Discipline: Why People Succeed
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When it comes to failing at a thing and not being able to complete a given task, there is always an excuse that can be given as justification. When you look around the society, those who fail always seem to have a definite reason for not being able to succeed at a thing. "I would have really done this, but because of this or that, I couldn't do anything again," seems to be the narrative of most failures.

If this is true for most failures, is it also true that successful people don't have excuses? Well, the truth is, they all do. They only refused giving in to their seeming excuse. There will always be a justifiable reason for not being able to smash a goal or complete a project. Successful people are those who refuse to allow these excuses to stop them from doing what they need to do.

Excuse and discipline can never co-habit - one will always substitute the other. When you study the lives of highly successful people, one common denominator you will find, is the trait of discipline. To every success, discipline is non-negotiable. There is absolutely no man that has attained a feat in any field of human endeavour that is not disciplined. 

The ability to impose compliance and control on one's self until a desired result is achieved is what discipline is all about.
Everyone wants to succeed but very few are willing to withstand the pain of discipline. Discipline is not synonymous to comfort. It is an investment that involves pain with a reward as gain.
If you truly long for success in any field of human endeavour, discipline is one amazing partner you must get married to. If not, you will end up saying, "yes, I do" to regret.
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On May 3, 1980, thirteen-year-old Cari died in a hit and run case by a driver who drove under the influence of substance alcohol. As shattering as the experience was, her mother Candace started a movement called Mothers Against Drunken Driving (MADD) which is

currently the largest of its kind in North America intending to stop drunken driving, to help those affected by drunken driving and so on. From a time when more people died due to drunken driving than in war, MADD has been effective in reducing the number of deaths due to drunken driving in half!

Think about it. Candace had all the reasons to sit on the sidelines and give up on life due to the tragedy. But, she did what I am asking you to do. She allowed her pain to guide her to her purpose instead of allowing it to destroy her.

In the Scripture, the Apostle Paul was being taken as a prisoner by ship to Rome for preaching the gospel. But their ship met with a severe storm and they were all washed onto the land of Malta and through various miracles, Paul was able to minister to the whole place. Now, Malta was not in the preaching schedule of Paul and he wouldn’t have

been there if not for the storm. So, looking back at it, the storm didn’t come to destroy him but rather to redirect him to where he was supposed to go!

Instead of worrying, complaining and fretting about the storm that you are in, I encourage you to look at it with this perspective: Perhaps GOD allowed it to direct you towards your destiny! In all probability, Paul wouldn’t have gone to Malta if not for the storm and in all likelihood, Candace would not have started MADD if she hadn’t gone
through the loss of her child.

 Your Storm did not come to destroy you but rather to direct you to your destiny!
A Great Lesson To Learn
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Not from me but we can learn from this pack of wolves an invaluable life lesson:

The 3 wolves in the front are either old or sick. They walk in front to lead the way so as to set the pace.
The 5 wolves behind them are the strongest. They protect the front in case of an attack.
The middle group consists of newborns,pregnant females, and young wolves. They are fully protected from front as well as from back.
The 5 wolves, behind the middle group are also amongst the strongests, they protect the back side.
The last and the lone wolf in the back is the leader. He ensures no one is left behind. He keeps the pack tight and cohesive. Also in case of an ambush he remains active to run in any direction to protect his pack.
So what can we learn from the alpha male is that “ being a leader is not always about being in the front. Its about taking care of your team”.


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Don't Just Be A Taker, Be A Giver As Well!
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As we are all striving to win the weekly prices for highest post comments, please try and let us reflect on this sentence below!


There was a circulated photo of a vulture waiting for a starving Sudanese girl to die and feast on her during the 1993 famine in Sudan.
The photo was taken by Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist who later won the Pulitzer Prize for this 'amazing' shot (edited and left out here because of its inhumane posture).

Kevin however lived just a few months to enjoy his supposed achievement because he later got depressed and took his own life!

He was savoring his feat and he was being celebrated on major news channels and networks worldwide for such an 'exceptional' photographic skill.

His depression started when, during one of the interviews he granted (a phone-in program), someone phoned in and asked him what happened to the child.

Kevin replied, "I didn't wait to find out after this shot as I had a flight to catch..."

And the person replied, "I put it to you that there were two vultures on that day; one had a camera."

His constant thought of that statement led to depression and his ultimate suicide.

So, are you too a vulture? 

In whatever we do, we should let humanity come first before what we can gain out of the situation.
Kevin Carter could have been alive today and even be more celebrated if he had just picked that little girl up and taken her to the United Nations Feeding Center where she was attempting to reach.

In all we do, let us always think of others and how we can be of benefit to humanity.

How we can lend a helping hand and wipe tears?

And when we seek knowledge, wealth, or even elective office, let us think of how we can use it to benefit the people most.

A New You is possible.

A New Nigeria is possible. 

This post is not to solicit for comments but to improve us as persons. Thanks.
Coined from:
By: Archbishop Prof. Sam Zuga's post. (copied)
You Desire A Peaceful Marriage? Read This!
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One evening my mother made dinner after a hard day's work. She put a plate of eggs, salad and burnt toast in front of my father...

I immediately noticed, the burnt toast.... And, I was waiting to see if he was going to complain about it, but my father started to eat them, smiling and asked me how I spent my day at school...

My mom apologized to my dad for the burnt toast. I will never forget his response to her: "Honey, I love burnt toast!"

Later when I went to bed and my dad came over to kiss me goodnight, I asked him if he really liked the burnt toast?

He hugged me and said, "Your mother has had a difficult day and she is really tired. She went out of her way to prepare this meal for us, why blame her and hurt her. Burnt toast never hurt anyone; but words can be very painful!"

We have to know how to appreciate what others do for us, even if it's not perfect, because it's the intention to do well that counts, and no one is perfect...

When Do U Get Cleaned Up Before Or After Using Your Bathroom? True Meaning Of Hebrews 12:14.
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Christianity is far from religion, however by basic understanding it is called a religion, this is one major reason why some parts of the scriptures are explained religiously and not giving the believe the truth that will set them free.
The popular scripture Hebrews 12:14 is quated by many yet understand by a few. Over the years I hear alot of people explain it going to a particular direction until I heard this explanation by prophet Simon Thomas the senior Pastor, Glory Carriers Ministry International MAKURDI. 
The scripture Hebrews 12:13 states , " Follow peace with all Men , and Holiness for without Holiness  no man shall see God". Now most people have told people that before they can see God or be ushered into God they have to be Holy . Which is a direct interpretation of that Verse of the bible.
But from the explanation of Apostle Paul the writter, He was saying now we should follow peace with all Men and Holiness for without Holiness which is Holy living no man can see God in our Lives. 
So believers most underrated that God is your bathroom, you don't become clean before entering your bathroom, you enter your bathroom the way you are so that you can become clean. So you start walking in cleanliness as a function of your encounter with your bathroom. 
Remember 1john 3:6 No man who have seen God nor known God can continue in sin. That means our walking in Holiness is a function of knowing God, seeing God is what then makes us holy.
This is why you don't stop going to church because you feel unworthy, you go to church because the church is your bathroom.
Religion drives people away from God. And tells them they are not perfect so they can't meet God. 
Christianity brings men to God . Because without God they can never be Holy or perfect. Religion doesn't know what it takes to make a man whole this is why it is always chasing the weed . While Christianity seeks to change a man entirely and give him the truth that can set him free according to John 8:32.