What Happens If One Falls From A Plane
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There was once a member of a bombing crew who chose to jump out of a plane rather than burn in it. He had no parachute and fell to the ground. It was winter, and he landed in the forest, his fall shattering various branches along his length as he fell to the ground. He got some injuries, but he was put in jail. There was an officer who wrote the testimony that was handed to him, the letter was convincing about how extraordinary he was able to survive his free fall.

Yes, if you have a pile of super soft pillows, you stand a chance. I won't try it, there's a good chance you'll fall in the wrong place.
How I Feel
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I had a fun during the holidays 

And I learnt somethings new
Guess what.......... 

I did something amazing 
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Is Lagos Nigeria A Safe Place To Visit?
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In my travels and communications with foreigners, I realized that many people across the globe are interested in visiting Nigeria and, Lagos is sort of the gateway.

Foreigners visit or want to visit Nigeria for reasons best known to them but sadly, they usually get advice from people who have heard just a one-sided story about Nigeria.

People talk about Nigeria as a place they'll get killed or attacked immediately after they land at the Airport or walk the streets. It's never that bad.

A 50year old American woman said to me a couple of years ago, "I would like to visit my friend in Nigeria but I don't wanna get raped, Olamide." For a minute, I didn't know what to say to her.

There is only a possibility that as a foreigner, maybe with different skin color, you might seem like easy prey in some situations or beat-up parts of town but it's nowhere near a guarantee that it would happen!

Like I always tell people, Nigeria is not the sort of country where you'll want to come and wander about aimlessly, have an itinerary, or know someone trustworthy beforehand to act as a guide.

Like most mega cities with huge populations, we have the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lagos is the grand humbler, no matter how rich you are, when you come to Lagos, you'll just be another statistic. Because whatever you have, there is someone just around the corner who has more than double what you have. You simply get dissolved into the population, unless of course if you're among the world's richest.

Stay in nice hotels and neighborhoods. Live close to the rich or upper middle class. The safety you would enjoy in those neighborhoods might even be better compared to where you're coming from.

Lagos has hundreds if not thousands of gated estates or communities. You're very safe if you're living in one of those, preferably on the Island, as they have private security around the clock.

Aside from the security, these places are occupied by the upper middle class to the very rich, violent crimes are quite rare.

Most of the crimes that take place in Lagos happen outside the home in isolated or beat-up parts of town, mostly while in transit. Hence you want to avoid night movement around such places.

You'll be safer if you drive a personal car or have a guide to take you about as you don't know the intention of random drivers, there are some drivers with bad intentions, not only for foreigners but Nigerians as well.

You may stay out late in affluent parts of town. This includes Victoria Island, Banana Island, Ikoyi, and parts of Lekki. I've been out in these places all night at clubs and bars for years and there has been no incident that made me fear for my life, but it could be a different story for you.

You can flash wealth by how you dress and with your high-end gadgets, you have no idea the amount of wealth there's in Lagos, just don't do so in poor neighborhoods as there's that one-off chance that someone might be interested in what you have.

Nigerians can be genuinely friendly and chatty, mostly if you're white. People would smile and hold casual conversations with you on the streets, my advice is to greet and move on, that causal conversation could easily turn into a business transaction where you'll be the product.

If you happen to get attacked or lose something valuable, just count your losses, our Police are not worth your time and resources.

Apart from dealing with the mad traffic and queues due to the huge population, Lagos used to be quite safe but Nigeria as a whole is at its lowest when it comes to safety.

But still, there are many foreigners here including whites who are living in relative safety and you can do the same as well if you're careful.

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If You Have Eaten Sweet Potatoes, You Will Agree With Me That They Are Not Just Sweet But Also Mouth...
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If you have eaten sweet potatoes, you will agree with me that they are not just sweet but also mouth-friendly and easy to digest due to the abundance of fibre present in them, and beyond the fibre content, sweet potatoes also contain so many organic chemical substances like vitamins, antioxidants, and mineral elements that exist in their compound form, which work independently and, in some cases, collectively in dissolving unfriendly but harmful free radicals, boosting the immune system, preventing sodium levels from rising too high, and reducing the level of cholesterol that can block the blood vessels when it becomes too much in the blood, and these effects of the chemical substances in sweet potatoes make them effective in preventing some diseases when eaten moderately on a regular basis. In this article, I want to briefly talk about four diseases that you can prevent by eating sweet potatoes regularly.

1. According to WebMD, One of the diseases you can prevent by consuming sweet potatoes on a daily basis is macular degeneration, and this is due to the abundance of beta-carotene, which is an organic chemical compound that functions with the help of vitamin A to maintain good and functional eyesight and also prevent the core part of the retina, which is also known as the macular, from being affected, thereby making the vision as clear as possible.

2. Eating sweet potatoes in moderation on a regular basis can also help to prevent the emergency of cancer in the body, and this is due to the high proportion of antioxidants in sweet potatoes, which help to limit the growth of abnormal cells by destroying many free radicals attacking the chemical operations of body cells.

3. We all know that cholesterol and fat, when present in quantities that the body can curtail, can be stored in the stomach, especially the abdomen, and in many parts of the body, resulting in obesity. But regular eating of sweet potatoes helps to prevent the accumulation of fat and cholesterol deposits, and this makes sweet potatoes effective in preventing obesity. Therefore, anyone that desires to shed some weight can include sweet potatoes in his or her daily diet.

4. Another disease that regular consumption of sweet potatoes can prevent is heart diseases, and this is due to the presence of sting organic chemical compound called antioxidants that ensure that free radicals are dissolved or broken down into harmless chemical substances, and this prevents the formation of oxidized cholesterols that smeared the walls of the blood vessels to the point that they block them, and give rise to many heart diseases, but when they are hindered from being produced, the blood vessels will be free for enough blood to pass through under normal pressure.  

Welcome To Octobebr 🎉💃
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Happy New month to you 
I pray this new shall be a month of peace and favour! All that concerns you is blessed. 
Your family shall be above only
I pray for you this day, heaven shall smile on you
God will grant you all of your heart desire this October in Jesus name Amen. Happy New month to you once again.
And happy independence day to you All!😘😘😘😘
Serengeti National park
Want A Vacation Destination?
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Marrakech, Morocco

Africa is a vast and diverse continent that offers many attractions for travelers. Depending on your preferences, you may enjoy exploring the ancient history of Egypt, the wildlife of Tanzania, the beaches of Mauritius, or the culture of Morocco. Here are some of the best places to visit in Africa for vacation:
- **Serengeti National Park**¹: This is one of the most famous safari destinations in the world, where you can witness the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle, as well as encounter lions, leopards, elephants, and rhinos. You can stay in luxury lodges or campsites and enjoy the stunning scenery of the savanna.
- **Victoria Falls**²: This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, spanning the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. You can admire the falls from various viewpoints, such as the Knife-Edge Bridge, Livingstone Island, or Devil's Pool. You can also enjoy activities like whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, or helicopter rides over the falls.
- **Zanzibar**³: This is an island off the coast of Tanzania that offers a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. You can visit the historic Stone Town, where you can see the influence of Arab, Indian, and European traders, or relax on the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. You can also explore the spice plantations, coral reefs, and marine life of the island.
- **Cape Town**⁴: This is one of the most cosmopolitan and scenic cities in Africa, located at the southern tip of the continent. You can enjoy the views of Table Mountain, the iconic landmark that dominates the city skyline, or take a cable car or hike to the top. You can also visit the colorful Bo-Kaap neighborhood, the Robben Island prison where Nelson Mandela was held, or the Cape of Good Hope, the most southwesterly point of Africa.
- **Marrakech**⁵: This is one of the most vibrant and exotic cities in Morocco, where you can experience the rich culture and heritage of the country. You can wander through the maze-like souks, where you can find everything from spices and carpets to leather and pottery, or visit the historic monuments and mosques, such as the Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia Palace, or the Saadian Tombs. You can also enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Djemaa el-Fna square, where you can see street performers, snake charmers, and food stalls.
These are just some of the best places to visit in Africa for vacation, but there are many more to discover. I hope you have a wonderful time exploring this amazing continent. 😊