Ways To Prevent Pregnancy Without Using Condoms Or Contraceptive Pills

Ways To Prevent Pregnancy Without Using Condoms Or Contraceptive Pills

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Many singles and couples place a premium on learning how to avoid becoming pregnant. Problems with mental and physical health for the expecting woman and her child, financial difficulties, stress on interpersonal relationships, and other difficulties are all possible outcomes of an unplanned pregnancy. So, it is crucial to learn about and consider all of the potential strategies for preventing an unintended pregnancy. In this article, we'll talk about some of the best alternatives to using condoms and birth control tablets for avoiding pregnancy. 

The Mayo Clinic recommends abstinence as the primary method of birth control for those who do not wish to use a condom or oral contraceptive.

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This means avoiding all séxual touch, including caresses, foreplay, and even penetrating sèx (1). Although it may enhance sèxual tension and temptation, this is the only method of pregnancy prevention that is guaranteed to be effective.

Natural family planning (NFP) can be used by those who want to have sèx but not have children (2). Through the use of fertility and menstrual cycle tracking, NFP helps couples avoid getting pregnant by having sexual relations only while the woman is not ovulating.


Methods include urinalysis, thermometry, and day counting. Couples may also opt to use barrier contraception together with these methods (such as diaphragms or cervical caps).

Withdrawal or "drawing out" is another way to avoid pregnancy through sexual activity (3). Discipline is essential for this approach to work because the man has to remove his pènis from the vàgina right before ejaculation. Due to the need for open lines of communication and trust, this can be challenging for some couples.
Last but not least, you can reduce your chances of having an unintended child by using spèrmicides or other fertility awareness techniques. Before engaging in sex, some people choose to use spermicides, which are items like foams, lotions, and jellies that contain chemicals that kill sperm (4). Contrarily, fertility awareness techniques have women monitor their periods to ascertain whether they should practice abstinence or employ spermicide.

Individuals and couples who engage in sexual activity should be aware of all the methods available to them for preventing pregnancy. It is important for a doctor and patient to work together to make decisions about contraception, and both parties should consult with a healthcare provider before making any final decisions.

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