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6 Habits That Cause Kidney Stone And 6 Ways To Prevent It

Kidney stones are hard mineral deposits in the kidneys. When they move through your urinary tract, they cause excruciating discomfort or pain.Habits T...

5 Effects Regularly Eating Titus Fish (Mackerel) Can Have On Your Body

Fish represent one of the healthiest animal protein sources due to their impressive nutrient profile. Often touted for being healthier than red meats,...

3 Medical Reasons Why Pap (Akamu) Should Be Taken Regularly

Pap, which is commonly called Akamu, is a meal which most Nigerian homes do not joke with especially when the weather is cold. It serves as a natural ...

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Fufu (Akpu)

Fufu is a dough-like food made from fresh or fermented cassava and it is an essential food across African countries.It’s eaten majorly across West A...

The Benefit Of Putting Garlic Inside Your Toilet

Cleaning is an essential thing that you need to do daily in your environment. It is important that you carry out personal hygiene in different places ...

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