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"Stop hitting her," Chike said to his elder brother, "daddy is home."
"It's a lie, where is the daddy you're saying is home?" Obika replied, while he continued to bully Obiageli.

Obiageli was of small stature, petite but sharp tongued. Her hands were almost longer than her legs and she was thought to have been born with a deformity. She had long outgrown that.

She grew up to be the boldest of the lot and was quick to call out Obika, the bully, whenever he did something wrong.

"Daddy will kill you today," Chike mocked in sing-song voice, while Obika became even more curious and even suspicious whether he was being recorded. 
In 2022, you could be recorded on video, bullying your younger sister and then become a laughing or gazing stock in school and he didn't want that.

"Okay, where is daddy," Obika faced Chike, taking a break from Obiageli. He was surprised that Chike was not running away from him with his tiny mosquito legs as he turned to him, shining his eyes with terror.

"You this lying boy, shay you thought you can run abi," Obika said snidely, lifting Chike up by grabbing his upper arms.

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Cinque Terre
Chike remained calm and that terrified Obika as he began to wonder that _"there must be some truth to this Daddy tale that this boy is telling."_

Okafor had gone to work that morning with his very noisy Volkswagen Beetle car and could never have returned home noiselessly, and this, Obika knew very well. Plus, who opened the gate for him to drive in, Obika thought to himself.

He put Chike down and started to look around. First, he looked for the car towards the garage and did not see it.

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Cinque Terre
Then he looked through the sitting room and other places in the house and there was no daddy anywhere.

He returned to the room and Chike was still standing there, with a worrisome expression on his face that made Obika sweat. His many years of experience in bullying his younger ones had shown him that Chike could only be this bold if Daddy was somewhere in the house. "Where is Daddy na...?" Obika asked with exasperation and sorrow.

After searching again for a short time, he sat down on the bed, wondering where Daddy could be and why he could not see him. And yet, Chike was still very bold with the boldness that the presence of Daddy alone could bring.

The end.

This short story speaks of how we all sometimes like to act when we think God is not watching or even when we think in our hearts that there is no God.

Psalms 14:1 (KJV)  
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

Your statement in your heart, that there is no God, is in your conduct. But:

Daniel 2:28
But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets...

Do not be a fool!



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News_Naija (Basic)   3 mths
Yes, no matter how you want to hide it. There is God. I love this piece. Keep bringing more



News_Naija (Basic)   3 mths
Yes, no matter how you want to hide it. There is God. I love this piece. Keep bringing more