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Can You Help Us Find A Face For Pejoweb?

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Who can participate?
Answer: Everyone.

Question: Must I be a model to participate?
Answer: No! we are not looking for a professional model. Put in effort and you are good to go. 

Question: Do I need a perfect camera to be able to participate?
Answer: No, you don't need the perfect camera.

Question: How are winners going to be selected.
Answer: We are going to sum the number of views and the number of likes from each picture. The picture with the highest number wins.

Question: What are the benefits?
Answer: The standard reward is $100
This amount would go up depending on the number of participants and/or efforts put in by the participants.
Other rewards include promotion of the winners' posters and social media handles at strategic points on the website. 

Question: If there are not many participants, would the cash prize drop from $100?
Answer: No, $100 is the minimum cash prize that may be awarded. It doesn't drop beyond that, but it can go up
Question: How do I redeem my cash reward?
Answer: We rely on the following channels to get your earnings/rewards to you:
1. Paypal account
2. Bank account in India, Nigeria or Gambia.
3. Western union 

Question: How do I register to be part of this contest.
Answer: The registration link would be available before the 25th of this month.
Interested participants are requested to pay a fee of $3 for registration.
Users who have up to or more than $3 in their Pejoweb accounts are allowed to pay with their Pejoweb credits.

Question: Why are my paying for this contest?
Answer: The payment might seem small, but it is required to filter those less interested in this contest. As we need people who would put in effort into creating great photos for the contest.
If you pay your money, you will take it more seriously!

Question: Is there going to be a free contest?
Answer: Yes, we are working on running a free contest soon. 

Question: How do I go about uploading my picture for the contest?
- Login to your account on Pejoweb
- Go to Albums page
- Upload an album to 'Contest Category
- Contest category would be open on the dates of entries.

Question: How do I create a post
Answer: To create a post, simply click the create button present on every page.

Important Timeline of events

Registration link: Click to Register for this contest

Entry/Submission of photos would run from 1st - 30th of September 2020

Voting would run from 1st - 11th October 2020

Winner(s) would be announced on the 11th of October 2020

Group photos are allowed.
All submissions must be your own pictures. 
Be Original (Unoriginal contents risk disqualification).
We reserve the rights to modify the prizes to suit the number of participants (ie more participants, More winners, Less participants, Less winners)
The minimum cash reward to be awarded is $100 

Tell us if you will be part of this contest in the comments below. You can also ask questions in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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Chimosky (Basic)   2 months ago
I'm interested, I will like to be part of it

Ishola (Basic)   2 months ago
Is this also open for male participants

Nairablink (Basic)   2 months ago
I am interested

Admin (Premium)   2 months ago
@Ishola yes Males are allowed to participate too

Delicia (Basic)   2 months ago

Ishola (Basic)   2 months ago
Thank you

blessingstones (Basic)   2 months ago
I would like to take part in the contest

Gen2sol (Basic)   2 months ago
Yes i will love to participate once the contest is open for participation and looking forward in giving my best to this great opportunity.

AmakaFaith002 (Basic)   2 months ago
I'm interested?☺

Uduko (Basic)   2 months ago
I'm interested

CastleHeilsing32 (Basic)   2 months ago
Is this contest for male and female to participate?

Ugobaby (Basic)   2 months ago
I think I should join too

Ugobaby (Basic)   2 months ago
And there are less ladies

Abdulsh (Basic)   2 months ago

25gracey (Basic)   2 months ago
I'm interested how do I go about it


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