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Hello Lovers of nature

Welcome to LOVERS OF NATURE THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY PART 6. Today, I will be moving from GREEN BEAUTY to wonderful cloud formations. Clouds are simply the visible mass of liquid water or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Cloud formation plays a basic role in the water cycle of our ecosystem.

Water cycle is a natural process of evaporation of water from the water bodies (e.g oceans, rivers, lakes, etc) to the sky, thereby forming as clouds which leads to subsequent condensation and precipitation as rain or snow. The cloud in this natural cycle serves as a storage basin where all the water vapor leaving the earth(through the process of evaporation) can be stored before it's condenses(changing from gas to liquid) and pours down as rain or snow.

Clouds when formed in the sky, makes beautiful patterns displaying different shapes and colours in the atmosphere. Sometimes, the different colours in the cloud are influenced by the amount of dirt or dust in the atmosphere. 

Sunrise and sunset gives beauteous colouring to the cloud. It's gives me great joy gazing at the wonderfully made cloud patterns with lovely colours in the sky. The clouds apart from Playing a major role in water cycle, it's adds beauty to the sky . 

Today's display picture is an amazing cloud formation, a picture I took on my streets while going for evening rehearsals in church. The cloud pattern or shape in the picture is called a CUMULUS CLOUD. Cumulus cloud take the shape of a heap or come spreading vertically in the atmosphere.

LOVERS OF NATURE THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY is a concept I brought to this platform where I can be sharing my snaps with the Wonderful viewers on pejoweb. Postings is every Thursday.

Thanks for reading to the end. Share with me also your ideas about my snaps and your love for nature in the comment section.