Nigerian Drug Dealer Caught With 6 Grams Of Cocaine In India
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A Nigerian, and a Drug Peddler, Daniel was caught in India trading 6grams of cocaine to some customers.
The Nigerian,  Daniel Ayotunde Olamide who is a 32-yr old Nigerian was arrested by the Police task Force in Hyderabad. 
The 6 grams of cocaine was worth Rs 48,000. 
He was arrested at a Langar Houz flyover on Tuesday Morning, October, 20.
He has been doing the drug dealing since 2014 he came to India on the sense of studying for University. 
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In  Africa there are two ways justice are been carried out LEGAL way and ILEGAL way, but in the entity of undeveloped continent like AFRICA the reverse is the case, they believe that ilegal justice system known as (JUNGLE JUSTICE)which is not right acording to the RULE OF LAW and against God and Humanity, they AFRCANS derive joy in jungle justice like burning a suspect, beating the person to death etc.
last year we recorded such event in the west part of Nigeria, that a 7 year old boy was set ablazed for stealing garry😭😭😭😭, it wasn't right a boy that's not up to standing before the law.
Many has lost their lives in this barbarric and inhumane act, even the innocents has lost their lives in this process, have problem with sombody he/she will raise alarm that you are a thief before you know you are dancing with fire.
So as a CRIMINOLOGIST and a CRIME fighting AGENT what is your experiment to stop and subdue this act in our society
Security business is everyone one business, let's join our hands together to curb this act of inhumanity and barbaric anti social behavior 🙏🙏🙏🙏
What Picture Made Your Blood Boil?
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This was George Stinney, he was executed in 1944 by electric chair. He was convicted of murdering 2 young girls ages 7 and 11. He was only 14 when the police came for him. He had a two hour trial and 10 minute jury deliberation before being named guilty.

Only 84 days after the girls’ murder he was executed. He was only 5′ and not yet 100 lbs, having to sit on books to reach the headpiece.

70 years later, in 2014, he was found not guilty. The police had framed him, since he was black. It was said to never be questioned until much later.

This story always leaves me in tears. The black and white photo is of George Stinney, the color photos are from a modern reenactment. Rest In Peace!


Police Men Spotted Smoking We'd While On Uniform (photos And Video)
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Two cop found taking weed on uniform. Envision how he can manage a firearm when he gets high? Offer Let's continue uncovering them. Let the administration see the individuals they utilized to ensure us #EndSARS




Watch The Video Below: 

What Are Some Good Examples Of "life Isn't Fair"?
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This is Tomasz Komanda. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering and raping a 15 year old girl who was coming back from a party in Milocyz, Poland. He was convicted for a crime that he didn’t commit. After 18 years someone finally noticed the mistake in the case and they decided to set him free.

After 18 long years!!

Just imagine that:

Being convicted for a crime that you have not committed.

You spend 18 years in prison and you paid for someone else's terrible crimes.

You were horribly beaten, bullied for no reason and memories of those things will probably stay with you for the rest of your life.

Even if you get free, some people will still be thinking that you were responsible for that situation. That you’re pedophile. That you’re a murderer and nothing else. And no one can change that fact in people’s minds now. While the actual culprit is enjoying his free time on earth hidden under a fake legal name.

And to top it all, now that this guy is free, people are trying to exploit his situation

They’re trying to take advantage of his lack of knowledge about the world to gain profit for themselves.

I am sure this guy doesn't even know about iPhone, yet you hear him talking about politics and blaming one political party or another for mistakes that drove to his verdict. The reality is that he hasn't even made any such comments. The political parties in his country are just telling blatant lies in his name
6 Feared Kill In Abuja Suburb #END SARA
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6 feared killed in Abuja suburb


At least, six people were killed at the Dutse Alhaji area of Bwari Area Council in Abuja, following attempts by hoodlums to hijack the protest.

It was gathered that one of those killed was among a group of people who attacked the #EndSARS protesters. While the identity of his killers were unknown, five other people were reported killed by security operatives.

The development which caused panic in the area consequently, led to the police post in the area being razed down by irate youths.

Police Public Relations Officer PPRO in the FCT Command, Mariam Yusuf, did not respond to calls enquiries. She didn’t pick her calls or replied to a message sent to her phone.

However, eyewitnesses accused security operatives of turning a blind eye to attacks by hoodlums, while swooping on #EndSARS protesters.

Prior to the violence, there was tension in some parts of Sokale and FO1 areas of Kubwa, following invasion by soldiers who fired sporadically to disperse protesters