Robots Make Most Of The Staff Of An Hotel In Tokyo, Japan

Robots Make Most Of The Staff Of An Hotel In Tokyo, Japan

Robots Make Most Of The Staff Of An Hotel In Tokyo, Japan Peter  

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The future is now and a hotel in Japan is leading the way, replacing staff with holograms and robots.

At the Henn-na Hotel, located in Tokyo’s buzzing Ginza district, you’ll be greeted by anything from a female robot, a friendly ninja (who can speak five languages), to an even friendlier dinosaur who is pretty damn excited to meet a human. 

The rooms themselves are unfortunately, or fortunately, not holographic but are clean and compact. They’re fitted out with comfy beds (double or twins), modern furnishings, views of Ginza and of course, all the mod cons one could hope for. 

Here, the room’s smartphone is your best friend. From it you can operate the TV, control the room temp, set the lighting to everything from sunset to spring, it can even open your front door! There’s also a robotic steam press that removes wrinkles and odours, so you’ll always be looking your freshest. You can use the phone throughout your stay, including data and one free international phone call so you can facetime your bestie with the dinosaur. 

If you find yourself craving some human interaction, head down to the lobby and order a quirky cocktail from a pre-paid machine—it will be delivered by a real life human!

A night at the Henn-na Hotel is surprisingly cheap (probably because they can cut back on staff costs) from just $85 a night. If you don’t want to travel as far as Japan, the company behind Henn-na have revealed plans to open more than 100 properties worldwide over the next five years—so you’ll having a dinosaur-staffed hotel coming your way in no time.

Source: Urban list.

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