How To Edit A Content
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Define your goals

Before you write an article, clearly define your idea behind the topic and while expressing the idea in writing, always be specific about the idea(not introducing new ideas in the topic). Article writing is very objective so as a writer, always define the message which you wish to pass across to your readers before publishing.

Main Frame

This is the bulk of a write-up. It contains the introduction, body, and conclusion of an article. 

Don't Be Repetitive

Avoid repeating the same words all through the content. It's always advisable to apply the use of synonyms; that is by finding other words with the same meaning as the word(which carries the idea you want to send out to the reader).

Use Grammarly

Grammarly is an App that helps writers to correct common grammatical errors in their write-ups. Writing issues like wrong tenses, misspelled words, punctuation, and so on are easily corrected on Grammarly App. I use this awesome app in editing my articles before publishing.
One interesting feature of this App is that it sent weekly reports or updates on how you write through emails. Going through the report, you see how you are developing as a writer by looking at your general grading/rank with other Grammarly users, checking your consistent and old tone(s) in writing, and so on. I suggest this amazing tool to all pejowebians for effective and quality writing and publishing.

Last Minute Corrections

After carrying out the possible editing, re-read your content for any further changes or improvements to be made in your content. It's very important. Some tools of editing can alter the meaning or message in your write-up which you are trying to relate to your audience. Re-reading keeps you in check with whether the write-up is in line with your goal of writing.

Hit Submit/Publish button

Once, you are done with the editing work and you have completely read your piece of writing over again, just hit the submit button on Pejoweb and your content will be officially published for viewing by your audience.

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Your Wants Are Just Your Feelings Speaking
~0.5 mins read
Want goes with Feelings
Need goes with Reality
We have turned our needs into our wants and our wants into our needs?
Why does society ask school children to find out what they want to become instead of what they need to become?
The first thing to get right when you become serious with your life is to find the difference between your wants and your needs. It's not as easy as it sounds.
To get it right, you have to separate your feelings from the reality

It is from what you need that you would get what you want.
©️ Peter Oriavwote

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Cinque Terre
How Would You Fight For Your Life?
~0.2 mins read
Beg for your life, and you may never have it

Fight for your life and certainly you would loose it

Fight for the life of others and you may share in all of them

Some people are definitely getting out alive, but who? I can't say


Don't Expect People To Advice You The Way You Want To Be Advised
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You expect to be begged to take good advice?

You expect to be advised in a nice respectful manner?

You expect people to wait till the pain is over to advice you?

Keep waiting ✋️!!!

When nature comes at you, you would feel the difference
Nature doesn't advice, she doesn't even speak

There are people who have no one to advice them

They pick clues from harsh life experiences and realities

You are Privileged if you have people advising you!!!

This post should in no way force you to heed good advice from anyone.

Protect your EGO at all cost! But be willing to protect it, with your comfort, your progress and your life!
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**Success is a piece of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction, knowing you did your best to becoming the best you are capable of being.

**Never spend time blaming anyone or even Satan; take a step and do the needful.

**Some things may look complicated, if you can but TAKE the very first step, you've solved the larger part - but it all depends on your attitude.

**Hear this; it is always said 'the journey of the thousandth mile begins with a step...'; I tell you this, just ONE STEP is all it takes to complete the one-thousandth step.

**Take this to heart: You're WHAT you repeatedly do. Excellence isn't an event, it is a habit. (Aristotle)

**Your achievement is dependent on how well you're able to maximize your time; for success is a product of maximization of time in relation to your given ability.

**You may not have equal possession with the materially rich, but you do have something in common - TIME!!

**Therefore, the maximization of your time is directly proportional to the utilization of your given ability, with the by-product being Unrivaled SUCCESS!!


**IF and only if you can see it with your mind's eye, then you can achieve it.

(As extracted from my Wisdom Archive)

Thought Expressions: Why Do You Deny Your Polygamous Nature?
~0.5 mins read
Every normal Human being (male and female) is polygamous. You lust after more than one person at a time. 

You are capable of polygamy!!!

The intensity of your attraction to different people may be different, but its still sexual attraction.

And when you move from the environment of your first crush 😍, you ll find yourself lusting after another crush 😍 in your new environment.

Cmon stop the denial!!! How do you manage to fall in love again with a new person after the first, second and so on heartbreaks? if you are not polygamous!

If you were not polygamous, your first heartbreak would be your last.

I rest my case (for now)