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Every Student Should Have These Android Apps On Their Smartphones

2 years ago

~3.0 mins read

As a student,there are different types of apps you need to have on your mobile device. Some of these apps will help you academically,and some still will help you to relax.

To improve your school work,I have actually compiled a list of apps you should have in your smartphone as a student.

Due to the stressful nature of students,you can actually make use of some of these apps I am going to share with you to share with you to store your projects and assignments.

And some are going to help you cope in class when your lecturer is dictating. So,let's get started.

1.Oxford Dictionary of English- App


 This app will simply help you find the meaning of words you come across.

The use of the English dictionary should not be overemphasized, and at the same time we can never under rate it's help.

Coming across an unfamiliar word is usually challenging,but when you have this app on your smartphone,it becomes easier to locate words.

2.Light Reader

How does this app work? Download it,install the app,and get access to millions of books.

Ever since I downloaded this app,I have increased my vocabulary by reading at least a book every week.

The good thing about this app is that you can download any book of your choice (except for the 6 books you will get for free when you install the app),and browse through a range of classics and fiction.

Since we are in the digital age,it is wise to have an app where you could read millions of books at your convenience.

This is important especially for students.



With this app,you can actually connect your smartphone with your television.

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Cinque Terre
Using this app,I have attended lectures at home especially in this lockdown.

You can also multi-task and connect with many of your classmates and still meet up with your online lectures using this app.

This is a very good app that I strongly recommends for all students.


4. Google Docs

Create,edit and store documents using this app. It was specially designed by Google. Even when you lose your connection,you can still save your documents.

You can add images,links and anything in your document.

It is also equipped with an auto correct that helps you correct your mistakes in the case of error.

 I have used this app severally to create my documents and assignments.

Every good students needs to download it.


 5.Voice recorder

If you are in a lecture hall where the lecturer is fast for you to jot down something,this app is best for you.

While jotting,you can actually leave this app running in order to pick any information from the lecturer you may have missed while jotting.

 This app is best for storing audio messages and information. You can actually give it a try. And the good thing is that you get to do it without data connection.

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youngancient (Basic)   3 mths
Wow...this is very informative. I have some of the apps like Google docs, oxford dictionary and I got to know more. Thank for this information. This is a great post




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