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Their Love Story 🙃
Written By Ashley Castino
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Chapter 7


"Royce, are you there?" She asked but he didn't say a word. He had called her but he doesn't know why he did. He pressed on the red button and the call came to and end. He switched off his phone.

Since he got home, he hasn't been able to think of anything else. She clouded his mind.


He called her just so he could hear her voice and it seems to have calmed him down. 

"What's this?" He asked himself and sighed. He laid on the bed and covered up with the duvets. 

"I don't like this feeling, I hate it," He grunted, his expression hardened. He exhaled and closed his eyes afterwards. 

**Scarlett's House

She looked really worried. 'Is he okay?' 'Why did he call me and suddenly cut the call?' 'What happened to his phone?' 
These thoughts ran through her mind. She paced to and fro trying to place a call to him but it wasn't connecting.

She sat dejectedly on a dining chair.
"What if he is under an attaçk?" She asked no one and cringed.


"I should call Mr James," She thought and picked her phone again but hissed when she figured out she hadn't saved his contact on her phone. How could she forget to save it? You won't really blàme her. She has chains of companies to run. 
She sighed and stood up, headed to her room.

***James Villa

"Honey, it's late, come to bed," A feminine voice said. Her hands caressing the shoulders of a man, Mr James.
.He sat in front of a table. There was a laptop on it but he didn't seem to be focused on it. He gave her no response.

"Honey what is it, please talk to me," The woman said again sitting besides him.

"Sweetheart, it's Royce," He said. "I'm worried about him, he has gone through a lot. I hope he could open up," 

She sighed and held his hand. 
"I know dear, you've tried. I'm glad he has you as his uncle"

"I'm worrïed as well, I may not be his biological..

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