“This Is What We’re Facing” – Nigerian Lady Walks Through Street Covered In Flood

“This Is What We’re Facing” – Nigerian Lady Walks Through Street Covered In Flood

2 years ago

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A beautiful Nigerian lady from Asaba has shared a video showing her and a young man walking through a flooded street.

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Cinque Terre
You may think they are in a river. 
The water level was at their waists as they tried to walked inside the water.


The lady record herself and a man walking with her as he shouldered a sack. 

The young lady said that the situation is what many people are facing in the community. 

However, many people on social media said that nature has brought nature to the doorstep. 

Among those who reacted to the viral video were those who said that the lady should be careful because of snakes in the water she is walking in. 

See the video snapshot below:

Some reactions from TikTok:

@Sonia reacted: "If the road is like this what about inside the house." 

@beauty noted: "my gender is still maintaining beauty inside flood." 

@Fav Our833 reacted: "U get mind dey do video snake can be in the water." 

Watch the video here

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