How To Say No To Peer Pressure
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Peer pressure is a feeling or an act that one must do the same things as other people of one's age and social group in order to be liked, loved or respected by them.

Members of a peer group are most likely to influence a person's belief and behavior.

Peer pressure is most commonly found in the ages of 12-19 years old.

The negatives effect of peer pressure is more costly and can damage your reputation.

Some of the negatives effect of peer pressure includes:

1)Low self-esteem

2) Poor academic performance

3) Timidity

4) Anxiety and lots more

How to say no to peer pressure:

1) Know what's right

2) Have a friend who will stand by you

3) Choose good friends

4) Walk away and many more

Ensure you go out with friends that affects your life positively,add values to your life and encourages you always.

The teens period of life is a time to be more careful and sensitive most especially with 

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Checkout Sophisticated Names To Name Your Baby Girl &nb...
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Checkout Sophisticated Names To Name Your Baby Girl
 Children generally are gift from God. Since history, children where said to come from God and the happiest child a parent can ever have is a baby girl because she brings peace and quietness. In case you are wondering a lovely name to give your child, don't worry we got you covered.

 In this article, I will be showing you sophisticated and awesome names you can call your baby girl:

1. Princess.

2. Alex.

3. Felicia.

4. Pixie.

5. Florence.

6. Faith.

7. Esther.

8. Olivia.

9. Evelyn.

10. Olive.

11. Ivy.

12. Idara.

13. Lora.

14. Precious.

15. Treasure.

16. Eunice.

17. Blissful.

18. Blossom.

19. Belinda.

20. Beaulah.

21. Arya.

22. Linda.

23. Edidiong.

24. Patricia.

25. Maria.

26. Miriam.

27. Melissa.

28. Million.

29. God's love.

30. Pheobe.

This are lovely names you could name your baby girl, don't forget to like, share and comment. Thanks for reading.
On This Day 5 Years Ago Somewhere In Benin City Edo State, A Princess Was Brought Forth On The Plane...
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On this day 5 years ago somewhere in Benin City Edo State, a princess was brought forth on the planet earth. A gift to the world, she was named GLADNESS ESTHER OSEREME EHIDIAMEN. While she gave her first cry, we gave our first laugh since the labour journey wasn't easy but God pulled through for us. He gave us this bundle of joy as a reward and compensation for all we passed through.
     Just like her name, all she gave was gladness to anyone who encountered her. Her zeal towards the song section of church service never cease to amaze me. 

      Today as you add a year to your age, i wish you heaven's best. May your smile never fade, just as your shoe shine.... HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY MY LOVE
         Join me to celebrate this queen.......


Take care of your own baby
'Take Care Of Your Baby' Little Girl's Reaction While Dropping Her Baby Brother After Her Mum Offended Her.
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A video of a little girl who got angry and dropped her baby brother is trending online. In the viral Video, she was happily babysitting her baby brother when her mum said;

"You won't get anything for Christmas. You didn't even make good grades. Told you to clean your room." 

On hearing this, she immediately drops her brother down on the couch and walked away. 

I think she got mad and drop the innocent boy for her mother to babysit him then. Christmas gifts means alot to kids so her mum should just get something little for her instead💁.

Below are few reactions from netizens 👇. 

@real_helen_of_troy_ said: "The way she immediately put that baby down tho."

 @prissy_tiffy stated: "The baby was the first to go. He didn’t even do nothing." 

@ivoryrudisill stated: "You want me to watch the baby?! get somebody else to do it." 


Icon For Humans: Written By Rebecca.The Image Of The Child M...
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Icon for Humans: Written by Rebecca.

The image of the child musician crying was classified as one of the most emotional photographs of modern history. This photo was taken of a 12-year-old Brazilian boy (Diego Frazzo Turkato), playing the violin at the funeral of his teacher who rescued him from the environment of poverty and crime in which he lived. In this image, humanity speaks with the strongest voice in the world: "Cultivate love and kindness in a child to sow the seeds of compassion. And only then you will build a great civilization, a great nation..."

The image of the child musician crying was classified as one of the most emotional photographs of modern history. This is why I chose to put up this post here in celebration of children's day and to celebrate every persons who has in one way or the other contributed in the progressive development of a child or children. Your kindness didn't, won't and will not go unspoken. God bless you all!
Give a child the hope of better tomorrow and you have given hope to a nation.

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Check out this pictures for your children latest outfit, they all look so cute and comfortable on children.