Introduction To My Sexual Orientation Script

Introduction To My Sexual Orientation Script

Introduction To My Sexual Orientation Script Peter  

2 years ago

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This is the introduction to the first writeup on myReality project, My sexual orientation.
My sexual orientation script would be merging your reality with my sexual reality.

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Cinque Terre
Please keep an open mind when you read, it would be my first outing in a series of outings.
The whole script would talk of my perception of the whole concept of sex and how I navigated through it even when I didn't understand what was going on with me.
I would also give you insights as to why you should understand and accept your sexual orientation, what to do with these sexual energies flying around you and how you can tap these energies.
You would also be getting insights as to why sexual orientation isn't a choice.
Before you think! Why is he talking about sex?
"Life is full of sex" that's what the Year 1 English Teacher at Madonna University sometime ago said to his students.


One particular female student contested him bitterly, about a year later, she got pregnant and had to drop out. 
"Life is full of sex" - It's a fact and anyone who attempts to deny it hasn't thought yet of how they came to this world. 
For what it is, I would be discussing mine and the personal experiences that shaped my own sexual reality.

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