4 Foods To Improve Your Heart Health

4 Foods To Improve Your Heart Health Raaman     509  

2 years ago

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1. Avocado:

The American Heart Association finds that eating at least one avocado each day is an effective way to lower blood pressure. Experts recommend using a daily avocado instead of the fats we usually incorporate into a balanced diet.

2. Nuts and seeds:

Studies show that nuts containing potassium and magnesium can improve your heart health. But doctors recommend preserving nuts that don't add salt and spices to taste. Experts have found that biting like pistachios helps prevent blood clotting, and lowers cholesterol.

3. Olive oil:

Olive oil cannot be eliminated from the Mediterranean diet. There is no other product that is beneficial for heart health and brain health as it reduces the risk of breast cancer. Heart health experts recommend using olive oil instead of other oils for cooking purposes.

4. Fish:

Eating fish such as salmon, oysters and tuna with healthy fats can be very beneficial for the heart. Health experts recommend that these sea fish be included in the diet of omega-3 fatty acid. .

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I always tell people that if everyone ate healthy, the hospitals would hardly exist



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Thank you.



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Too helpful