What Is Self Control? My Experience And More

What Is Self Control? My Experience And More

What Is Self Control? My Experience And More Peter  

5 years ago

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I went to the Restaurant today! I was hungry, plus I had been feeling drive-less recently.

Ordered a plate of food to take home, because I was too down to even cook. Then I noticed the Alcohol 🤩 in their fridge. 

Honestly felt like I needed some to help my mood, atleast temporarily. I did ask the price, got the money and was ready to pay. 

It was gonna boost me, alcohol really would make me feel different, I am pretty sure of a short but worth the while benefit with alcohol, any day anytime.

You won’t believe it, but I did chicken out of getting it ☺️.
I call that self control, don’t know what you call it, unmanly? Weak? Asocial? Poverty? Erm? Whatever?

I was able to give up:
1) Some pleasure I thought I needed more than anything else at that moment
2) Some pleasure with an obvious short term benefit
3) Some pleasure that demands spending and continuous spending to maintain.
4) An energy drink (literally)

I was able to control myself.


We all need self control to achieve at different focuses. I mean, I could make a list, but let’s refrain as you keep in mind that you need that self control EVERYDAY, EVERYTIME.

It's been three years since that piece was written. I ll like to share with you that I have learnt more about self control.


I hope what I learnt amazes you.

I have learned that the best self-control to give isn't the resistance of food, liquor or sex. It's isn't denial of your feelings or the status quo, but the acceptance of it, then finding a way to live through it becomes profitable. It's not the denial of thoughts or obvious feelings, it's is the control of thoughts and feelings (accept what it is and how you feel about certain situations, yet be wise enough to control the reactions of such feelings.

The best of self-control is the resistance of the self. Your self. Your very own heart (Ego itself)

The best of self control is achieved when you:
1) Completely accept your past with happiness (the good and bad of it)

2) Accepting today that you are in control of very little (and so you are practicing detaching yourself emotionally without neglect of duty to those around you or your environment because up till this point, we have ignorantly messed our destinies with our hands)

3) And attempting to create the future with best unbiased knowledge and analysis you can muster (because what you do for the future is what the future would do for you)

You ll find that many "good" people (myself inclusive, that's if I am even considered a good person) find it hard to break that paragraph even. 
We regret/cherish the past - it's gone.
Many are control freaks and believe that they must succeed at everything they lay their hands on and create the future with as much biased knowledge they can manifest..

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