Launching Of IPhone 15 In Nigeria
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The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, with their stunning new design and powerful 48MP Main camera with a new 2x Telephoto option, A16 Bionic chip, and USB-C, are now available from iConnect, Slot, Glo World, Casper Gadgets, SPAR, Reena's, Royalline, Doe Resources, Pointek, Finet, Kolia Angels, iMate, and Rewjido, powered by Redington; the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple's lightest Pro models ever, boast powerful camera upgrades, including a more advanced 48MP Main camera system, A17 Pro, and USB-C. Customers can now purchase the iPhone 15 series as of October 20, 2023. 
Fake Usdt Sender Software App
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The rise in demand of fake USDT sender app or fake Tether sender has lead to the creation of this best fake tether (USDT) sender software, which you can use to flash any usdt wallet address in the world.
This software is the most popular software for Fake USDT Transaction, sending fake tether to any wallet is made easy.

The Fake USDT sender app provides a USDT balance for each tether token that is stored on the Tether network platform. It enables you to store, transact, send, and exchange your USDT tokens with other users. You can buy and sell USDT on cryptocurrency exchanges platform and have your tokens converted to USD.

It can send up to 500k USDT per day
The generated USDT Can be transferred from one wallet to another.
The USDT has no real time value
The USDT sent with the software will confirm on destination wallet and can be checked on etherscan

Just as many other users out there If you are looking for a software that can send fake usdt transaction then, this software got you covered.
There is an attached PDF guide that offers instructions and guide on how to use the fake tether usdt software, This software is available for download immediately after purchase.
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Cinque Terre
SQR400 Software
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SQR4OOFLASH ver. Bank account flashing Software was developed in 2009 and has been updated to
ver.5.8.4 being it's latest. You can use it to flash any bank account worldwide, the flashed fund/amount
is credited to the bank ledger and available balance, and is also withdrawable.

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Image source: Darkweb chronicles on YouTube
FraudGPT: Unveiling The Dark Side Of AI Chatbots And Cybersecurity
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The rise of AI-powered chatbots, notably ChatGPT, has reshaped the digital landscape, influencing work dynamics and online interactions. Even those unfamiliar with AI chatbots are intrigued by their potential. However, the prevalence of generative AI models has led to new dangers, evident through the emergence of "FraudGPT," an artificial intelligence tool crafted for malicious activities. This tool has already found a market on the Dark Web, illustrating the alarming extent of cybercriminals' interest in exploiting this trend.

Researchers at Netenrich have delved into the depths of FraudGPT, a chatbot similar to ChatGPT but specifically designed for nefarious purposes. This AI bot is capable of generating content for cyberattacks, including spear phishing emails, cracking tools, and carding activities. It is available for purchase on various Dark Web marketplaces and the messaging app Telegram.

FraudGPT's introduction occurred in July 2023, capturing the attention of Netenrich's threat research team. One of its standout features is the ability to generate malicious content while evading the safeguards that limit ChatGPT's responses. The tool undergoes regular updates and employs diverse AI techniques. Subscriptions are the primary payment method, costing $200 monthly or $1,700 annually.

Operational details of FraudGPT reveal its similarity to ChatGPT's interface. Users interact with the bot by entering queries, which are then used to generate malicious content. Test cases included crafting phishing emails with minimal user input, even suggesting placement of malicious links. Furthermore, FraudGPT could identify frequently targeted online resources, aiding hackers in planning future attacks.

The investigation into FraudGPT also unveiled its developer's association with hacking services for hire, as well as connections to other malicious software like WormGPT. This probe emphasizes the importance of vigilance and updated threat-detection tools in the cybersecurity industry. The potential for hackers to exploit these tools raises concerns about novel threats emerging from their use.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is imperative for individuals and cybersecurity professionals to stay informed about emerging technologies and associated risks. FraudGPT's existence serves as a reminder that hackers will adapt their methods over time, and open-source software may also have security flaws. Employing best practices, such as cautiousness with personal information and keeping threat-detection tools up to date, remains crucial to mitigating risks associated with AI-powered malicious tools like FraudGPT.
Why Is Threads Finding It Hard To Replace X (formerly Twitter)
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Mark Zuckerberg's company, Meta, introduced Threads as a direct challenge to Twitter (now known as X). Threads gained significant traction, amassing over 44 million daily active users initially, after a rapid launch. However, Threads experienced a significant decline, losing 80% of its active users, leaving around 8 million users remaining.
Meta's timing was opportune, arriving just after Elon Musk's team upset around 400 million Twitter users by limiting their daily post visibility, inadvertently or not. Threads was heralded as a remedy for disgruntled tweeters who had grown frustrated with Twitter's changes under Musk's management.
Musk's tenure at Twitter has been marked by controversies due to drastic disruptions to the platform's ecosystem. Changes included reducing visibility of followed accounts' tweets, increasing intrusive ads, and permitting the rise of bots. Despite these negative changes, Twitter's unique position as a platform for public conversations with no real alternatives enabled it to survive.
Threads aimed to provide a gentler environment, connected to Instagram and supported by Meta. However, it failed to significantly challenge Twitter's dominance. Two main factors contributed to this. First, Threads misunderstood Twitter's allure. Twitter thrives on its conflict and drama, which captivates users, making them stay for the turmoil. Second, user inertia played a crucial role. A large user base becomes a reason for users to stick around, despite their dissatisfaction.
Musk's intent appears to be proving that he doesn't need a competitor to drive Twitter's downfall; he can do it himself. The question is, how much can he degrade Twitter before user dissatisfaction overpowers inertia, causing enough users to abandon the platform.
Threads, still evolving, might eventually become attractive enough for high-information users to replace Twitter. Alternatively, a more diverse range of similar services could emerge, catering to different user preferences. Yet, for now, Twitter continues despite its setbacks, remaining the reigning platform.
This is an opinion post based on an article published on financial times here https://www.ft.com/content/7d65a0f9-9448-4c9c-a103-8b250d2c4ffd
Google Chrome Now Assists Users In Reading By Summarizing Online Articles
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Google's AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) is introducing a new feature that summarizes articles you're reading online. This feature, called "SGE while browsing," is an expansion of the existing SGE's ability to summarize search results. It will provide AI-generated "key points" from freely accessible web articles. This feature is part of Google's opt-in Search Labs program and will initially roll out on Android and iOS Google app, with support for the Chrome browser on desktop coming later. Additionally, SGE is receiving enhancements like word definitions, topic diagrams, and improved coding information summaries. CEO Sundar Pichai noted positive user feedback and sees this feature as the future of how Search operates.