About Pejoweb
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Pejoweb limited is a registered company in Nigeria with RC number: 1937086.

This platform is currently serving the purpose to aid content creators reach their target audience, gain popularity and achieve world class influencer status within a short time.

This would be the first platform evere skewed to help content creators online.
Thinking Of What To Post? Got Some Ideas For You
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If you have a lot of pictures or videos on your camera roll, or you just love to write and you already have written a lot of unpublished content or you are in the mood for it, then you have great prospects as an influencer.

Every living person who can be captured on camera has an untapped opportunity as an influencer. You just have to be bold enough to live your life, truth, and opinions, and express yourself and your talent on the internet.

We are all real-life influencers because where ever we live, they are always going to be people who are interested in seeing or hearing about how we live our lives.

To get started with your influencer career on Pejoweb, simply post your favorite picture, note, or video on Pejoweb with a caption and allow the system to promote you and your content.

The trick to succeed longterm as a content creator is originality and reciprocity (interact with other users so that they would interact with you).

If you post content on your Whatsapp status regularly, chances are high that you would do well as a content creator and influencer.

Below is a list of popular areas you can explore in content creation:

1) Pictures and videos of you (eg your life, your struggles, your adventures and relaxations, your work in progress etc)

2) Pictures and Videos of your work or school (e.g Are you a comedian or teacher? share your work)

3) Self-help and Tutorial articles (e.g Cooking tutorials, Job listings etc)

4) Entertainment (e.g Jokes, Comedy and Pranks etc)

5) Educational Tutorials

6) Create your own news

7) Already Published News

8) Extreme opinion and Controversies

9) Product reviews (Share details on some useful products you think are underated)


1) Self-help and Tutorial articles
If you have skills that you think are not easy to acquire and/or there are not enough online resources to teach people, you can create your own free course or tutorial and you can even ask people to donate money to you if you put in enough work to help people solve their problems (This is the power of creating and sharing thoughtful articles that really add value to peoples lives).
This isn’t limited to just skills. You can also share some of your family cultures and way of life/life hacks (a way we or our families have of doing things that isn't as common but we know they work and make our lives easy). These might be health remedies you are sure work even though it’s not medically approved, it could some spiritual or religious or even kitchen/social tips/psychological tips that work but aren’t popular.

2) Educational Tutorials
If you are in school, you can post past questions of your department, departmental notes that can be helpful to other students, explanation of hard topics, Assignments and their answers, how to find a way around your school for new students. Etc.

3) Create your own news
To create your own news (It is better than copying and pasting already posted news)
Follow Big celebrities, public figures and social media handles of countries like Nigeria, USA, Russia, China etc. People are usually interested in controversial news coming from big countries, public figures or Celebrities.
People also use their lives as motivation and to learn lessons.
You can create original news out of any of their controversial posts or life. Or share your opinions about them, good, bad or even neutral posts about your favorite celebrities.
You can also create news out of trending topics of the world and Nigeria. For example, Politics is trending right now in Nigeria, the war in Ukraine, the protest in Iran etc. Some trending topics in the world and Nigeria right now are Elon musk, Twitter, Metaverse, Asuu strike, Peter Obi, Tinubu, Atiku, James brown etc (you find out).
You can also look for trending topics in your school, church, locality (This would work if you belong to a group where the people from this community are present)
Look for the right caption, you have to think about it carefully. If your title isn’t good enough, people would find it hard to click your link.

4) Already Published News
To post news that has already been carried by other blogs, make sure you post it no more than 30 mins after the first news blog has carried it.
Old news must be recaptioned in your own sentence

5) Extreme opinion and Controversies
You can create opinion and controversy over anything. You don’t have to fake it. Just give your honest opinion on events, you can’t get everyone to agree with you anyway and that’s your controversy. Note that Opinions and controversies would not work if they don’t appeal to you.

Please add your own ideas to the list in the comments. The ideas are not exhausted here

Find a way to make your post appealing, engaging and interesting to your target audience.

Cut off boring parts of your article.
Work on your grammar and spellings. They improve the standard of your posts.

Be patient, very patient. If you want to grow your influencer lifestyle to pay, you have be patient and we saying look at 6months to 1 year of consistency to see yourself go viral. If you hit popularity before this time frame you are really good.

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Sometimes the imagination of the legislative bodies is striking in its sophistication and limitlessness so much that you just have to shrug your hands when you get acquainted with the ridiculous and strange laws of some countries. For example, in China it is forbidden to save a drowning person.
It sounds, of course, absurd and cruel. But it’s true, in China it’s really forbidden to save a drowning person. Why is that? This requires understanding the philosophy of a country like China. It is against the law to save a drowning person, because the Chinese believe in Fate, inexorable and unyielding, with which one must live in peace and harmony.
In China, there is such a saying: “Fate is in the first place, Luck takes the second place, and Feng Shui takes the third, ” which briefly explains the degree of influence of factors on human life. For the Chinese, Fate, which comes first, means the path of life determined by the Higher Forces, which is beyond human will.
Fate is a combination of man’s innate qualities that have a significant impact on his personal development and life path, which cannot be changed neither by environment, nor by upbringing, nor by education. Personally-cosmic code of a person, a kind of unique passport, is his moment of birth.
A person’s fate is a person’s relationship with other people, the place he occupies in a complex society, combined with such important factors as luck and luck. The Chinese have even developed a one-of-a-kind system that allows one to determine and explain fate, in no way interfering in it. That is why in China it is forbidden to save a drowning man, so as not to violate what is destined for him from above.
Of course, the Chinese are a little strange people who do not want to come to the aid in difficult times. After all, if it is forbidden in China to save a drowning person, then this means that you should calmly stand and look at this terrible process, and, possibly, take pictures? Can the Chinese be so inhuman to their compatriots? Apparently not.
It is true that it is forbidden in China to save a drowning person, as well as the truth that in other countries there are rather eccentric laws that are nevertheless enforced and were inveted in connection with certain events.
Not only China surprises with its own laws.


Burna Boy Stabbed And Killed Someone
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Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu Rex, known professionally as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He rose to prominence in 2012 after releasing "Like to Party", the lead single from his debut studio album L.I.F.E. 

2017, Burna Boy signed with Bad Habit/Atlantic Records in the United States and Warner Music Group internationally. His third studio album Outside marked his major-label debut. In 2019, he won Best International Act at the 2019 BET Awards and was announced as an Apple Music Up Next artist. His fourth studio album African Giant was released in July 2019; it won Album of the Year at the 2019 All Africa Music Awards and was nominated for Best World Music Album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. 

In 2010, a young Burna was reportedly involved in a gang-related stabbing in London that left one person dead. He was tried as a minor, found guilty and sent to jail. Eleven (11) months into his sentence, the singer was released on parole on the grounds of good behavior. But he reportedly floated the terms of his parole and traveled back to Nigeria to pursue his singing career. As a result, Burna Boy wasn’t welcome in the UK for several years. And even though he went on to become a reputable artist in his home country, the travel restriction contributed to his inability to become even bigger which he has now overturned as he is already one of the biggest artist out of Africa.

Burna boy later traveled back to the UK but was arrested at the airport and deported to Nigeria. He was barred from the UK for 15years at that time. 

When he came back to Nigeria, he subsequently signed to Aristokrat Records.

Burna Boy now is one of the most important and influential artists in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Who would have thought a great artist like Burna boy had such a dirty past.

The moral of this article is just all about not giving up on your dreams, doesn't matter what happens in the past, let it be in the past, and focus on the future.

BBN Naija House Mate Laycon Revealed He Has Sickle Cell
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Big Brother Naija housemate, Olamilekan Agbeleshe popularly called Laycon, has revealed that he has a milder symptom of the sickle cell anaemia disease.
Laycon said he has haemoglobin that carries symptoms similar to those of Sickle Cell disease, but milder.

“My blood group is Sickle Cell, I don’t like to tell people my genotype because I feel they will think I’m sick.”

In her reaction, Dorathy said Laycon’s genotype could be the reason he’s not fat.

“Guess that is why you are thin,” Dorathy said.
Vee on her part then asked if she’s ever asked him if he was sick. Laycon responded “That’s because you are smart.”

Sickle cell anemia is one of a group of disorders known as sickle cell disease. It is an inherited red blood cell disorder in which there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.

There’s no cure for most people with sickle cell anemia. But treatments can relieve pain and help prevent complications associated with the disease.

Signs and symptoms of sickle cell anemia usually appear around 5 months of age. They vary from person to person and change over time. Signs and symptoms can include: Anemia, episodes of pain, swelling of hands and feet, frequent infections, delayed growth or puberty, and vision problems.
Lucifer Is Married To Rihanna And Lady Gaga” – Clergywoman Speaks
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A video that seems to be making the rounds online captures the moment a prophetess stated that Lucifer(Devil) is married to popular American singers, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

According to her, she has dealt with the devil directly and discovered that he loves sexual intercourse more than anything. She also said that Lucifer has married Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

She further used one of Rihanna’s popular tracks, ‘Umbrella’ to demonstrate the relationship the singer has with the devil.

She said;

”Let me tell you something. I have dealt with Lucifer direct. What Lucifer loves most is s*xual intercourse. Lucifer s*x every day. Do you know that Lucifer used to do marriage with people? He married Rihanna. He married Lady Gaga”