God Never Fail, Trust Him (Part 2)
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Previously, we discussed on how God is ever faithful and cannot fail you. 
In this section, we shall be looking at the Holy scripture which is the book of Psalms 125:1-2 and I quote
"They that trust in the lord shall be as Mount Zion cannot be moved by abideth for ever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about his people from henceforth even for ever"

You can see in this passage you've just read, It once again establishes the importance of trusting in the lord with all your heart and soul. You can't be moved by any circumstance when you put your trust in God. Challenges will come, yes! But, it will not overcome you.
So, stay strong, trust in God and he will not fail you! God bless you and remain blessed.
See you in part 3!

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"Mami Wata as the Divine African Mother/God/dess has been worshiped and celebrated around the world for thousands of
years. From Egypt as ‘Isis’ . . . in Asia Minor (Ephesus) as ‘Sibyl’ (Cyeble), in Greece as Rhea, Hekate and Artemis, and
in Rome as the great Magna Mater, Pravati, amongst her other holy names.”
—Mama Zogbé, “Mami Wata: From Myth to Divine Reality”
The name Mami Wata comes from the ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian
words mama meaning “truth, wisdom” and uat-ur meaning “ocean water.”
Although commonly thought to be a single deity, Mami Wata actually
refers to a pantheon of African water deities. According to some sources, Mami Wata brought divine law to earthlings—they were responsible for putting into place the social, economic, political, and moral structures that govern human life.
Mami Wata are generally viewed as benevolent and powerful divinities
who govern natural cycles, including the Nile’s overflow, agriculture,
fishing, hunting, and so on. They’re said to assist human beings physically and spiritually, and to provide food, shelter, protection, healing,
and everything else we need to live on earth. In this respect, they share
characteristics and responsibilities with other water deities. Legends
sometimes link Mami Wata with wealth and say they bring prosperity to
According to other stories, Mami Wata capture swimmers and boaters
and shepherd them into other worlds—either the underwater realm or the
spirit plane (which may mean the same thing, given that in mythology
water often symbolizes spirituality, whereas psychology associates water with the subconscious and intuition). Those mortals who return to earth may display a greater spiritual awareness or perhaps psychic ability as a result of their experiences with Mami Wata. They may also enjoy other benefits, such as financial abundance or physical attractiveness.

Early depictions of Mami Wata often show them with the heads and
torsos of humans and the lower bodies of fish or snakes, like mermaids.
In later representations, Mami Wata morphed into a singular image of a
voluptuous, long-haired African woman with a large snake—a symbol of
wisdom and spiritual power—wrapped around her body.
As fertility goddesses, they watch over mothers and children. Some
sources also credit them with guiding seers, mystics, and healers.
Legends warn that Mami Wata aren’t always gentle and generous,
however. They can also be capricious and cantankerous. Mami Wata
sometimes capture swimmers or sailors. If a person disobeys them, they may drown the errant follower or thrust him into a world of confusion,
delirium, and disease.
Humans, animals, and plants all need water to flourish. If you seek
greater abundance and prosperity, call upon these benevolent water deities for assistance. They’re known for their generosity, and they
willingly provide bounty to those who honor them. To solicit their aid, place a birdbath in your yard or put out water for earth’s creatures to quench their thirst.
If your life seems unsettled or your path unclear, Mami Wata can help you find direction and establish order. They can also teach you to flow
with changes and adapt to cycles in life. Often this means accepting
divine law instead of trying to force your will on a situation. To connect
with Mami Wata, sit beside a stream or river and watch how the water
continues flowing patiently along its course, wearing down obstacles over
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Genesis 3:1
Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?
Matthew 4:7
Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God
There is a saying, "Give the enemy an inch, and he will take a mile.
One skilful way the enemy succeeds at making believers (not the heathen) rebel or disobey God is through negotiation. Satan knows the only way he can make a Christian act against his belief and doubt in God is to make him try to analyse and review what God has said. 
That attempt to compromise puts the believer at risk.
Satan asked Eve, "Has God said...... '. Satan just wanted that audience. That's why as believers, we must run away from specific discussions and arguments that can ruin our faith. Why would you indulge in arguments relating to tithe payment, sowing of seeds, prophetic messages, warfare prayers, divine healing and other related topics? The people involved in such debate are not interested in acting, even if they hear the plain truth. The enemy wants to sow a seed in your heart that will make you not see why you should do the right things. God wants you to guard your heart with all diligence (Prov. 4:23).
Eve gave heed to Satan's negotiation. He came in the form of a serpent. Remember, the Bible calls the serpent very wise. 

If you have observed very well, most, if not all, negotiations with Satan always result in Satan winning because he is cunning and crafty. He will even give you scriptures to back the suggestion. *DO NOT GIVE HIM ROOM*. Jesus refused and told Satan, "You shall not tempt the Lord your God", even when the devil was already quoting Bible passages to Jesus. If Jesus could resist such debate and negotiation, knowing what the end could be, who are you to play smart?
Lord, I ask you to give the reader of this devotional the wisdom to avoid negotiation with the enemy but rather to submit to You at all times for Your grace, in Jesus' name.


A LITTLE LEAK CAN SINK A GREAT SHIP1 Corinthians 10:12Wheref...
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1 Corinthians 10:12
Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.
The Christian life is full of so many trials and temptations. The Bible makes it clear that anyone that will live godly in Christ will surely suffer persecution (2Tim 3:12). We just can’t run from these trials just as we can’t prevent birds from flying over our heads, but we can prevent them from perching or building nest on our heads. So when you find ourselves at the low points of your Christianity, how do you react?_

Professionals would say, “Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship”. This is a proverb reminding us that ‘Unchecked spending of small amounts of money can erode our funds over time.’ The same applies to your faith in times of trouble.

Trying times can lead to people compromising their faith in God. They could go as far as renouncing their faith or running to other sources of power. Job was tested and in the midst of his trial his wife suggested to him to curse God and die. Abraham waited for the promise and at a certain stage, knowing that age was no longer on his side he succumbed to his wife’s suggestions to have the maid bear a child for them. What thought is running through your mind due to the challenges you have been facing? Are you contemplating quitting church? Are you contemplating visiting the native doctors (Babalawos)? Have you decided to go after that man and do his bidding because no one has proposed marriage to you till now? Is the only option you now have - to give your body to your boss, lecturer, employer to make them give you your request or wish? Are you staggering in faith? What is the leak or crack on your ship?

It takes one little leak to sink a ship. When a small leak is left unchecked, it gradually begins to expand and gives room to water flooding the ship and in no time the vessel in under water it sinks. 
A little compromise you may say – one step after another in the wrong direction and your faith begins to collapse. Soon you will begin to hear friends tell you words that will make you feel you have endured long enough. You hear words like, ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’. You begin to feel forsaken and your spiritual ears become deafened to the words of the Spirit. You no longer want to hear those promises from the Bible. Before long, your prayer life deteriorates; no more interest in the Bible and what you would never entertain in the past becomes what you enjoy most. May this never be your portion.
Beloved, the Lord has assured us that He will never leave or forsake us (Heb 13:5). As you have put you hands on the plow, do not look back (Luke 9:62). Avoid that leak because it can sink the ship. Keep the faith. Do not throw away your confidence; for it will be richly rewarded (Heb 10:35).
Faithful Father, I put my confidence in You. Help me to keep my ship well protected from cracks and leaks that I may endure to the end. I know I will share my testimony soon, keep me strong, in Jesus name.
God Never Fail, Trust Him (part 6)
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 Welcome dear PEJOWEBIANS!
It is another refreshing edition of your favorite series. Let's dive in without wasting time!
Let's go through the book of Psalms 125 v1
"Those who trust in, lean on, and confidently hope in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides and stands fast forever." (AMP)
My dear readers, it can never be over emphasized that you need to trust in the Lord always!
Our God Is a merciful and compassionate God but he only reference those that lean on him, have confidence in him and hope in Him.
Is there anything too hard for God to do? Absolutely know. Our God is the God of all flesh and He's the omnipotent and  omniscient God.
Are you passing hard times now? Are you looking unto God for a breakthrough, healing and divine provision? Trust in him, He's ever faithful. Be patient with God and he make your life a living testimony!
God bless you!

Thank you so much for reading through this article.
Kindly like and drop your comments in the comments section, it is well appreciated.
God Never Fail, Trust Him (part 4)
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Welcome to another edition of this article.
I believe your faith is being increased daily in God Almighty. 
According to the book of Psalms 37:3 -
 "Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness."
We can see from the above scripture that you should trust in the lord and this comes along with the faithfulness of God.
Also, you're to do Good as you're trusting God for anything to be done or perfected in your life. Do good to everyone around you because you don't know when you will come across an angel of the lord in human form. I believe you can remember the story of our father in faith, Abraham, how he entertained angels and he didn't know until the last minute!
So, my dear reader, do good to everyone as you're trusting God for breakthrough, success etc. God can use anyone to help you and lift you up to your desired quest or ambition.
Always have this at the back of your mind, that the faithfulness of God never cease.
God bless you.

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See you in part 5!