Introduction To My Sexual Orientation Script
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This is the introduction to the first writeup on myReality project, My sexual orientation.
My sexual orientation script would be merging your reality with my sexual reality. Please keep an open mind when you read, it would be my first outing in a series of outings.
The whole script would talk of my perception of the whole concept of sex and how I navigated through it even when I didn't understand what was going on with me.
I would also give you insights as to why you should understand and accept your sexual orientation, what to do with these sexual energies flying around you and how you can tap these energies.
You would also be getting insights as to why sexual orientation isn't a choice.
Before you think! Why is he talking about sex?
"Life is full of sex" that's what the Year 1 English Teacher at Madonna University sometime ago said to his students. One particular female student contested him bitterly, about a year later, she got pregnant and had to drop out. 
"Life is full of sex" - It's a fact and anyone who attempts to deny it hasn't thought yet of how they came to this world. 
For what it is, I would be discussing mine and the personal experiences that shaped my own sexual reality.

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You Could Be The Poisonous Snake🐍
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Denying your thoughts, feelings and actions wouldn't change what has happened.
Denying who you are and what you feel, wouldn't make you better than who you really are inside.
It would give you a temporal covering for your shame and expose your insecurities to who cares to see.
Accepting your thoughts, feelings and actions for what they really are and understanding that they come from you and are just part of you, might be your first step to healing, and receiving insight
And with great insights come the ability to put situations under control
A poisonous snake who thinks it's human and lives with humans would continue to cause pain to his community until he accepts that its true nature.
If Nigeria Has A Dark Side, What Would It Be?
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I had to rack my brain before coming up with this.

If there's any dark side about Nigerians, it is that:

They are scared.
Yes, my self included, we are scared of standing up for what they believe in. That's why we don't carry out mass physical protests when our interests are being stomped in the dust. Instead, we go to social media and make noise never backed up with actions.

They are scared of accepting their cultural identity. That's why our cultural beliefs and dressings conforms to that of the west. When you go for an interview or a ‘big’ event, you are measured by the smartness of your suit and perfectness of your English dress.
Notice one thing in common? They are all big wigs...

They are scared of saying the truth about their country. That's why when foreigners ask some questions about our country, we sometimes fall to the temptation of padding its real situation in the name of ‘I love my country’ instead of saying it as it is.

This is one of our greatest problems and is common to not only Nigerians but to many Africans.


The Value Of Virginity Before And After Marriage
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Virginity is defined as the state of being a virgin which means  the act of not being in sexual intercourse as it is adviceable remain virgin until after marriage.

In this article, I will be showing you the value of being a virginity before and after marriage:

1. It makes your family members proud for keeping your virginity.

2. It prevents young people from contacting sexually transmitted disease (STDs).

3. It makes one free from HIV and AIDS.

4. It will make you earn respect from people especially the public.

5. It also prevent young ladies from unwanted pregnancy.

Reasons Why Students Join Cults
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Cultism is defined as people form a group which is not open to members of the society as we sometimes describe such a group as a cult as the members are usually describe as cultist.                                 As in the world we live today, cultism is the popular trend as many your idulyin in cultism for little or no reason.            

In this article, I will be showing you the reasons why student join cult: 
1. Search For  security as they think  joining cult will make them secured from evil.
2. People join cult because of peer pressure and influence.
3. They join cult so as to be successful in the academics.
4. Negative influence on social media.
Don't Expect People To Advice You The Way You Want To Be Advised
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You expect to be begged to take good advice?

You expect to be advised in a nice respectful manner?

You expect people to wait till the pain is over to advice you?

Keep waiting ✋️!!!

When nature comes at you, you would feel the difference
Nature doesn't advice, she doesn't even speak

There are people who have no one to advice them

They pick clues from harsh life experiences and realities

You are Privileged if you have people advising you!!!

This post should in no way force you to heed good advice from anyone.

Protect your EGO at all cost! But be willing to protect it, with your comfort, your progress and your life!