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How to easily edit your already posted article on Pejoweb

To Edit your posted article, always be quick to use the "clear formatting option".The "clear formatting" option is under the "Format menu", located at the top right of the editor box.The steps in the Video are as follows1. Click the blue "Edit post" button on the button right of your screen- This opens the Editor box with text of your writeup. - In this video, the user's texts were too tiny to read.2. Touch the screen on your editor to open the keyboard.3. At the top left of your keyboard, there is a small arrow head.- Tap it to switch menus- switch to the menu with picture, gif,  copy note, setting, ellipses (three small dots ...) and mic icons. [These are listed in order from left to right]4. Tap the ellipses (i.e three dots "..."), located just  before the mic icon to the right.5. The ellipses reveals another menu6.  Select "Text Editing", located at the top right.- with this menu, you can also easily copy and paste articles into your editor box.7. Tap "SELECT" in the middle, then  "SELECT ALL" at the top right8. After you have selected all, leave your keyboard, move to the "text editor" on your screen9. Select Format 10. Select " clear formatting"- Notice how all the tiny texts become normal fonts after clicking clear formatting. Note: Editing was done with Google chrome. Still having difficulty editing your posts? Let us know in the comments.

Pejoweb Gives Bonuses To Users With Top Performance From The Previous Month. We Will Do It Again.

In January 2021, Pejoweb promised to give bonus to a user with top performance but by the end of the month we found two.   On the left is Zhino...

Pejoweb Says Goodbye To User Referral Fraud.

Hello, We have learnt how difficult it is for some users to resist the temptation to create new emails and register non-existent users on Pejoweb usi...

Can You Help Us Find A Face For Pejoweb?

Click to Register for this contestQuestion: Who can participate?Answer: Everyone.Question: Must I be a model to participate?Answer: No! we are not loo...

About Pejoweb

PEJOWEB is mainly a web based platform where users can play a major role in creating a more informed society by sharing informative in Pictu...

Earning On Pejoweb

Earning on Pejoweb (Summary) 1. Receiving Donations2. Referrals (Earns in 3 ways, it's the best part) - Referrals are not compulsory.3. Joining our f...



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