Factors That Affect Wound Healing (Common Question In Surgery Rotations Gambia)

Factors That Affect Wound Healing (Common Question In Surgery Rotations Gambia)

Factors That Affect Wound Healing (Common Question In Surgery Rotations Gambia) Peter  

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Many of these factors are related, and the systemic factors mostly affects wound healing by influencing the local factors.
Factors affecting wound healing can be categorized into 
1. Local factors (VON PIE)
- Local factors are those that directly influence the characteristics of the wound itself.
2. Systemic factors (GASIS DOMAIN)
- Systemic factors are the overall health or disease state of the individual that affect his or her ability to heal

Local factors (VON PIE)
1. Oxygenation
    Wound that has proper oxygen supply from the vessels and the     
    surrounding, heal properly in due time.
2. Infection
    Infection may slow the healing process, by direct effects, causing
    immune reaction and necrosis of surrounding tissue.
3. External/Foreign body
    Presence of foreign bodies (for example a wound not properly debrided)
    may be a source of infection and inflammation.



Venous Insufficiency
    In venous insufficiency, there is poor drainage of tissue, deoxygenated
    blood with a pile of metabolic waste pools around the vessels and tissues,
    worsening the condition of the tissues and slowing regeneration. 

5. PVD
    When arteries are pathologically narrowed, there is reduced flow of blood
    to the distal areas beyond the narrowing.

6. Peripheral Neuropathy
    If the patient looses ability to feel, he would not be able to shift pressure.
    Prolonged pressure on an area might worsen an uncomplicated injury.
    Blood vessels may also not function properly when they loose they nerve

Mnemonic: VON PIE
  Venous insufficiency 
  Peripheral vascular diseases
  External/Foreign bodies

Systemic factors (GASIS DOMAIN)
1. Gender and Sex hormones


3. Stress
4. Ischemia
5. Smoking
6. Diseases: Diabetes, Keloids, Fibrosis, Hereditary healing disorders and collagen diseases, Jaundice, Uremia
7. Obesity


Medications: Glucocorticoids, NSAIDS, Chemotherapy (Bevacizumab etc)
9. Alcoholism
10. Immunocompromised conditions: Cancer, Radiation therapy, AIDS
11. Nutrition



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