Federal Government Of Nigeria's 419
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Federal Government 419
Federal Government of Nigeria is vehemently and conspicuously defrauding her citizens in broad day light. 
The moment the Western World announced the phasing out of fossil fuel following the introduction of green energy, Federal Government of Nigeria quickly granted Aliko Dangote a licence to build the biggest oil Refinery in Africa. Along with the licence was unlimited access to foreign exchange at Central Bank rate. While Dangote enjoyed the benefit of humongous round tripping, he claimed that the investment cost of the Refinery was $14 Billion. Comparatively a similar Refinery was built in the US at $3.8 Billion. Then the drama ensured. 

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the only regulatory agency for Oil and Gas who built and  operates 3 moribund refineries decided in its wisdom to buy a major stake in Dangotes Refinery. Rumour has it that the amount spent by NNPC on the investment is actually 50% of the actual cost of the Refinery. Unfortunately, NNPC and Dangote recorded it as 10%. Who is fooling who?

Guess what, it was highly publicised in time past that Dangote had an agreement with the foreign financiers that he Dangote would influence the Government as usual to deregulate the fuel pump price to enable him sell at what ever price he chooses in order to be able to pay back his loan. The Refinery is ready for commissioning and the Government is on its way to deregulate the market. That is what the fuel subsidy removal is all about. It is a bigger scam than the fuel subsidy scam. Nigeria is finished. The country is being mortgaged by one man. 
Wake up and defend your country!!!
Good Samaritan Gone Bad For Jibril
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"This african man in the display picture called Jibril is an immigrant in Valencia, Spain. Jibril picked an envelope containing €4,250 (over 1M Nigerian naira) on one of the streets in Valencia few days ago.

Jibril then chose to play a hero and decided to take the envelope containing the money to the police and handed it over to police officers.

The officers and everyone around were surprised.

The police officer in charge then asked Jibril who is also an illegal immigrant to make a statement and its at that moment that they asked him to present his personal papers (ID)

The police officer then discovered that Jibril did not have a residence card (ID) to prove that he was legally living in Spain. He was then immediately detained.

Sadly, Jibril was last week deported back to his home country in Africa and banned for years without ever stepping a foot in Spain!"

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Cinque Terre
BE VIGILANT!!! Another Kidnapping Tactics?
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Yesterday evening, around 4:30pm, As I left the office for home.

Immediately I got out of the office, a man called me. At first, I ignored him. He called me again, I turned to look at the man. He looks plumpy, in his mid 30s, I guess.

He dressed corporate like he was returning from office and he had a black bag. 

"Good evening sister. I'm from Abuja. We are doing health survey in this area. Have you done yours?"


From nowhere, he brought out a calibrated device and told me it's easy. He placed it close to his arm and immediately tried to place it on me. moved backwards.

"Are you scared? This is to know the functionality of your body system. Let me do this"

With a disdainful look, I replied: "I'm a Nurse"

Immediately, I turned away and hastened my steps.

It's quite absurd to approach people with device without creating an awareness in the area about the health activity. No ID card to proof your identity. No centre for the checkup.....

A friend told me today that it's the latest way of kidnapping. They touch people with devices and that's the end.

Inform your loved one about this.

Kidnappers are going extra miles to get what they want.

Let's be watchful and prayful.

Forwarded as received
Cautions Before Lodging In A Hotel
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Some of us may be aware of the recent happening of one TIMOTHY ADEGOKE OLUDARE a Chattered Accountant and Director of Finance in one Multinational Company in Abuja who traveled down to Ile Ife to write his master’s degree exam but was murdered in his hotel room where he lodged.

Report indicates that Timothy came into Ife from Abuja on Friday 5th to write his exam on 6th & 7th and to go back on Sunday evening or Monday. 

As his usual coming on weekend for his master program, he usually lodged at a hotel named Hilton and Resort Hotel in Ife, one of the prominent hotels in town and only to be declared missing by his wife and family when they can not reach him for 2 days.

 In the process of searching for him by the anti-kidnapping team from Osogbo, it was established that he lodged in Hilton hotel and the hotel management murdered him at midnight with evidence showed his body was wrapped with hotel blanket and bed sheet and buried at the upper side of the hotel in Ife the Dustbin arena and reliable sources said that spot has been the burial ground for various victims after some part from his chest was removed.

How Did the Police Investigation know this?

They demanded for his national Id Card from his family, but his wife was able to provide the earlier hotel receipt of Hilton where he used to lodge whenever he came for his weekend program.
They visited the hotel, but the lady receptionist denied admitting the young guy into the hotel, but a transfer payment was traced to her account that Timothy paid for 2 nights in the hotel and receipt was issued to him.

The manifest and receipt of the hotel was doctored with a page number receipt for Timothy was removed from the booklet.

The lady receptionist supposed to close at 12noon but called another staff to take over duty at 8am, that she had emergency call at Ejigbo. Her phone and Timothy’s phone was tracked to Ejigbo and eventually picked up by d police. She then pleaded with the police that she was ready to confess everything that happened

It was at her instance that all principal actors were mentioned and apprehended, including the Chairman of the hotel.

Contrary to earlier report that an herbalist from Ejigbo was involved. No please. The Manager "4", who is also one of the principal staffs of the hotel is an Alfa/ritualist and probably been used by the Chairman to carry out their evil plans. He had also confessed and in police net with 6 others

The lady also confessed that their Chairman Prince Ramon Adedoyin who happened to own Oduduwa University and Ife Polytechnic had hand in the brutal ritual killing and he has been arrested and detained.

The body of the man was exhumed and already taken to Ife teaching hospital for proper examination.

Investigation is ongoing to establish more fact about the hotel and the University and Ife Polytechnic  


 Whenever you arrive in any hotel, make sure you make a call at the reception lobby to let them know you are informing your family member or friends or colleagues about the hotel you are lodging in, the name and address and study the mood of the receptionist and other hotel worker around you.

Make sure you obtained a receipt and immediately snap or scan the receipt and send to your family member, friend, or colleagues to show that you pay for a room and lodge there.

If you are making transfer payment, kindly generate payment receipt, and scan same to your office, family, or friend.

In the room, kindly check round the room very well before lying down, the doors, windows, mattress and under the bed, Waldrop, drawers if any, the toilet wash hand basin and sit, the AC to be sure nothing is hiding inside the room.

As you sleep always make call or contact to your close friend and family member that you are still there till next morning.

When leaving the hotel inform your family member and friends or colleagues that you are about to check out and study your surrounding when checking out.

Always call immediately you find yourself in an unfriendly situation in a hotel where you lodge for security assistant.
Please let share this tip to all our friends and family to safe lives.

What a tragedy!????????

 May GOD continue to protect us all
Don't Borrow Anybody Your Pen In The Bank. See What Happened To A Woman Who Did So.
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This world is coming to an end and we all need to be very careful because what my eyes saw today I can’t believe it.

On my way coming back from the bank(UBA) close to Alexa plazer in Ikorodu, Lagos state I saw a woman coming towards my direction, looking at her face I notice that she was really crying I felt so sorry the way she was weeping in tears. I work close to her ask and ask her what happen, she told me that she had just been defrauded by a man in the bank I ask her how? said that she went to the bank to deposit a sum of 800k the made in her market sale of a month. 

Getting there I went to fill the deposit slip after I was done filling it a man next to me beg me for my pen which I gave him, not less than one minute he gave me back my pen all of a sudden I noticed I was standing outside quickly ran back inside the back. When I ask the security if they saw what happen the only told me that I escorted the young man outside and gave him a pen and money. I started screaming, shouting that I have been scammed by juju. I told them that I don t know him I couldn't bear it 800k!!!! I felt like is the end of the world.

Please let us be careful nobody should borrow anybody your pen in the bank, you dont know who is who 

Please share this to your loved ones and drop your views in the comments box.

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Nigeria Risks US Arms Embargo Over Alleged Protesters’ Killings By Soldiers PunchngNov
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Amid rising insecurity in Nigeria, the country now risks an arms embargo following the indictment of the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Police Force by the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and other matters, which states that at least nine persons were confirmed dead at the Lekki toll plaza when soldiers stormed the tollgate to disperse #EndSARS protesters on October 20, 2020.

The 309-page report stated, “The atrocious maiming and killing of unarmed, helpless and unresisting protesters, while sitting on the floor and waving their Nigerian flags and while singing the National Anthem can be equated to a massacre in context.”

While indicting the soldiers and the police, the panel stated that it unravelled the fact that after the personnel of the Nigerian Army exited the scene, the Nigeria Police Force followed up with the killing of the protesters, shooting directly at those fleeing, who ran into shanties and the lagoon.

It recommended that all army officers, excluding Major General Omata, and men of the Nigerian Army deployed in the Lekki tollgate should be made to face appropriate disciplinary action, stripped of their ranks and dismissed as they were not fit and proper to serve in any public or security service of the nation.

Already, the United States, the United Nations, the United Kingdom and Amnesty International have called on the Nigerian government to ensure that the panel’s report is handled transparently even as the military and the Federal Government await the release of the White Paper.

The Nigerian military and its current use of arms are subject to the Leahy vetting, an American rights law that prohibits the United States government from providing military assistance to foreign security force units that violate human rights with impunity.

An arms embargo had earlier been placed on Nigeria, which prevented the country from effectively pursuing the war against terror during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

However, during the administration of former American President, Donald Trump, the embargo was lifted and the US began selling arms to Nigeria, including 12 Super Tucano aircraft.

The US, however, warned that the arms and the soldiers being trained would be subject to Leahy vetting, meaning that military assistance could be discontinued.

Earlier in the year, Reuters had reported that the United States Congress had initiated plans to impose an arms embargo on Nigeria.

In an email chat with The PUNCH on Wednesday, the Deputy Director for Advocacy and Government Relations for Amnesty International USA, Mr Adotei Akwei, said he had written to the US Congress to implement the Leahy laws against Nigeria.

Akwei welcomed the report of the panel, adding that it confirmed what Amnesty had always been saying about the #EndSARS protests.

He said, “While we welcome this report, we are also painfully aware that other investigations into abuses by the Nigerian security forces have also confirmed abuses, called for reform and accountability and have resulted in no action whatsoever.

“We will wait to see what the response is from the Buhari administration, but until then, we still call for robust implementation of the Leahy laws in regards to the Nigerian military.”

In an interview with The PUNCH, a former Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Prof Bola Akinterinwa, said Nigeria could face not just an arms embargo, but sanctions.

Akinterinwa stated, “It goes beyond an embargo. There are many ways foreign countries respond to situations like this. If you use the US as an example, I can assure you that all those suspected government officials will be sanctioned in different ways, either by visa bans, withdrawal of privileges, or initiate a trial for them abroad.

“Some months ago, some US congressmen said they should not supply the Tucano ordered by Nigeria and they should stop selling arms to Nigeria. In this kind of situation, the likelihood of further sale of arms to Nigeria is remote. They are currently considering that.”

A retired Nigerian diplomat, Ambassador Joe Keshi, who served in the US, Togo, Ethiopia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Namibia and Sierra Leone, said indeed, Nigeria risked another arms embargo with the damning report on the killing of the #EndSARS protesters.

Keshi stated that the Nigeria police needed urgent reforms, including learning how to handle protesters.

He said the Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, goofed by calling on Nigerians not to disparage the military when he could have just promised to investigate the issues raised in the report.

The retired diplomat said the Federal Government should admit that mistakes were made and apologise rather than attempting to pick holes in the panel’s report.

“That is true (arms embargo). And that is why it is so sad the way the authorities are reacting to this report. There should be a simple admission that a mistake was made,” Keshi said.

However, a former Deputy Director of the Department of State Services, Mike Ejiofor, said it would be too early to say if Nigeria would face an arms embargo.

Ejiofor said the international community would be watching to see how Nigeria would react to the report.

“Let us keep our fingers crossed. Let us wait to see how things go,” he said.

PDP Reps ask Blinken to probe violence against#EndSARSprotesters, others
Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party caucus in the House of Representatives has said the planned visit by the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, to Nigeria is to address corruption, insecurity and human rights abuses under the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

It urged the visitor to ask questions about abuse of state power and use of violence to suppress peaceful protesters, particularly activists of the #EndSARS movement and campaigners for self-determination.

The leader of the PDP caucus, Kingsley Chinda, in a statement on Wednesday, also called on the Federal Government to assure Blinken that it would not use facilities provided by the US against Nigerians agitating legitimately.

Chinda in the statement titled, ‘PDP Reps Caucus says Blinken’s visit to Consider Human Rights Abuses, Insecurity and Corruption…Visit to Address Government’s Failure to Curb Terrorists Attacks’, added that the opposition lawmakers welcomed the visit of the US top official to Nigeria.

The caucus noted that the visit was timely, adding, “It is our expectation that he (Blinken) would use his visit to address the growing human rights abuses, increasing threats to democracy, insecurity and corruption in Nigeria.

“Just this week, a Brigadier-General was killed by ISWAP and this is in addition to the countless numbers of soldiers, who have been killed or grievously injured with the weightless and worthless remark of getting to the root of the matter.

“Our country cannot afford the luxury of losing military officers to terrorists when it can seek strategic military and counter-insurgency assistance from the United States that has for many years built strategic and sustained military and intelligence frameworks for fighting terrorism.

“We note that the insistence of the Government of the United States that all strategic military, anti-terrorism and counter insurgency engagements must be in accord with the Leahy laws.”

The caucus further urged the US, through Blinken, to “impress on the Nigerian government, as an act of principle, to stay within the realm of prohibition by not deploying received military assistance against citizens, who embark on legitimate and constitutional agitation, including agitation for self-determination and secession, which are legitimate aspirations under our laws and treaties entered into by Nigeria.”

The statement further read, “Secretary Blinken should as a matter of urgency hold the Nigerian government to account for the wanton assaults on rights, abuse of state power, systematic use of state violence to suppress peaceful protesters, particularly activists of the #EndSARS movement and campaigners for self-determination, extrajudicial killings, intimidation of the judiciary; and declare to this government that abuses of human rights have consequences.”

5,000 sign petition to jail Buhari in one hour
A petition by bestselling author, Reno Omokri, on the platform received 5,000 signatures in just one hour.

The petition, which was filed on Wednesday, was directed at the International Criminal Court and comes after the Lagos #EndSARS panel indicted the Buhari administration in its report.

At 5,000 signatures, the petition is the first of Nigerian origin to hit that number in an hour.

The petition is titled, ‘A Petition to The International Criminal Court to Arraign Muhammadu Buhari for Crimes Against Humanity’.