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For easy washing off a burnt jollof pot, add liquid soap and water inside the pot, boil for 3mins and see the burnt part goes off

Cook your rice, 🍚 put in the fridge for at least 12hrs or over night to remove the starch in it. 

To avoid mortar making so much noise when pounding, add a padded rag under the mortar before pounding.

Apply vegetable oil on ur hands when washing pepper so it won't hurt you after washing.

Also, soak ur onions inside water for some seconds before slicing to avoid crying while slicing it.

If there's too much salt, you add Irish potatoes to absorb the saltiness

For those that love semo, always add a little bit of Groundnut oil into the hot water before adding ya semo. 
1. It won't burn at the bottom of the pot 
2. It'll be easier to scoop out. 
3. It'll be easier to wrap.

If pepper enters your eyes, take a pinch of salt and put in your tongue..the pepper will vanish and the pain will stop.

Steam kanda with Unripe Paw Paw or Tom Tom,it will be very soft,Tender.

While boiling your rice add a spoon of butter,it gives it nice aroma.

To deodorize your already used vegetable oil, add a slice of ginger to it. It'll be as good as new.

When using potash, don't just put it like that inside ur pot, put it in a bowl add some little water to it, and use the potash water by so doing you will not have stones in ur food.

When Cooking ur rice, add a little groundnut oil n it will stop water from spoiling thr gas n stove, no water will drop from ur pot.

And finally

Always have carrot in your kitchen when frying meat or plantain. So as you are frying them, you are chewing the carrot make the meat or plantain them no disappear.🤣🤣🤣

My work is done!!!🤪

Checkout Snacks That Are Not Good For Cancer Patients
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 Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy the body tissues. When a patient has cancer there are some meals or snack that person is not permitted to take in cause it may cause damage to the system.
 In this article, I will be showing you snacks that a cancer patient is not allowed to take:

1. Homemade mayonnaise.

2. Unpasteurized cheese and dairy products.

3. Too much of fried foods.

4. Unwashed vegetables and fruits.

5. Rice.

6. Popcorn.

7. Pizza.

8. Nuts.

9. Oils.

10. Akara.
Check Out Delicious Meals You Can Eat At Lunch Today
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Launch is the next and the most important meal of the day. Launch is very important because it gives you energy to continue work for the rest of the day.


In this article I'll be showing you delicious meal you can eat as lunch. In case you don't have what to cook for lunch don't worry we got you covered.


1. Afang soup and EBA


2. Rice and fish stew


3. Rice and vegetable soup.


4. Amala and ewedu soup.


5. Semovita and bitter leaf soup.


6. Plantain and egg sauce


7. Beans and rice.


8. Melon soup and EBA. 


9. Plantain and fried rice.


10. Chicken and waffles.


How To Pepare Afang Soup
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Afang Soup is delicious delicacy that is eaten in Akwa ibom State.
It is eaten in places like wedding, buriels, child dedication.

In this articles, I will showing you how to prepare Afang Soup.

Afang leaves
Goat meat

Method of cooking:
Wash and slice waterleafs and then slice the Afang leaves into tiny pieces and blend it in grinder.
Wash your smokefish, stockfish and goat meat, place it in the pot add salt and seasoning cubes leave it to boil for some minute,,wash periwinkle add salt and boil for 5 minutes.

Put pot on fire together with water pour all your ingredients at onces let it boil for 5 minutes. Your Afang Soup is ready to serve.

Cancer: Food And Habits That May Cause Cancer
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Cancer is regarded as a killer disease, this is because it has actually caused the death of a lot of people around the world. Studies show that cancer has over the years claimed the lives of millions of people all around the world.


There is no certain cause of cancer but some studies believe that some of our everyday habits and even the foods which we eat has been linked to increase a person's risk of cancer.

Well, in this article I am going to be talking about the foods and habits that may cause cancer

1. Fried Foods




Fried foods are one of the commonly eaten type of food. This is because it is much more tasteful than most boiled foods especially in the case of eggs. But studies have found that fried foods are not very healthy for the body.

This is because they are build up of carcinogens compound in the body which have been proven to increase a person's risk if cancer. When a food is fried under high temperature, it forms acrylamide which also increases risk of cancer.


2. Drinking too much alcohol



Drinking too much alcohol has over the years been linked to higher risk of cancer. This is mostly because when these things are consumed in large quantities, they cause Inflammation in the body which increases a person's risk of cancer.

3. Processed meats


Processed meats are another type of food that has been proven to be unhealthy for the body. This is because it could cause Inflammation in the body which increases a person's risk of cancer. Cutting down on your intake of processed meat is regarded as a healthy habit.

4. Not Exercising regularly

Exercise is very necessary for the body. Lack of exercise caused the buildup of fats, Inflammation and other things in the body which have been found to be very unhealthy for the body.

5. Sugar and refined carbs



Sugar and other refined carbs has been found to cause Inflammation of the body. Studies have found a linked between sugary and refined carbs to higher chances of cancer in the body.
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How To Prepare Coconut Rice With Shrimps
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  Coconut rice with shrimp is packed with coconut aromatic flavor, it is very tasty and the shrimp bring more flavor to the coconut rice. 

  In this article, I will be showing you the steps on how to prepare coconut rice and shrimps:

•Cups of rice.
•Peas and carrots.
•Coconut milk.
•Cubes & salt.

Step 1: Was your rice with cold water until it is clean. Parboil your rice for about ten to fifteen minutes depending on the quantity of rice. After it has parboiled, you wash the rice.

Step 2: Place the shrimp and peel off the scales on it. Put a large pan on the medium heat and add the oil. Add the curry, thyme, onions, ginger and garlic then add the shrimps and cook for about two minutes.

Step3; Add the parboiled rice and mix. And garlic powder, seasoning cubes and salt. Add the turkey and peas and carrots then add the fried shrimps then continue to cook. Allow it to cook for five to ten minutes.
Your coconut rice and shrimps is ready.

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