Men That Killed Lucky Dube And Why

Men That Killed Lucky Dube And Why

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Lucky dube the south African reggae legend was killed in 2007,there were different rumors and stories as regards to his death,some said he was killed by jamaicans but the truth is he was actually killed by three men right there in his country South African.

It happened on that faithful day after dropping his 2 children off at their uncles house on 18th October 2007 when three south Africans shot him in his Chrysler 300c at Rosettenville in Johannesburg south Africa.

five men were suspected by the police department of the country and they were later apprehended but further investigations revealed that two of them were innocent but the remaining three guilty and later sentenced to life imprisonment.

When they were interrogated by the police this was what they said

They didn't know it was the reggae artiste that was driving, all they wanted was the car and to them they thought it was a Nigerian citizen that was driving so for them to get the car they had to shoot him and reports said Lucky dube drove off with the car with his body pierced with bullets but later ended crashing the car at a tree

The names of the men are sifiso Mhlanga,gxowa Ludwe and Mbuti Mabe.

Check their pictures below

The legend lived only 43 years he was reportedly born on August 1964 and died in the year 2007.

He sang alot about his father because his parents parted even before he was born so he was raised by his mother.

rest on legend !!

Reggae has changed since his death or what do you think

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