"This Is Daylight Robbery" – Monkey 'Blocks' Lady On The Road, Collects Her Bag, Steals Popcorn

"This Is Daylight Robbery" – Monkey 'Blocks' Lady On The Road, Collects Her Bag, Steals Popcorn

2 years ago

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A hilarious video has been trending on social media, showing a monkey wrestled and snatch a bag from a helpless woman on the road.

In the TikTok video which had lasted for 7 seconds, the young lady was taken unawares by the rampaging monkey.
The monkey was following the woman without her knowledge then he suddenly grabbed her bag with force, dragging it with the lady until she let go of it.

After the monkey had successfully collecting the bag, the monkey then opened the bag and removed a pack believed to be popcorn.

The monkey thereafter ran away with its prize while the owner of the bag watch in shocked as she laughed.

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Cinque Terre
Another woman also stood by and watched the scene as the funny event unfolded.

See the video snapshot below:
Meanwhile, many people on social media are busy analysing the action taken by the monkey.


While some people called it a pure daylight robbery, others said that they are declaring the animal wanted for criminal offense.

Some comments from TikTok:

@Matimba Ntsanwisi stated: "He is wanted, a warrant must be sent to him."

@mololah311 reacted: "Broad daylight robbery."

@user5640114004145goodman said: "The popcorn is mine you must surrender it to me by all means."

@cheri coco reacted: "No joking me I want my share."

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