Bible Study On Psalms
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A personal bible study guide on Psalms 
 Bible study is necessary if you want to develop in your spiritual life as a Christian. The truth which the scriptures have is the basis of our faith in Christ. The scriptures provide the events that prepared the way for Christ to us and the purpose of God. Deciding to study a book of the Bible rather than a single scripture is a great move to get deeper into studying the scriptures.
The book of Psalms consists of five books in one. These books were made at different times, and by different compilers. As you read the book of psalms, you must know they weren’t written in the lifetime of one man or at one time. The ninetieth Moses’, the hundred thirty-seventh to the Babylonian exile, seventy-three Psalms are ascribed to David, Solomon 2, sons of Korah 11, Asaph 12, Herman 1 (88th), Ethan 1 (89th), Hezekiah, 10, and 39 are of unknown authors. 
The sentiments expressed in the Psalms are from the hearts of the authors. They show the best effects of Moses’ Law, and Israel’s experience on the souls of devout men under that dispensation. For you to read psalms and yield maximum profit, you should read any Psalms containing personal or historical allusions in connection with the events alluded to. 
 Here we will study the Psalms focusing on God’s forgiveness and grace, love, Lord, and Jesus Christ, our savior. 
The psalms deal with repentance, God’s forgiveness, and restoration. You will see the book of Psalms acknowledges the existence of a man’s sin to magnify the glory of God’s grace. 
Psalm 32 and 51 points out the expression of the experience of guilt, and its humble confession. It further points out the joyful expression of peace that comes through being forgiven.
Psalm 32 is assigned to David. Though the circumstances are not clear, it could relate to the Bathsheba-Uriah incident referenced in Psalm 51.
In Psalm 32:1-2, David begins his guilty and forgiveness song saying how fortunate the forgiven person is. David uses several synonyms for sin and guilt to show how we try to rationalize and minimize our sins while reflecting on God’s grace, and His willingness to forgive.
Then he proceeds to explain from his personal experience how miserable we try to run away from our sins instead of dealing with them. We often know that deep down we have sinned, but we rationalize our actions refusing to admit the depth of our guilt at the surface.
David further explains the absolution he received upon confessing his sins, and healed soul. This shows the need for confession and absolution practices in our churches.
After the sin is confessed and forgiven, David turns his Psalm to acknowledge God as savior and protector. When you make peace with God, you have His promise of protection.
In Psalm 32:8-11, God speaks through David. We learn once the Lord has cleansed you from guilt and sin and brought you into his safety, he wants to teach you and instruct you. Therefore, we should not be stubborn but listen to God’s word.
Like Psalm 32, Psalm 51 is classic for repentance, confession, and plea for pardon. It’s a Psalm of David when Prophet Nathan came to him after David had committed adultery with Bathsheba.
David begins by calling out for mercy, for he knows God’s character is one of love and compassion. You should ask God to pardon your sins based on God’s merciful nature.
David further acknowledges his sins and confesses and longs to have fellowship with God once more. David goes on to pray for a pure heart, and a willing heart. Moreover, David prays God not to take His Spirit from him as it happened to Saul when he sinned against God.
In Psalm 51:13-15, he resolves to declare God’s grace by teaching, singing, and praising the Lord.
Lastly, David teaches us that true repentance is one that our hearts breaks of sorrow with a genuine desire to change, and with a real love for God.
Jesus Christ
The psalms are full of Jesus Christ. Luke 24:44 says, then he said to them, “These are my words which I spoke to you, while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.”
 You will find Christ Jesus prominent throughout Psalm 2, 110, and 22. There a better image of Christ in the Psalms than in the gospel books. The gospels tell us that Jesus was crucified, but in the Psalms we learn what went in His own heart when he was crucified.
 The gospels tell us that He went to the mountain to pray, but we learn His prayer in the Psalms. Moreover, the gospels tell us Jesus went to heaven, but the Psalms begins where Christ left earth, and show us Christ seated in heaven.
 Jesus Christ is the subject of praise in almost each of the Psalms. Some are called messianic psalms. The messianic Psalms record the birth of Jesus Christ, his life, death, resurrection, glory, priesthood, kingship, and return.
You will realize that the Psalms deal with Christ belonging to the Israelites and Israel being His. However, this does not in any way mean that they are not helpful to us today. They show the Jewish expectations and hope. You will realize that God our Lord is God the Father, and not father God.
 Christianity is defined by love. Christ Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to save humankind is the most significant expression of love by God. Different Psalms paints a beautiful picture of God’s unfailing love to us.
Psalm 51 David pleaded to God for forgiveness and mercy for his sins according to His steadfast love, and compassion. God is motivated by His love for humankind over His wrath and anger.
In Psalm 139, we see God’s love is compassionate. He knows each of us better than we know ourselves, for He can see through our emotions and accepts us despite our faults.
Right through Psalms, God’s love is greater than His anger. His mercy and graciousness endure forever. Throughout Psalms, you can see through God’s love we have been invited to have a serious relationship with God. Beyond, we have been offered the opportunity to be wholly known, and cherished.
You should understand that the Psalms were written under various circumstances that express God-fearing men’s sentiments in almost any condition we find ourselves in today. Therefore, the Psalms are adapted to our teaching in different circumstances of our lives.
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Also for all believers

The tale you are about to read was given to me by the very person involved. The tale is true, the account thereof is certain.

 Once upon a time in the land of Oduduwa a pastor went out into a village to extend the gospel of Christ. He was of the Apostolic Church. On approaching this town with his youths after preaching the gospel they saw a choice land, a large expanse of land which they thought good for the gospel. Soon the pastor came again and made enquiries about this land, a good land.

Upon investigation he was told that the only herbalist in the town owned the land. Since he too was formerly from a herbalist and masquerade family before his conversion he took courage and enquired for the house of the man.

“I bring thee greetings in the Name of Our God, the Most High, the God of Apostolic Church... "
"Welcome, comest thou peaceably? I welcome you in the name of my ancestors, IFA, the oracular deity whom I serve".

After the greetings, the pastor went into the issue.

“The land which thou seest belong to the gods and to my ancestors. However, I see a light around your church which is indescribable since thou camest to this town. I will not deprive thee the land to worship such a Being who dwelleth in such indescribable light. We too know Him as the Supreme One and His Son as the Righteous One. When you begin, I donate all my children to your church to go and serve that God"

The pastor was happy hearing this and greatly encouraged. They concluded the bargain thereof and he paid a part to seal the transaction.

In the following weeks, news spread all over the town that the herbalist had given the choice land, the ancestral land to the church. 

In the same week, other pastors came asking about this same land. The following weeks, more pastors came from other churches asking for land. Each time their gaze is on this land that has been bought. Upon enquiry they were told of the herbalist.
It was here the shame of modern Christianity was to be revealed to all. Some approached the herbalist asking to buy the land. He told them point blank the land had been sold to another church who had made part payment. When the pastors heard the ridiculous amount the herbalist gave away the land some were sad. They offered the herbalist much more if he would cancel the earlier transaction and give them the land.

To this the herbalist refused seeing it as wrong.

Other pastors came again and he told them the same thing. Still they wanted a deal with him. At this the herbalist was troubled and he gave these pastors a piece of his mind.

“Why do you Christians, pastors betray each other? I told you the land has been sold yet you still wanted to buy it offering larger money.

"That is treachery. Why is there so much treachery among you, Christians? In IFA tradition we don't betray each other. For instance, if I am involved in a case no other herbalist would intervene anywhere you go. Because we don't betray each other. 

"You go about shouting on microphone and speakers that Jesus is the Way, yet you have lost the way.

You said Jesus is the Truth, yet there is no truth in you. I cannot discern truth in you, only treachery, betrayal and falsehood. How can you be followers of the Truth and yet be devoid of truth? How can you be preaching Him who is the Way yet you have lost the way?

"My children preached to me everyday to abandon IFA tradition and come to church. But I cannot do it because there is no truth in you. You have the Truth but you are not true.

For example if I should collect money again from you and give you the land after having sold it, the gods would punish me and afflict my family for that betrayal. This is why I cannot go to church.

Thus ends the sermon of the herbalist. 

Several years later after the church had been established in the town the herbalist called his sons and told them, when I am dead the pastor of that church should bury me. His children became members of the church, but the man died in his traditional religion.

"I cannot be a Christian because of the doings of Christians."

Have a wonderful day.


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Cinque Terre
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In his church Sunday Worship Service 16th April 2023. A powerful Nigeria Pastor, Pastor Cyril Osayomwanbo Osatohamwen the general overseer of One of the fastest growing church,Triumph Evangelical International Assembly Inc in Nigeria located in Benin City Edo State Exhorted his congratulation that it is possible to live a life of holiness even in time like this, the renown preacher commonly called by his followers Papa in his message Tittled:Living A Sanctified Life, said Living a Sanctified life is one of the true mark of Christianity, Until your life is pleasing and acceptable unto God whatsoever you do here on Earth is a waste.

We must be willing and determined to live a life that is Sanctified and consecrated unto God.

A Sanctified life is a life that is separated, dedicated and consecrated into God,it is a life of holiness and purity. He enumerated How Believers can Live A Sanctified Life as:

1. You must be born again. 2 Cor 5:17

2. You must lay aside every weight,sin and run with patience. Heb 12:1

3. Focus on Jesus. Heb 12:2

4. Be peaceful and Holy. Heb 12:14

5. Give yourself to the word of God. 2 Tim 2 :15.

The Man of God is well known for his Impactful messages, counseling, deliverance,prayer life and lot more as a minute with him impact must be made.Many refers to him as all-night expert.


Ramadan: Alhamdulillah! I Sighted The Crescent Moon (pics)
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Alhamdulillah I sighted the crescent moon for the second time in my life

The images attached are what I captured and my friends .

To all Muslims In the world Ramadan Mubarak.
Pastor Mbolo
Pastor Mbolo ‘ascends To Heaven’ Through POP Ceiling Leaving His Blind Church Members Behind Last Sunday
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Incase you missed it: Pastor Mbolo is in heaven already.

Pastor Mbolo ‘ascends to Heaven’ through POP ceiling leaving his blind Church members Behind last Sunday. Pastor Mbolo Is a Zambian pastor over a church (name withheld) in Zambia. This happened last week during a Sunday service when the controversial pastor suddenly ascended to the sky through the church's POP roof. Maybe he will descend afterwards still remains a mystery.
Endeavor To Read This
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If you don't know about the movie, JUGNU you definitely weren't of age in 1973. It was a monster hit. You see, in those days there were hardly English movies in cinemas. There were some on TV but Indian and Chinese movies dominated the cinemas. Bruce Lee films were top draw. But most Chinese movies had shallow plots. It was all about Kung fu, and anything could trigger a fight including not saying good morning to someone. Indian movies were deeper but long, so long they had interlude. These were mainly love and revenge stories, and the biggest stars were Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor and the beautiful Hema Malini. What I could never connect in Indian movies was the dance. Right in the middle of a fight scene the lead actress can just burst into a love song! Indian movies no go kii person! 

Jugnu is the story of Ashok, an orphan. He is a highly intelligent fraudster but has a golden heart. And that's the contradiction, the type many of us face. We're good sinners. We keep a moral code, don't steal, don't drink, don't mess around. Why won't we go to heaven?

But let's think about that for a second. If all that goodness could get us into heaven we really don't need Jesus. Yet he came. And that's because he came to deal with the fundamental stuff - our genetic wiring. The sin nature is genetically embedded in us. Haven't you seen babies biting their mother's nipple?

Jesus said we need to get born again. It means being spiritually reborn. We're genetically corrupt. 

Another way to put it is that we're slaves to sin, sold to sin. For God to buy us back he needed spiritual currency. Blood is spiritual currency. It's why Jesus shed his blood. It's a stable currency, unlike the Naira. 

A good sinner is still a sinner. Why don't you just ask God to save you. The blood of Jesus will wipe away your sin record. That robber on the right hand of Jesus got into paradise by the skin of his teeth. Don't leave things that late. It may be too late. That thief was lucky. Approach the coming year on a different note.