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The Glasgow Coma Scale Made Easy

GLASGOW COMA SCALE Remember: 4, 5 & 6 for Eyes, Mouth & Movement EYE Opening (EYES Has 4 letters; carries 4 points) 1.      Never open th...

To unmask the answers to the questions, select and delete the orange mask. Use undo to replace it for further use. Use it to test yourself before IFOM 2 exams

Already made Android Webview Application Project. Easy to use. Change the load url to your website and that's it. If you need to see a video, please visit the Youtube link


Diabetic Foot Examination (Surgery Rotations)

Foot Examination 1.       Define Diabetic foot A constellation of Physical findings and Medical complications in the foot, arising as a consequ...

Factors That Affect Wound Healing (Common Question In Surgery Rotations Gambia)

Many of these factors are related, and the systemic factors mostly affects wound healing by influencing the local factors.   Factors affecting wound healing can be cate...

Blacks sold Blacks into Slavery. We have to stop blaming whites

It is disheartening to know that many black people believe that evil should be dished out to the White's in retribution for their sins. Their sins of slavery.If the white race deserves to pay for slavery, what about those black people who sold their kinsmen into slavery? They deserve evil too! Don't they?I do not expect a lot of people to agree with my opinion, you cannot change the facts regardless. If we really think that those involved in slavery must pay for their sins, then no wonder Africa seems so backward. After all, Karma would start from numero uno (The first perpetrators of evil), that would be those who decided to sell before those who bought. Maybe most Africans, especially Africa, are descendants of those who sold their kinsmen into slavery, Maybe they are paying dearly for it by their complete inability to see good in father and mother lands and develop their nations, instead they look up to and keep running to the "so called" slave masters (who they think deserves to suffer). It is pathetic that many Africans fight their way into Europe to do jobs that they would never do to Africa, to become another rolling stone of development in a strange land. (The land of their captors, where their forefather's relatives who were sold into slavery were taken)To make situation worse, Blacks are still selling blacks to whites as a type this.Let us talk about why the government is not the problem in Africa another day!Before I end this opinion of mine, for which I expect you to be the judge, I would love you to answer a question. Which is worse? 1. To buy a man to whom you share very little or nothing in common? (you don't look, speak or behave like him. At the time, social norms in your region portrayed it as the right thing to do. It was done openly amongst your type)2. To sell a man to whom you share a lot in common (they look like you, speak similar languages, live in close proximity, are in the same level of development as you, selling humans by wasn't ever considered a social norm by Africans) 


Are Microchip implants the mark of the beast (Hence marking world end) ?

Well, the new theory floating around is that there are new Microchips that are going to mark the end of the world, because the fact that people should have these implants as immunization means that it's the mark of the beast.The question is, have microchip implants been around before now? Does having microchip implants mean you are carrying the mark of the beast? Watch the video, be the Judge!

Why you need a good Life partner

In case you missed this powerfully Illustrated video. Here it is for you again. A good team might be all what you need!

Some Beautiful Paintings From My Gambian Friend Matty Mbye

Matty Mbye is a pretty young Gambian Nursing student who loves to sketch and paint in her free time. She is also a really smart book worm.


Some Amazing Pictures From Gambia And You Really Need To Visit The Gambia

There are many reasons why you should visit Gambia. It would be really great to give you a list of one hundred reasons why you should visit, but I am pretty occupied at the moment, so I will give you

Facts In Sarcasm

These might seem funny right! Right!! But they seem like facts to me. What do you think 🤔?Yea! By the way there are a lot more activists than people who are putting goo

NBME USMLE STEP 1 SIMULATOR FOR WINDOWS PC, Timer mode available. Free from NBME

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