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In Response to my question,
"Lord when will this lockdown be lifted ?'
The Lord Jesus Christ said:
"Anyone that still think that everything will be normal again before the real trouble hits the world is a joker. Everything will never be normal again. Apart from affecting the world and the Church, the lockdown was also used to buy some time to get the VACCINE AND the RFID MICROCHIP ready for official launching. THE LOCKDOWN WILL NEVER BE FULLY LIFTED UNTIL THE VACCINE AND THE RFID MICROCHIP GETS FULLY PREPARED.
Immediately, the lockdown is officially lifted, the vaccine and the RFID MICROCHIP will be officially launched and armed soldiers will be sent to enforce this law greatly. They will move and spread in their thousands and they will search each house to find those that have not taken the vaccine or the microchip. It will be very brutal.
A law will be pass that anyone who refused to take the vaccine or microchip should be imprisoned and suffer torture.
This is how everything will be for the Church. The tribulation have started. The normal life has ended. Everything I told you is all coming to pass on a fast lane now.
Make your ways right now. Ask for grace. Pray.
As at the time the Lord gave me this message, Joe Biden was far behind in the polls as Bernie Sanders was leading in most of the swing States in the Democratic party election, followed by Butteigen, Elizabeth Warren, while Joe Biden was tailing behind in - between 4th and 5th position. It was quite humiliating to say the least.
And yet the Lord Jesus Christ told me, to tell the Church that Donald Trump will not be reelected for a second term.
The Lord said that Joe Biden is the next president of the United States of America. He is the one who will paved the way for his master the beast, Barack Hussein Obama. The Lord Jesus Christ said President Trump will be thrown out , he won't win a second tenure in office. I used to pray for his reelection, but the Lord stopped me that day.
Many were offended by this revelation, and some concerned brethrens who have been following the prophetic words which the Lord by his grace is giving to me and the Ministry he has committed into my hands, advised me privately to refrain from such direct prophetic utterances, for fear of what if it didn't come to pass ?
A particular brother asked me lovingly; "what if it doesn't come to pass ?" Your reputation will be totally ruined. I told him and other concerned brethrens that I am not worried at all. It doesn't matter whether Joe Biden was failing in the Democratic party caucus election, because the Lord said he will be the next U.S president I choose to believe the word of the Lord over the present reality.
Today Joe Biden is the official presidential candidate of the Democratic party. He was recently backup and adopted by none other than the beast himself, Barack Obama . Biden is the one who will run against President Trump in the coming U.S election, that is settled. Some of our brotherss from the U.S who objected to that message are coming back to express their surprise as to how Joe Biden managed to clinched the Democratic party presidential ticket. Some of them said to me, sister you said it, I said no, I didn't say it. The Lord said it.
This is just the beginning. Let it be known to all and sundary that Donald Trump will not be reelected. Joe Biden, the beast,s former vice is going to be elected into office and he is going to make way for Barack Obama to come in. This time Barack Hussein Obama is coming to rule, not just the U.S, but the whole world. I don't bulge when people start to write and try to draw me into any kind of argument. I don't read the stuffs they write and I don't respond to such. I am greatly saddled and encumbered with my heavenly calling among other things, namely to give prophetic divine warnings to the Body of Christ at this critical time. The burden of the Lord is my burden. I don't have time for frivolities. I only respond to well meaning genuine inquiries if time permits me to do so.
Joe Biden presidency is coming to pass, very very fast. Please do me a favor, write today,s date down, let's see who the next U.S President will be, Donald J. Trump or Joe Biden . I am telling you the word of the Lord, that Joe Biden is the next U.S President, there is no amount of prayers to change it. I repeat write today,s date down, please.
In like manner, the Lord has said that the lockdown will never be fully lifted until the VACCINE AND the RFID gets fully prepared. You may as well write this down too.
This is a clarion call on the Body of Christ. You will only be allowed to engage in any banking transactions or access your money, social infrastructures, medical care, buying and selling etc if only you accept the vaccine and the chip, the mark of the beast.
You have been warned. Do not take either. By the grace of God I will be posting what the Lord told me last year about the RFID MICROCHIP.
At this point I hope you understand that you and I are going to go through the great tribulation. You will be so unprepared if you are still waiting to be rapture before the commencement of the great tribulation. According to the word of the Lord, the great tribulation has began. You may end up accepting the mark of the beast, while you convince your self that it couldn't be the mark of the beast since rapture hasn't taken place. Read again Matt. 24:9-13, 21-22,29-31. 1 Thess. 2:1-3, Rev.13:7 ,Rev.20:4
1.Let me repeat this , buy food stuffs. Buy durable food items in bulk, what ever you can afford.
2. Plant food crops , and Pray to the Lord to guide you to your hiding place. A place of relative peace where you can hide for some time before things get heated up.
3. Above all, ensure you are genuinely born again and have repented from your sins. And you are living a consecrated life of absolute inward and outward holiness and righteousness. This is the greatest Preparation of all.
4. Are you willing to lay down your life for Christ,s sake ? You must be ready to pay the ultimate price in defense of your faith in Christ Jesus, in the same manner the DISCIPLES of the Lord laid theirs. You may be tortured, imprisoned or martyed for refusing the Vaccine or the Chip, which is the mark of the beast. Are you ready ?
5.The days ahead are perilous and evil. Brethrens pray for grace to stand to the end. This is what the Lord ask me to tell you. Pray for his grace to enable you to stand faithful to the end.
May you receive the grace and the anointing to remain faithful and not to deny the Lord Jesus Christ, come what may in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


1. Tell my shepherds, servants,  children, and church body worldwide, to come together and unite. Forget the past, forgive one another, and team up together and fight the common enemy at work now. The devil entered the church  to divide you. 
2. Tell my people I did not bring the Corona Virus. Technology is at work many will die,
and it's the enemy doing this to achieve their goals. 
3. I am not happy with the Church. The Corona Virus has taken the lips of my people,  even to the extent of being their prayer life. Corona Virus, has become a god to them. How many of my children are spending time in my word,  and in prayers?  Children and the old now know about Corona Virus than about Me. Many are busy loading and unloading data upon data, searching for information about Corona Virus. 
4. This is not the Tribulation. It is a pretest to Tribulation. This is small compared to what will happen soon.  Many pastors and preachers, are telling you that the Lord is not coming now. I am coming Now!  Tell them, this generation will not pass, before I arrive. 
5. Tell them to go out and preach my word. They harvest is ripe, but the labourers are few: As I spoke in my word in Matthew 9:27, Luke 10:2. The world is panicking because of their material possession, on how they would enjoy them. Not even  about how to face eternity. Summer is drawing near,  and my angels are every where appearing to many, and the signs of my return are all over the world. There is not much time left. I am coming back again. 
6. Tell them I need one common message from my shepherds, and servants, all over the world. The message of love, forgiveness, and that the Lord Jesus is coming Now, not soon. 
7. I am tired of betrayals, love of self, than Me. Tell them to repent and forsake evil ways. 
8. My son, I speak again to you, this one is very important to my Father, in heaven. Truly, the vaccine carries virus and will kill people . Tell my people not to accept it. The microchip is not carrying the mark 666 now, as written in my word. Many Christians are afraid, and arguing. The microchip is a connecting device or access to the 5G technology. It has come to stay and nothing will change it. 
9. My son, the microchip is on test run with 5G right now. The devil has to make a way for the Antichrist. He needs a strong network to control the world politics, world economy, and world power. The microchip with 666 will connect with those who have taken the vaccine and the chip. Then begins the tribulation. 
10. Please warn my children, and my servants, especially those who have millions and billions in their account, both in foreign and local currencies, to take them and support my work, help the poor, and the society. Very soon, they cannot access it unless they have the vaccine, and microchip of the beast 666. This is why my word says, in Matthew 24:22, if the days are not shortened, no flesh will be saved. But for my elects sake, it will be shortened. 
Let my people come together, stop arguing and preach my word. The New World order is taking off this very year(2020). After this year, prepare for the worst. 
Share this message for souls to be saved, and as a warning to my people. Those who share it will be blessed.
Man Admitted In A Hospital After Having Sex With A Donkey
~1.1 mins read
Beastiality is one of the common sexual misuses. Its the act of a human having an intimate engagement with an animal. So many cases of such have been reported in the past.

There have been reported cases of people engaging in intimate acts with animals such as hen, sheep, cows, and even donkeys. Some people reported to do such acts were linked to drug use.

In Kiminini ,Trans Nzoia County, yesterday a man was reportedly caught in the act with a sickly donkey.

The man who works as a casual labourer in Kiminini Township,is said to have grabbed a donkey which had left in a field in the town and started to engage it in intimate acts.

The owner of the donkey had left it in the yard to go and look for a veterinary to treat it since it was sick. Little did he know that someone would take advantage of it.

A boy saw him in the act and called the owner who came and was helped by other people to rescue his animal. The man whose name was not disclosed admitted to the offense and blamed COVID -19 for his actions.

He said that since March he has not been able to get a woman for fear of contracting the deadly Corona virus.

After intense pain, he rushed to Matanda Health Centre and was referred to The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital after his condition became worse, That’s where he was admitted.
Jailed Ex-Pension Boss, Maina ‘Imprisoned’ In Well-Furnished, Air-Conditioned Building, Never Seen A Cell— Report
~1.3 mins read
Former Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT), Abdulrasheed Maina, is currently “living like a king” in a well-furnished, air-conditioned space at the Kuje correctional facility. 

According to a report by FIJ, a prison source said Maina, who was sentenced to prison for money laundering, has never been to a prison cell. 

On Monday, a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja held that Maina stole over N2 billion belonging to pensioners. 

It said most of the victims "have died without reaping the fruits of their labour”. 

Justice Okon Abang, the trial judge held, “I find the defendant (Mr Maina) guilty and convicted in count 2, 6, 9, 3, 7 and 10." See Also Breaking News BREAKING: Ex-Pension Boss, Maina Jailed 61 Years For Money Laundering, Stealing N2billion Meant For Pensioners

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in 2015 declared Maina wanted.

The commission, in a statement by its spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, had said Maina was wanted for his role in the fraudulent biometric contracts through which he, a former Head of Service, Steve Oronsaye, and two others allegedly stole over N2 billion of pension funds.

But on Monday, the court convicted and sentenced Maina to 61 years in prison for money laundering. 

However, the former PRTT chairman will only spend eight years in jail as his sentence will run concurrently. See Also Exclusive Maina Not Sick, Receiving Presidential Treatment In Kuje Prison, Sources Reveal

Meanwhile, prison sources told the newspaper that the former PRTT boss had never been to a prison cell.  

A source told the newspaper, “Which Maina? Maina that since he was admitted to Kuje correctional facility, he has never seen a cell.


Story Of The World’s Most Famous Blue Film Actress, Mia Khalifa
~2.4 mins read
Mia Khalifa is no doubt one of the world’s most popular blue film actress who has appeared in countless blue films but who is Mia Khalifa and how did she become the world’s most famous blue film actress?

Sarah Joe Chamoun popularly known as Mia Khalifa was born on the 10th of February 1993 in Beirut. Mia relocated to the United States when her family moved there in January 2001 as a result of the South Lebanon Conflict.


Mia was raised catholic and in a very conservative home, she went to a French Language Private School in Beirut where she learned to speak English, she attended Northwest High School when they moved to the United States and was a part of the high school lacrosse team.

Mia was bullied at school for being the darkest and weirdest girl in school, the bullying intensified after the 9/11 attacks. She later attended the University of Texas where she graduated with a BA in history.


Mia got into the blue film industry in October 2014 and she became very famous after appearing in a video released by Bang Bros, her scene from the video got her worldwide fame but she also got criticized by certain religious figures and her parents who disowned her publicly, she also received death threats.

Mia Khalifa became even more famous for the controversy and outrage her appearance in the video caused, everyone was searching for her name and she became the most searched for blue film actress with more than 1.5 million views.

She kept rising and eventually became the most popular blue film actress in the world, she is currently married to Swedish chef Robert Sandberg, they got married at their home in June 2020.

More Photos:


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Adorable Toddler’s Potty Talk Has Daddy Crying From Laughter, Gives Internet All The Giggles
~0.9 mins read
energetic kids into bed, potty training can be one of the most challenging tasks of early parenthood. Every kid is different, which means they learn at varied paces, too.

Some children figure out how to transition from diapers into underwear straight away, while others require plenty of help and guidance.

And speaking of potty training, this father and son duo makes it look so much fun. Dad Greg DeVito and his son, two-year-old Matty, went viral in 2019 for their hilarious and heartwarming potty training session video.

Matty’s mom, Dani DeVito, was recording Matty and Greg’s conversation in the bathroom. The cute toddler is seen sitting on the potty-training toilet with his onesie pulled up to his chest, striped socks covering his dainty feet. His dad was sitting on the bathroom floor in front of him.

As they were chatting, Matty suddenly broke out into a funny, gravelly, and slightly-Southern accent, which neither Greg nor Dani had heard from him before.

“I didn’t poop. I peed!” the little guy said triumphantly.

Greg was taken aback by the change in Matty’s voice and the character he’s suddenly taken on.

“Wait, you didn’t poop?” 
~1.1 mins read
Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic functions of the human body; and ultimately a change in behaviour, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events
For about forty days, Saul and all Israel were taunted and threatened by Goliath, the champion of the Philistines: “send one man to fight me” but they could not respond due to the perceived danger which made them to see Goliath as greater than their God. When David, God’s champion, showed up to fight Goliath, Saul told him that he was too young and did not have enough experience to fight. Thank God for the faith in the God of Israel possessed by this young man, David.
Also, in the parable of talents (Matthew 25:14-28), while the two servants who received five and two talents respectively traded with their talents and gained equal number of talents received, the third servant who received one talent said, “I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground.” He did not only lose but was cast into the outer darkness for being an unprofitable servant. Both Saul and this servant ended up their lives in shame because of fear, the great enemy of success.
The fear of failure will keep you from trying. The fear of being alone, will keep you from lifting up a standard. The fear of rejection will cause you to compromise. But if you can overcome your fears, replace it with faith and courage. God will do great things with your life.