Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PLAB

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PLAB

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PLAB Abel  

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When can we book PLAB-2 after clearing PLAB-1?
You can book PLAB-2 whenever you want after clearing PLAB-1 (better do it as soon as you get the result if you want an earlier date as there are limited numbers and dates). Check your my-GMC. It will let you book it.
How can I apply for IELTS exemption?
See link below and it explains everything

Also you can check links below:

If the exemption is accepted by GMC, it is valid for 2 years. IELTS/exemption is only required for PLAB-1 not 2. Regarding whether it will be accepted by UKBA while you are applying for Tier-2 visa after getting a job in the UK, I am not sure as rules have changed after April 2012. If I get any information from UKBA website or if anyone has a link to share kindly do so. Someone who is coming to the UK on visa's other than Tier 2 and don't need to show English requirements to the UKBA, they can use their IELTS exemption to get job in the NHS and carry-on with the exemption thus not requiring to pass IELTS at all.


I hope it answers some questions regarding IELTS & Exemption process

When can I apply for IELTS exemption and how long does it stand for?
There are mixed thoughts about how long exemption stands for. What I knew and confirmed with GMC was you can apply for exemption within the 1st year of graduation from your medical college and the exemption once accepted stays for 2 years. I will suggest you email GMC about it quoting your GMC number. They are really good in replying and won't mind it at all.

Am I exempted of F1 if I have done 1 year post-medical college intership/House job in my country? What is Full GMC registration?
Once you go for PLAB 2, you can show your house job certificates and they usually accept your inter-ship/House job and gives your Full GMC registration meaning (never heard anyone House Job certificate rejected). Although there is a set standard of at least 4 months in Surgery or allied & 4 months in Medicne or allied for the House job to be accepted (You have to confirm what exactly counts in the allied part). The Full GMC status means your medical degreee is accepted and you have done a 12 months residency/house job at an acceptable level.

What level should I start after clearing PLAB exam and getting GMC registration? Is it worth doing F1 or F2 jobs even though you have done House Job/Intership in your country?
Depending on what you want to do, you can start with F1, F2 or SHO level job after getting Full GMC registration. It is not compulsory to do F2 once you have Full GMC registration.


Like my first job in the NHS after getting Full GMC registration was 6 months SHO, then 1 year F2 and now GP training. My friend after getting Full GMC registration did 2 years of Foundation programme F1 &F2 and then joined Core Surgical Training. This was a very good plan from him to start from the lowest of the training programme as the Health System in the UK is totally different then most of the countrys. You get a good exposure to different specialities and the way different training programme works and gives you good time to decide what you want to do. Don't think that you are wasting your time as a lot guys coming from our country are in a rush to become a specialist and wants quick way. It is always better to be a good doctor.
What is F2 and do I need to do F2 before I start any other job in the UK?
The internship or House Job in the UK is 2 years called Foundation programme (F1 & F2) that starts after you finish your medical school/college. The rest of it is answered above.

What is the basic pay for doctors in the UK?
Below is the NHS website for basic pay + Extra banding in percentage of the original pay that adds to the basic pay.


Hence total pay = basic pay + banding (usually 20% or 50%). See below website for more

How can I apply for Electives/attachment/observer-ship at a hospital?
Check the individual NHS Trust website that you are interested in e.g., that is nearest to you. Sometimes they have a person in their Human resources/Medical staffing department that organises the electives. If that is not the case try to write an email to a member of the HR/Medical staffing and ask for further information. Alternatively write an email to some consultants at the hospital & department you are interested in and usually they will reply with a yes or no. A useful website to find the nearest hospital and their details:

Am I exempted from PLAB if I am EU national?
A very grey area. Following link may help or call/email GMC to get the right answer:

How can I contact the GMC?

To Call:
Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pmSaturday - 9am to 5pmInside the UK: 0161 923 6602Outside the UK: +44 161 923 6602By email:

By Dr Abdul-Nasir Ahmadzai.

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