Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life
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Sometimes we are being called to tell our side of the story, and sometimes our action and who we are speaks for itself.

The amazing news is that it is completely up to you to decide.
You always have a choice.

No one EVER has the power to name who you are or to tell your story.
Never allow someone to bully you.
You have nothing to prove. 💚

(Your character will outweigh any lie told about you. Those that know you, KNOW you.-unknown)
Life is defined by the way you understand it.

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It's Been Hour's Since Kara, My Girlfriend Went Out.Earlier ...
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It's been hour's since kara, my girlfriend went out.

Earlier the day, kara sprung up to me, at where I was taking my rest. 

She said, she wants to see a friend, down the road. I refuted the decision. But, she convince me, she won't stay long. After, much consideration, I accepted.

So, she left, leaving I and her bestie, kate in the house. 

We waited for her. But, she hasn't come back. I tried reaching her, through the phone, invalid, it says. 

God, so kind, I received a call, telling me she left few mins ago. 

Then, I broke the news to kate, who has already panicked. 

Seemingly, she never believe mere words. She became worried again, pacing up and down the living room. 

I tried calming her down. But, her adamant trait vexed me. 

Not long, she sat down, fondle her hands round her chest. "Hmmmm" she sighed, heavily. 

I knew, it was because of kate. I strut, to where she was, carried my hands round her back, moved her head to rest on my shoulder. 

"She'll be back, trust me!" I said. 

I, also reprimanded her, it was past eleven pm, and she needed to be on bed, as tomorrow is working day. 

She said okay. 

We moved to the bedroom together. 

Minutes later, while sitting at the brink of the bed, thinking of where could kate, might have gone to. When I smelt the steaming stew from the kitchen. 

The smell was so tangy, that I couldn't differentiate, if truly kate added kara's meat into the burning stew.

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How To Throw The Ultimate Halloween Costume Party: Tips And Tricks For Spooky Fun
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Title: "A Hauntingly Heartwarming Halloween Reunion"

Once upon a time in a quiet suburban neighborhood, there lived an elderly woman named Martha. She had always been known as the "Halloween Queen" among the children in the area. Every year, she would transform her modest home into a haunted wonderland, complete with eerie decorations, fog machines, and a graveyard in her front yard.

But as the years passed, Martha's health began to decline. She found herself growing weaker, and her Halloween spirit started to dim. Her neighbors, who had fond memories of Martha's extravagant Halloween displays, decided to come together to revive her love for the holiday.

One crisp October evening, a group of neighbors, young and old, gathered at Martha's doorstep. They carried with them boxes of decorations, pumpkins, and a determination to rekindle Martha's Halloween magic.

Martha opened the door, her frail face lighting up as she saw the familiar faces and the Halloween treasures they brought. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized what they were planning. "Oh, you lovely people," she said, her voice trembling with gratitude.

Together, they spent days transforming Martha's home into a Halloween wonderland like no other. They hung cobwebs, placed spooky animatronics, and carved intricate pumpkins. The whole neighborhood joined in, with children, parents, and even some grandparents, all working side by side.

As Halloween night approached, Martha's energy seemed to return, fueled by the love and camaraderie of her neighbors. On Halloween Eve, they hosted a grand costume party at her house. Children from the neighborhood came dressed as witches, ghosts, and vampires, all ready for a night of spectacular fun.

The highlight of the evening was a surprise. The neighbors had secretly arranged for a local magician to perform. The magician's tricks and illusions left everyone in awe, especially Martha, who laughed and clapped like a child.

At the stroke of midnight, Martha stood on her porch, looking out at the illuminated yard and the joyful faces of her neighbors. Tears of happiness welled up in her eyes as she realized that the Halloween spirit was alive and well, thanks to the love and kindness of her community.

That night, Martha felt like a young girl again, and her home radiated with the same Halloween magic she had shared with the neighborhood for years. It was a heartwarming reminder that the true spirit of Halloween was not about scares and spooks, but about coming together, creating memories, and sharing love with those who mattered most.

And so, in that little suburban neighborhood, Martha's Halloween legacy continued, stronger and more heartwarming than ever before, proving that even in the darkest of times, the light of community and love could shine through, like a jack-o'-lantern glowing on Halloween night.