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Please Read before you make a post

Earnings are going up and you can benefit!!!

How you earn now depends on how interesting and properly formatted your posts are.

If viewers are not able to enjoy spending time to read your posts, your earnings and perfect views would be severely impacted, so spend time creating quality.

Asking users to click your link no longer works because they have to read what you have posted before your earnings count.

Here are some tips to help you get the best off your posts:

1. Give your post good formatting. Your heading and subheadings should be indicated.

This makes it easy for users to enjoy reading your post (Remember, when they read, you earn)

Notice how this post you are reading is nicely formatted?

Be the first to read your articles, then you can fix errors and formatting

2. Give Paragraphing and spaces at the appropriate spots

Posts that are too cumbersome without paragraphs are hard to read

Help users enjoy your posts, so they can help you earn

3. Teach people what they need help with.

If your post helps people solve their life challenges, they are more likely to read and share your posts with their friends

4. Your posts should be obviously interesting

Everyone wants to read interesting or intriguing stuff

5. Keep your titles captivating.

If your titles are captivating, your link would be opened more often

6. Attach pictures to your posts

People are more likely to open your posts, when a great quality picture appears to explain your title to them

7. Create posts that cater to a group of people present where you find yourself (whether on a large facebook group or physical location).

For example, if you are studying law at school, post updates that would be useful to law students

Then share links to your posts with your course mates, they would gain something new when they read, they will share your posts if they find it useful and you will earn better

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