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Building Collapses: Causes And Prevention.

Building Collapses: Causes And Prevention. Eddie1     703  

8 months ago

~3.0 mins read
Just when we thought things were going well, another bad incident has occurred. Just recently, a building in Ikoyi collapsed with a lot of people trapped inside underground, as if that was not enough, another building collapsed killing  four people and five people rescued in Badagry, Lagos state two storey building. One thing is for sure that there is something wrong. Is it the builders or is it the occupants fault? We are not sure. 
This is going to happen if adequate measures are not taken to prevent a building from collapsing.
There are some reasons outlined below:
1. Builders and the building equipment quality used: Building collapses can be directed at the builders because they are the ones who have been asked to construct it. There are as just as dishonest builders as there are honest builders. Also the equipment used could be the source of the problem because if a poor quality of material is used, you will definitely get a poorly constructed house. As you lay your bed, so shall you lie on it.

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You don’t expect the builders to use their money to get what you did not get or pay for (not everyone is generous). Bad design also causes it as well as faulty construction. Bad design on the part of the builders can be dangerous to buildings as they give a bad and faulty foundation to the structure.
Solution: The best solution to this problem is that there should be constant supervision of the building during the building process don’t just leave it till when the building is almost over. There should be step by step and detailed inspection of each and every process. 
Also, the equipment used should be excellent and adequate, do not settle down for a low quality and tell them to manage it, IT COULD KILL YOU!!! If not, wait till when the money is enough, and budget excessively before starting the construction. Ask others for a reliable contractor so as not to trust blindly. 
2. Generator wires: This fault is from the occupants side. Also this is a very common and improper custom which almost all of us take very little notice of.
The generator has been a major advantage in many homes, but every advantage come at a cost. Generators produce a very high vibration and noise which can cause collapse altogether. As for the noise, the noise causes vibration and as the wall reflects it back, it has a damaging little effect. But all small things lead to a bigger one. Also the vibration in the wires which are mostly passed through the ceiling can be fatal to the building. 
Solution: Try putting your generator as far as possible from the house so as to minimize the sound effects.
And also tell the electrical officer to locate the wires in such a location that would have minimal effect on the building. Lastly if your finance allows, get your sound proof generator and don’t forget to service the generator regularly.
3. Cracks: Well we have blamed the builders, the equipment and the occupants, so now we will blame both the insects, climate, natural disasters such as earthquake  (which is not very common in this part of the world) and the building itself. Cracks in building is caused by numerous reasons, one of which is the insects. The insects such as the cockroaches live in cracks so too much cockroaches in the building can lead to collapse.
Also, climate has a role to play. Sunshine and rainfalls can have an adverse effect on the building because they can also cause cracks. 
Solution: Use insecticide to get rid of cockroaches and also do not ignore any crack be it small or big as they both lead to the same thing. If any crack is spotted in your house the best thing to do is to look for an expert to try and inspect it and try as much as possible to amend it either by plastering or by filling it. 
Finally, please do not hesitate to contact an expert if any abnormality is detected. Keep your self safe and share to others,do not ignore anything.
Just as the saying goes “better late than never”, SAVE A LIFE.


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