Beautiful Lady Becomes Ugly As Her Nose Becomes Big During Pregnancy

1 month ago

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A beautiful woman has shared how her body changed in looks and shape during the time she was pregnant.

The woman shared an interesting video on TikTok, showing herself when she got pregnant and when it has gotten to advanced staged.
The amazing video shows a remarkable change in shape and looks of her body, including her face which looked puffy and her nose a bit big.

Her beautiful hair too looked unkempt and disheveled in the pregnancy stage unlike when it was very well packed when she was not pregnant.

In the early stage of the pregnancy, her face looked beautiful and nice, but things changed when she was humbled by nature. The video she shared on social media has generate more than 1.2 million likes on TikTok alone.

See the video snapshot below:

Some reactions from TikTok:

@shimsliving reacted: "Girl… I feel you. I told people I really am a hot gyal trust me."

@Storm-thunder noted: "I think it's a girl becouse they take the beauty of their mothers."

@Sassyjammy said: "Your baby is absorbing your beauty.

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Cinque Terre
Everything will be back once you give birth."

@Rosemary waweru nyambura said: "From auntie to uncle. Been there."

@Aina89 said: "The way we sacrifice our body..... unbelievable."

@Marcus stated: "When my sister who lives abroad was pregnant I went to visit her and I walked past her in the airport because I didn’t recognise her."

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LoiceChi (Basic)   1 mth
Pregnancy can change people 



Guntu (Basic)   1 mth
Wow, is not easy for all woman 
May God bless them all



Maymay (Basic)   1 mth
Pregnancy will really humble you 😂😂



InspiredTolz (Basic)   1 mth
Chai, women they try o. I can't wait to see those changes when my wife takes in.
We gather dey here



Elina_elin (Basic)   1 mth
Hmmm the difference is clear on this 
Motherhood is a big task and a beautiful thing at same time.