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The principal reason why Nigeria will still remain the way it is, is because we are so impregnated with lots of negative thouģhts and values. We have prided ourselves on negativities that have robbed us of our deserved places in the society. Sheer greediness has also become a cankerworm that have eaten deep into our fabrics.

Indeed, we need to change our mindset for change to come..

Ages past, I know we had good and great leaders but the followers weren't ready for change.

The kind of change we are all looking for will surely take time because we love the cycle in which we've been thrown into and any nation that keeps complaining without exercising the need for change will not, by any chance progress.

For a quick check on any progress of a nation, check its educational system and its citizens' hunger for knowledge.

For us to grow, we need to try something different! We want change but when change comes we don't want to acknowledge it..

Social media ranting about politics is not patriotism, do your job well and I work on mine, hence our country will become enviable in the sight of other nations across the world and will be great.

Our usual blame game about our problems, especially on the serving government chiefs and commanders is really overstressed.


lnstead, let us make a good start from each every home. Let us first work on our attitudinal changes and take responsibilities

Push yourself to learning. Start from your own community, build your own tribe.


Learn to contribute for free, add towards your community.

True change won't come on a platter of gold, but we will experience such when we begin to tailor off those bad strands of ours.

Without the right attitude with the right mindset, good orientation and proper education cum knowledge, the circle continues.

Let the change start with you, yes You!

Our value system is going to determine how far we go as a Nation, no gainsaying.

Interestingly, to them, politics is a local game which requires tricky baits and that's the simple reason why they gain the attention of the ordinary men and local men like the type in Africa where it is so easy to turn us against one another and set boundaries among us.

A society impoverished with hatred, devoid of knowledge and where ignorance is epidemic like ours results in the dignity and sense of humanity eroded.

Let's forget the social media ranting.

For me, real politics isn't played on those platforms. Real politics happens out there! Real politics are played on the streets. Real politics are felt by its citizenry.

We are brother and sisters of a Nation. Let us come together and uphold that which our heroes past have labored for. Let us all eschew tribal sentiments and work together to achieve our common goals.

Stand for something, stand for a Cause, stand for a Change.

Support friends who are also doing great.

Let our collective greatness be our greatest priority as a Nation. Then, only then shall we experience what a true change is.

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