'Na Juju Be That?' – Reactions As Man In Uniform Carries 3 Wooden Tables With His Teeth

'Na Juju Be That?' – Reactions As Man In Uniform Carries 3 Wooden Tables With His Teeth

2 years ago

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A strong man has been trending on social media after lifting three heavy wooden tables with his only teeth.

In the video, which was recently shared on social media, the young man dressed in his local security uniform showing off his strength in the presence of many people.
The young man strongly lifted three tables with his teeth as people watched in shocked. Many people on social media have reacted to the video, with some encouraging the man to join the armed forces.

However, some people commended him over his rare strength and talent, as they showered him with hilarious remarks about what he would do to whoever tried to ingaged him in a fight.

See the video snapshot below:

People reacted on Instagram:

@Omoakin reacted: "If this guy bite u Lasan,u are finished. If this guy tells u he wants to eat u out. You better say No, ok, I’m out."

@Crazedan_ wrote: "That small thing."

@Kinghashthattag said: "Ladies and gentlemen, a biter and more."

@Partypacksby_yetty reacted: "If this guy handle ur chest lasan. Ti e ta niyen."

@Haroldwrites stated: "Legend has it that this guy engaged in a biting battle with alligators and buffaloes. The alligators and buffaloes begged for mercy when they saw his teeth."

@Iamkingdinero2 said: "And You think women aren’t the bravest among all living things, woman go still carry body put for this guy mouth. Omor I Dey imagine am."

Watch the video here

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