes a renowned car company. Did I mention this brand is from Germany which is know for it's excellent machines and engineering capacity. The Porsche packs alot when it comes to design, engine power, and overall beauty, giving it's passengers maximum comfort while still enjoying the luxery it provides.
The most notable car in the Porsche lineup is the "911" which is highly praised.

6.... Bugatti
Without question,one of the most expensive car brand in the world with an elite status that sets the bar high among it's counterparts, equipped with state of the art safety apparatus. The Bugatti Chiron is said to be one of the fastest sport car reaching an amazing speed of 480km/h , which leaves passengers thrilled. The Bugatti Chiron is no doubt a beauty and a beast at the same time.

5.... Bentley
Another British long aged legacy, this brand truly stands out when it comes to design, it's hard to miss on the road unless in speed mode. Reach speed of up to 350km/h. This brand is famous around the world and popular among celebrities and the elite class of the society, due to it's expensive taste in prestige and lucery. This brand offers a wide range of lineup to suit different taste and need from small size to big SUVs, the "Bentley Bentayga" is one of the best SUV on the globe today.

4.... Rolls Royce
The Rolls Royce is unbeaten when it comes to design. Master class engineering together with years of research has been put together to create the majestic looking car. Coming in different colours, with the white colour leading the charge it's beauty supercedes the YouTube reviews of the brand, no wonder it is a common choice for Royals and elites. Comfort and style was kept in mind combining elegance and luxury at the same time to make this road giant. The Rolls-Royce phantom is a notable car in it's lineup.

3.... BMW
BMW is said to be one of the toughest competitor in the car industry, there is always arguments about the BMW and it's German counterpart being the Mercedes Benz, meanwhile it's truly a very tight competition. The BMW focuses on innovation and invests so much in research to bring about the dream luxery car, it is efficient in fuel management and have great balance on the road. With designs next to non, from small sporty cars to SUVs it's lineup is sure to have whatever you need in a car.

2.... Tesla
Tesla is the number one car to watch out for. It's futuristic features are next to non, from self driving cars to full electric engines. The car company is owned by Elon Musk the outspoken billionaire, the company began to gain recognition in 2008 after it released the first electric sport car which was highly praised as a revolutionary achievement. Tesla leaves passengers thrilled with a whole new car experience with cutting edge technology that almost feels like Alienware together with luxery.

1.... Mercedes- Benz
Speak of a car that needs no introduction, speak of Mercedes Benz. This car has proven itself time after time to be the number one car brand in the world. This brand has been in existence since 1886 making it a true masterpiece and a major building block for other car companies. The Mercedes Benz combines both traditional and technological innovations to create the perfect car without interference with it's performance.

All car brands that are listed above together with the information provided under each car, are not necessarily a review but an insight to each brand as to what to expect from the respective companies. But I will say this here, if you're looking to buy a car, you have your reasons and the purpose you what the vehicle to serve and also the budget you have set aside for the car. Note that what's important is finding a car that suits your requirements and not necessarily the brand. 
10 Things You Need To Check Before Buying A Car.
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Buying a used car is a great way to get on the road without paying the hefty price of a new one. But how can you know if a used car is the best option for you?

The following check list outlines what to look for when buying a used car from a dealer or private seller for your peace of mind.

1. The vehicle's history

Before conducting your own investigation, you should get as much information as you can from the current owner. To find out if the vehicle has ever been in an accident, if there are any liens against it, or if the model has ever been recalled, enter the VIN (vehicle identification number) into a commercial website like Carfax.

2. Rust or paint deterioration

As you check the car, look for any rusty blemishes or paint nicks. Due to their ease of repair, small, isolated rust spots aren't always a deal breaker. You might want to rethink the purchase if there are any areas where the metal has completely corroded through.

3. Frame-related concerns

While checking the car, you should check the frame for flaws. The car and the ground should be parallel. What, if anything, is suspended from the chassis? Pay particular attention to the bumpers and keep an eye out for signs of recent collisions, such as warping or freshly added fasteners on the bonnet, trunk, or fenders.

4. The engine compartment

Any car's engine is its most crucial component. Open the hood and look inside for rust, fluid leaks, damaged hoses, and belts while the engine is off. Check the dipsticks for discoloration; the transmission fluid should be pink or crimson, and the oil should have a light brown hue.

5. The state of the tires

Each of the four tires should have the same amount of tread wear. Poor alignment, which may be a symptom of problems with the steering, suspension, or frame, can occasionally be indicated by uneven tread or additional wear on a few of the tires. When driving, an automobile with inadequate alignment will veer to the right or left.

6. Mileage

A car gets 20,000 kilometres' worth of mileage annually. Divide the odometer reading by the age of the car to determine whether it has high or low mileage. A car with a high mileage will have more worn-out mechanical parts. The relevance of a secondhand car's high mileage is explained in further detail.

7. Electronic devices in the interior

One of the small joys of owning a car is being able to crank up the radio when your favorite song starts playing. Check the stereo and other technological elements of the cockpit by pressing a few buttons. Switch on the cooling and heating systems.

8. Upholstery.

In a car, the upholstery and seats could become damaged. Because replacing upholstered seats can be expensive, keep an eye out for rips, stains, and cracked leather on all of the front and back seats.

9. Going for a test drive

is probably the most crucial step in buying a used car. To assess the car's handling, acceleration, braking, and suspension, plan your route and put it through its paces. Try driving the car on the highway and practicing parallel parking to learn about any potential blind spots it might have.

10. Mechanics inspection

If you believe you've located the secondhand car of your dreams, you should have a reliable mechanic examine it. An auto technician can identify any underlying problems or potential trouble spots with the car. The service isn't free, though.

Thanks for reading.


Okada Ban: Lagos Govt Shows No Mercy, Set To Crush Another 2,228 Motorcycles
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Okada Ban: Lagos Govt Shows No Mercy, Set To Crush Another 2,228 Motorcycles

As part of the move to ensure the ban on okada takes full effect and becomes weighty, the Lagos Task Force has crushed another set of 2,228 commercial motorcycles
– The chairman of the Force disclosed that the okada operators through their actions have violated the Transport Reform Laws of the state
– Meanwhile, the Lagos State Governor Babatunde Sanwo-Olu had announced a total ban on Okada on all highways across six LGAs and nine local council development areas of the state
The Lagos State Task Force is set to crush another set of 2,228 impounded commercial motorcycles popularly called Okada on Friday, June 3.
The Punch reports that the chairman of the taskforce, CSP Shola Jejeloye, a chief superintendent of police, made this disclosure through a statement issued on Thursday, June 2.
How To Drive A Car
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To drive a car, here are the basic steps you need to follow:

1. Familiarize yourself with the car: Adjust the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel to ensure a comfortable driving position. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard controls and understand their functions.

2. Buckle up: Always wear your seatbelt for safety before starting the engine.

3. Start the car: Insert the key or press the start button to start the engine.

4. Understand the pedals: The three pedals are the accelerator (gas), brake, and clutch (in manual transmission cars). Practice using them to get a feel for their sensitivity and functionality.

5. Grip the steering wheel: Hold the steering wheel with both hands at the recommended 9 and 3 o'clock positions. Keep your hands secure but relaxed while driving.

6. Use turn signals: Before making any turns or changing lanes, use your car's turn signals to indicate your intentions. This alerts other drivers and promotes safety on the road.

7. Accelerate smoothly: Apply gradual pressure to the accelerator pedal to gain speed. Avoid abrupt acceleration, as it can be dangerous and reduce fuel efficiency.

8. Brake correctly: Use your right foot to apply gradual pressure on the brake pedal to slow down or stop. Learn to modulate the brake force depending on the traffic conditions.

9. Observe traffic rules: Always obey traffic signs and signals, stop at intersections and yield right of way when necessary. Adhere to speed limits and maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles.

10. Practice lane positioning: Stay in the correct lane and position yourself appropriately depending on your intended direction. Use your mirrors and glance over your shoulder to check blind spots before changing lanes.

11. Parallel park: Learn how to parallel park by practicing in a suitable area. It involves maneuvering the car into a parking spot alongside the curb.

12. Be aware of surroundings: Continuously scan your surroundings, check mirrors regularly, and be alert to the movements of other vehicles, pedestrians, and any potential hazards.

13. Stay focused: Avoid distractions like phone usage, eating, or any other activities that divert your attention from the road.

14. Practice defensive driving: Anticipate the actions of other drivers and be prepared to react accordingly. Maintain a safe and defensive mindset to avoid accidents.

Remember, driving safely and responsibly is crucial. Consider taking formal driving lessons to gain more confidence and knowledge about driving practices specific to your country or region.