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Shweta covered a distance of 10 km in one hour. Akash covered the same distance in one and a half hours. Which of the two is faster and healthier
 Of course our answer will be Shweta.
What if we say that Shweta covered this distance on a prepared track while Akash did it by walking on a sandy path?
Then our answer will be Akash.
 But when we come to know that Shweta is 50 years old while Akash is 25 years old
Then our answer will be Shweta again.
But we also come to know that Akash's weight is 140 kg while Shweta's weight is 65 kg.
Again our answer will be Akash 
As we learn more about Akash and Shweta, our opinions and judgments about who is better will change.
The reality of life is also similar.

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Cinque Terre
We form opinions very superficially and hastily, due to which we are not able to do justice to ourselves and others.
 Opportunities vary.
 Life is different.
 Resources differ.
 Problems change.
Solutions are different.
Therefore the excellence of life is not in comparing with anyone but in testing oneself.
 You are the best.

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Cinque Terre
Stay as you are and keep trying your best according to your circumstances.
Stay fit - healthy - positive , stay cool - blessed , stay satisfied - Zero level , keep smiling - happy , keep laughing - feeding, keep on serving to your future - society - country.
Stay honoured.


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Andy (Basic)   2 mths
Wow...this is too powerful a piece!
I was so inspired. Thanks dear



Water0184 (Basic)   2 mths
Good lesson for us. With this each of us will we now know our position 



youngancient (Basic)   2 mths
I love this one. Truly comparison is a dead end, it's inhibits healthy growth and personal development. Thanks for sharing with us on pejoweb.