How To Build Stronger Core Muscles: Simple, Flexible And Portable Methods


How To Build Stronger Core Muscles: Simple, Flexible And Portable Methods

How To Build Stronger Core Muscles: Simple, Flexible And Portable Methods Abel  

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One of the best things you can do for your health is to strengthen your core muscles.
Your core is more than just abdominal muscles; it includes the muscles in your back, sides, pelvis, and butt. They’re the muscles that allow you to reach, bend, and move freely.

What’s more, a strong core helps keep you steady on your feet. And that’s critical because it can help you stay independent by preventing debilitating falls.

Strengthening your core muscles doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can do these simple exercises anywhere and adapt them as you gain fitness.

Common Benefits of Core Exercises

1. Prevent falls that can rob you of your independence


Ease and prevent low back pain
3. End stress incontinence
4. Relieve prostate problems
5. Increase flexibility


Look thinner by improving posture
7. Trim and tone your waistline

How is your balance?

Take this 10-second balance test right now:
1. Stand comfortably near a wall with your arms in any position you choose.
2. Lift one foot an inch or two off the floor so that you are balancing on the other foot.

If you can’t hold this position for more than 10 seconds, you’re at risk for a fall. 

Gentle core exercises are specially designed for people who aren't up to tackling regular core exercises, perhaps because they are out of shape or possibly due to an injury or health problem.

The office workout

The following routine is a great way to ease into core work. You can do these four exercises at work, without your colleagues being any the wiser. You can do these exercises at home, too, thanks to simple variations. The front plank, for example, can be done while either leaning on your desk or using the kitchen counter to support your weight.

Equipment needed: Desk (a table or countertop is also fine), exercise mat, and sturdy chair.

Chair Stand                                                          Front Plank on Desk
Chair Stand Exercise - Harvard Health Publishing       Harvard Health PUblishing

Bridge                                                                   Abdominal Contraction
Bridge Exercise - Harvard        Abdominal Contraction - Harvard

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