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Benson Bedan
  Crisben      Nigeria   


Others : I Am A Writer And I Like Reading And Creating New Ideas.

Wants to meet Study Partners

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How we go dance on final exam

After Smoking Weed See What Happen

After smoking weed i sweep the whole street...

My Girlfriend Fool Me

My Girlfriend Fool Me....and it was so hilarious and funny.


Corona Song Part 2

My Experience With A Sugar Momy

A sugar mummy is an older woman who dates a younger person that she spends money on. This younger person may be male or female (if the sugar mummy is ...

Why Osama Bin Ladin's Body Was Thrown Into Sea

Osama Bin Ladin, a notorious terrorist who was killed in 2011 by a team of US Special forces known as Seal Team Six.Many could not believe that the Al...

Army To Punish Female Soldier For Accepting Marriage Proposal From NYSC Member

She accepted to marry a youth corper. Now she's in trouble. Hannah Sofiat A, a female soldier who accepted a marriage proposal from a member of t...

7 Important Signs That Shows That You Have A Damage Kidney

The kidney is a very sacrosanct organ in the human body. It is so vital due to the number of sacrosanct functions it performs. The kidneys eliminate w...

BREAKING!!! Boko Haram Fighters Take Over Yobe Police Station, Barracks, Set Operational Vehicles Ablaze

Boko Haram fighters has taken over Yobe police station, barracks and has set operational vehicles ablaze.According to a report by SaharaReporters, mil...

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